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A few random things.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Click mah dragons?

In case you guys absolutely have to know what I'm doing every waking moment, here's my link for Plurk. So far I'm getting a lot of use out of it, but who knows how long that will last. :D Once it's not shiny and new I may forget to use it, but it seems really useful so maybe...

I'll be trying out the mobile site on my phone while we're out (apparently they either don't support my phone or don't have that feature working right now but they do have a mobile version of the site). And this kind of thing is pointless without friends so you guys need to go sign up and let me know you're there. :| If you join use my link please so I can get Karma points? :Db At least I think that's how it works. /fail pimpage

Soon as I'm not being so busy that I'm just lazy, I will post picspam of my short hair, my pretty new plugs, and our awesome Halloween decorations. Yays! For now we're about to go eat brunch/lunch at Po-Folks with Idgie's mom and our friends Bryan and Manda, who've been over all weekend. ...We didn't get to watch spooky stuff while they were here. ;_;
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[Phoenix] Office sex


...Cranberry/Pomegranate juice really IS disgusting. Even for someone addicted to cranberry juice. O_o

After about two years, I've finally decided (on a whim, whee) to gauge my lobes again. My left ear has been stinging very slightly since last night, which is odd because my right is the one I thought would have issues stretching any further (I was a very impatient girl when I stretched to my 00 a few years ago, and kind of fucked up my lobes :Db). Please to be forgiving the late-night just-before-bed pictures.

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I get to go see Neil Gaiman in those lol.

Also, do you want to see what $150 looks like?

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I'm poor now, but it was so worth it. And fuck did I ever need them.

I get to wake up in about 4 hours to go into work supah early so I can come home supah early so we can GO supah early and hopefully get there before the entire event is filled up. I'm bringing my copies of Stardust (a much-loved and much used copy) and Absolute Sandman Vol. 1, and buying a pre-signed copy of The Graveyard Book while I'm there. SO FUCKING EXCITED OMG.
[Phoenix] Little Feenie ;_;


Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


I felt accomplished yesterday. I changed the horrible wipers on my MINI (the ones that were SUPPOSED to be changed when I took it in for servicing. The ones they TOLD me they changed, which NEVER WORKED until I changed them yesterday) and cleaned the nozzles on the windshield wiper fluid shooting thingies. They were clogged so only two of the four were working; coupled with the wipers whose rubber was actually coming off, my windows looked like CRAP at any given time, including right after I'd washed them at the gas station.

As an added bonus, after changing the wipers yesterday, it rained today. I can predict tha' futah'! It's starting to feel a little more like Halloween; it was still muggy after the rain, but the sun wasn't nearly so blinding, which was nice. I'm so ready for some more rainy weather.

Also, I failed a major work-related test (Insurance Adjuster Licensing for the state of California, natch) I was supposed to take. I was, like, uber-depressed about it, until I found out only 3 of the 14 people passed, and I was the only one who failed by TWO FUCKING QUESTIONS OUT OF A HUNDRED OMFG. That made me feel a little better especially considering I only studied a few hours at the material was kind of insane, aheheheh whoops. But fuck me. Now I have to go all the way out to LA again to retake it. Won't be happening anytime soon, that's for sure. At least I sort of understand car and home insurance now! When I call MINI Motoring Insurance to see if I want to change over, I'll sound like I know what I'm talking about!

Oh, and Idgie's taking me to see ~Neil Gaiman~ next week! He's in Santa Monica on his Graveyard Book tour, reading from the new book. I'm gonna get Stardust and Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 signed wheeeeeeee~!!! And try to convince Idgie to rent a hotel room instead of driving all the way home so late at night ;O;.

...Other than that life is boring. How about you guys?
[Phoenix] Peaceful moment.

I can has happy things?

After a trip to Best Buy and BevMo today I have wine, cheese, and pistachios, I have a new (pink!) Bluetooth headset, we have a new phone for the room, and I have a ton of RP tags to play with. Life is good. ♥

We ended up going with the recommendations of the BevMo guy (though we browsed a bit for the Wine Spectator points of some of the other bottles) and got two bottles of a zinfandel called Zynthesis and two of a Syrah called... Hanes Estate, I think? I'm finishing off the last glass of the bottle we had this weekend (can't remember what Idgie's brother called it) and the difference in Idgie's glass and mine is REALLY drastic. XD

...Why is it so much fun to swirl the wine around in the glass? >_>;;;
[Phoenix] Wright? Obviously gay.

It's like a train wreck, in a way...

Idgie's brother came over to spend Sunday with us. Much love. Idgie's family is awesome, I love hanging out with them. Especially when Stan shared a bottle of wine with me and spent a half hour educating me on some of the many nuances of wine. Yay for hands-on research! 8D Idgie and I are thinking of starting a wine regimen, and Stan also recommended a good California cab called Wall that's only $10 (cause we're too poor to afford much more if we're drinking a glass each every day XD), so we're going to get a bottle and try it out. So, I know I've got some drinkers on my f-list... :D Anyone have any other recommendations on a good, cheap red? Looking for something smooth, sweet, and heavy on the fruit.

I have, like, five million tags, the last secrets post coming up tonight, that evil fucking Untamed and Uncut show is on, and my mom called for our weekly talk and ajngonoroibhoindeinhibgunhiunjbh I'll be up tagging until 3 in the morning. XDDDDD
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[Phoenix] SCARY!



GeekyTrout (9:36:52 PM): He that dwelleth in Heaven shall laugh them to scorn; the Lord shall have them in derision!
samraiprosecutor (9:39:11 PM): O RLY?
GeekyTrout (9:39:28 PM): ok
samraiprosecutor (9:39:33 PM): All right.
GeekyTrout (9:39:40 PM): ok
samraiprosecutor (9:39:41 PM): Aesome.
samraiprosecutor (9:39:44 PM): Awesome
samraiprosecutor (9:39:46 PM): Fuck
GeekyTrout (9:39:46 PM): ok
GeekyTrout (9:39:52 PM): ok
samraiprosecutor (9:39:53 PM): :Db
GeekyTrout (9:39:55 PM): lol
samraiprosecutor (9:40:25 PM): Y U DO DIS?
GeekyTrout (9:40:35 PM): huh?
samraiprosecutor (9:40:40 PM): huh?
GeekyTrout (9:40:48 PM): dth?
samraiprosecutor (9:40:55 PM): wth?
GeekyTrout (9:41:05 PM): i didn't
samraiprosecutor (9:41:11 PM): I'm sure you didn't.
samraiprosecutor (9:41:19 PM): Really. It's okay.
samraiprosecutor (9:41:30 PM): I believe you baby.
GeekyTrout (9:41:39 PM): im a guy
GeekyTrout (9:41:42 PM): haha
samraiprosecutor (9:41:48 PM): So am I, baby.
GeekyTrout (9:41:59 PM): gay?
samraiprosecutor (9:42:08 PM): Hell yes.
GeekyTrout (9:42:43 PM): why are you tht-tht-tht-thtuttering
samraiprosecutor (9:42:55 PM): Because you're making me hot.
GeekyTrout (9:43:14 PM): im a fat harry man
GeekyTrout (9:43:17 PM): hairy
samraiprosecutor (9:43:24 PM): I like bears.
GeekyTrout (9:43:25 PM): and i have herpeth
samraiprosecutor (9:43:30 PM): So do I.
samraiprosecutor (9:44:17 PM): You can give it to me again, if you want.