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Crimson Obsession

homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est

Dominating Crimson
12 April 1981
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Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth ( samriprosecutor ) @ dramadramaduck

Currently there's not much to say about me, considering all of my free time is spent at dramadramaduck, which has thoroughly eaten my soul. My primary fandoms past and present have been Invader ZIM (in which I met my partner/girlfriend/love of my life idgiebay), X-Men: Evolution (Todd/Kurt FTW), and now Phoenix Wright (why yes, I am a rabid Phoenix/Miles shipper).

As for my 'real life' I was raised in Memphis, TN, and several years ago became a Cali girl when I moved across the country to live with idgiebay and her awesome family. Idgie and I are living proof that internet relationships can and do work out, as April '08 saw us celebrating our fifth anniversary. I'm lucky enough to have two very loving families, Idgie's and my own. I have a fun job working for a pet insurance company (yes, pet insurance, there is such a thing) though I aspire to eventually be a published author. If only I could come up with something worth selling...

My most recent accomplishment was buying my dream car several months ago, a beautiful British Racing Green '05 MINI Cooper. My MINI Cooper has decals of Phoenix and Edgeworth's silhouettes and the word 'Slasher' in the windows. Clearly, my car is cooler than yours. ♥

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x_men100 - Omega Level Theme Set

#01 - Creature

#02 - Need

#03 - Different

#04 - Hide

#05 - Deliver

#06 - Garden

#07 - Deceit

#08 - Tremble

#09 - Door

#10 - Teeth

#11 - Clarity

#12 - Water

#13 - Sensitive

#14 - Destruction

#15 - Notice

#16 - Trust

#17 - Throat

#18 - Bones

#19 - Leaf

#20 - Prison

#21 - Dig

#22 - Smile

#23 - Hands

#24 - Sex

#25 - Resist

#26 - Commitment

#27 - Friend

#28 - Hero

#29 - Speed

#30 - Music

#31 - Doors

#32 - Gravity

#33 - Breathe

#34 - Ice

#35 - Bonds

#36 - Lies

#37 - Burning

#38 - Gift

#39 - Claim

#40 - Lush

#41 - Voice

#42 - Hair

#43 - Addict

#44 - Regret

#45 - Promise

#46 - Never

#47 - Learning

#48 - Ocean

#49 - Chains

#50 - Laughter

-Awards That I Probably Don't Deserve But Am Gonna Enjoy Anyway-

Perfectly Normal Human Worm Baby: ZIMThe Boy With the Humongous Head: DibEntrepeneur: David XanatosStitch!Bigmouth: IagoBrendon SmallBachelor Chow: Phillip J. FryBite My Shiny Metal Ass: BenderGIMME SOME PILLS: Happy Time HarryLove/Hate: Brian/StewieFamily Dog: Brian GriffinPremonition: Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas PastAsterixBeat it: RitaDo Something!: Molly/SchmendrickThe Sound of Her Wings: DeathDream King: DreamSupercalifragilisticexpialidocious!: Death and DreamParliament of Rooks: MatthewWicked Smile: Johnny C.Creative Chaos: Jhonen VasquezEvil and Stuff: PepitoSinner: Roman DirgeMagus: John ConstantineRight Hand of Doom: HellboyAlan MooreBendis!: Brian Michael BendisEyes Meet Eyes: ElfquestGenuine: Bill WattersonBest of Friends: Calvin and HobbesThe Color of Monkey: Bucky KattBamf!: NightcrawlerSword of Merlin: Excalibur TeamQuit Playing Around: ToadImpulsive Streak: Bart AllenThe Usual Suspects: Young JusticeGorillazComic Genius: Kevin SmithJersey Boys: Jay and Silent BobFor Frodo: Frodo/AragornJack Sparrow/Will TurnerForever Faithful: Jake and OyOpen-Minded: Gay Relationships of HPPolarities: Sirius Black/Remus LupinMother: Silent HillWasted: Fatal FrameLet's Rock, Baby: Devil May CryIThe Abyss: Legacy of Kain
Storyteller: Neil GaimanJohnny the Homicidal ManiacConstantine/SatanI Will Destroy you: Dib/ZIMTravels With a Dead Man: William Blake/NobodyLinkin ParkTechnobabble: Michael CrichtonUnspeakable Horrors: Squee!Being There: Duo/HeeroBeyond the Abyss: Legacy of Kain-Soul Reaver
Sword of Merlin: Excalibur TeamBamf!: Nightcrawler

Marriage is love.

Created by funkyfunkyusopp

Toad Is Stinky Love

Created by funkyfunkyusopp

Nightcrawler X Toad Is Love

Created by funkyfunkyusopp

Nightcrawler Is Fuzzy Love
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