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Only a few more hours AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAH!!! One and a half GLORIOUS hours of listening to Linkin Park being interviewed and some of their new songs being played...SQUEE!!! I really like From the Inside, and then at the end they sang In the End live, and GARG!!!! [huggles 93X] Oh my Tallest, Bridgie, THIS CONCERT'S GONNA RAWK!!!! Best birfday EVER!!!!!!!! O_O AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!

In other news, people actually seemed to like my horrid little ficlet XD. Well, reading it now I think maybe it's not too horrible. And it seems to have brightened some people's spirits, so yay ^_^! And now that we know there are IZ fans in residence, I'll be able to nag Bridgie into posting, heeeee....more Bridgie-fic, hell yeah!!!!

Based on a couple of reviews I've been given an idea for a continuation of Under the Needle. What WOULD Dib's family think of him getting a tatt? Would they be horrified? Would his father shake his head at him and lament his 'poor, insane son's lack of..sanity? Would Gaz tell him he looks stupid?!!! Most likely. Anyway, I may write more if the muse cooperates. I've already got many storylines I wanna write and yet none will come :P.

[waves to J. Random Lurker] EEEE, you're posting in mah LJ, how cool XD! I'd delete the review (I use the term loosely, heh), but heck, in this fandom getting flamed is like a badge of honor, right? As my LJ icon says, perverted and proud!

Mmm, chocolate cake...

Tim now has Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. We won't be able to move him from the tv for at least two weeks. It's a miracle he let me play Animal Crossing and listen to LP before kicking me off the tv XD. He only let me play because Saharah was coming...Only reason I wanted to play, heh, I wouldn't have kept him from his beloved Zelda otherwise ^_^. The boy's been playing Zelda since game one, and has beaten every single one (Game Boy versions included), sans strategy guides. He is THE fan of Zelda. Standing in the line with him I felt like Dib waiting for Gaz to get the newest games.

Bridgie, get your butt online! :D You'd better be here the minute you get back from your classes, young lady! ^_~

Jamie, Bryan, everybody give me your cell phone numbers!! I must USE my free weekend long distance! Everybody whose I don't have, at least.

X-Men 2 needs to come out NOW!!! I must see Nightcrawler!!!! Now if only the next movie had (more) Kitty and Pete Wisdom...Especially Pete Wisdom. Heh heh.

I'm sure there's more to say, but I'll figure it out later. [runs off to check emails]

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