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'Why won't you diiiiie!'

Today was eventful. Know that two weeks or so of uninspired lethargy and complete inability to do anything even remotely fic-related I kept talking about?

Guess what. It WAS PMS! So today, I was cramping like a mofo, but I wrote tons of notes for, like, three different fics, so it was all good. We had some really funny customers in today. Some guy from Montana who called me 'girlfriend' as he left O_o. (I fucking HATE IT when people call you by your name when they've never even seen you before in their lives and you didn't tell them your name in the first place. Fucking nametags.) Some woman was pissed that we hadn't held our only VHS copy of Radio (50 DVDs and 1 VHS, that makes so much sense) for her when she asked. Apparently she asked for it right after her birthday, on the 15th. Radio came out on the 27th. Steph spent about twenty minutes trying to explain to this crazy old bat that we can't RESERVE movies, only hold them for twenty-four hours when we're called. And when she told her that we'd be happy to hold it for her now, but there was one person in line before her, so she'd have to wait till HE returned it? I wanted to fall over laughing at the look on her face. THEN she got her purse caught in the door on the way out. It was all I could do not to laugh before she was out of earshot. XD

Of course some of my joy died by the end of my shift. Around 4 I was so painy that I could barely move -_-;;;. I just kinda checked out customers until 5 rolled around, though I hated leaving the drop box and stuff to poor Aimee. Then I came home to find...SURPRISE!! Out of all the rooms in the house, the power in YOUR ROOM died! And it's not even ALL the power, just the power to the TV, computer, and lamp!! So I had the overhead light and nothing else! I ended up dragging my comp into Tim's den across the hall, taking my long-arse phone cord with me, and checking all my friends page and emails while eating some of gran's cooked-all-day-and-filled-with-more-meatballs-than-sauce spaghetti. Thank heaven for laptops. And grans. Particularly mine. After that I napped on Tim's couch, the sounds of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy singing me to sleep, and was woken by Timmy at 10, so he could sleep. But I was feeling less painy, and the power was miraculously back on in my room, so YAY! I hooked my comp back up, set up my tv and satellite again, then tried to sleep...succeeding only in writing down more notes until finally giving up on sleep at 12. XD

All in all, a fairly good day, though tomorrow I have much work to be done. Oh, and many movies to be watched. Arizona Dream, Funny Games, Faces of Death, Duplex, AND the screener we got in today of The Haunted Mansion. W00T!!

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