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Bridgie: I'm going to eat Dom's tongue. ^_____^
Tif: New subject! Ooh, that's a good one XD.
Bridgie: lol
Tif: [eats Elijah's big toe]
Bridgie: o.O;;
Tif: XD
Bridgie: What if it's all crusty??
Bridgie: I mean, they always had glue on their feet. XD
Tif: EW!! Hey, it's Elijah! And its been a long time since then, I'm sure it's worn off by now! ...[eats Elijah's earlobe]
Bridgie: Ohh.. *eats his other earlobe*
Bridgie: Soft. ^-^
Tif: XD Nummy!
Tif: [eats Bridgie's big toe]
Bridgie: *eats Dom's nose*
Bridgie: omg, ow
Bridgie: ;-;
Bridgie: Now I can't stand up. ;-;
Tif: [watches Bridgie hobble around]
Tif: [eats Bridgie's other big toe]
Bridgie: i've fallen n i cant get up
Tif: XD!!!!
Tif: [eats Dom's whiskers]
Bridgie: LOL! *tries to picture that*
Tif: You'd better eat his tongue before I get to it!
Bridgie: (-12:01:19 AM-) Manda: Hey! I know! I can have Dom's lower half. ;-) ;P
(-12:01:34 AM-) Bridgie: !@$@ NOOOOO!!!! That's Elijah's. XDDD (okay, I'm bad)
Bridgie: *eats Dom's tongue quickly* o.o
Tif: Nummy?
Bridgie: Quite!
Tif: XD Smashing!
Bridgie: (-12:02:07 AM-) Manda: ELIJAH'S?????? Hell no!!! I'll fight him first!
(-12:02:08 AM-) Manda: lol
(-12:02:51 AM-) Bridgie: LOL XD;;;
Bridgie: Manda's silleh!!
Tif: [eats Elijah's pinky]
Bridgie: *eats Elijah's winky* erm
Bridgie: XD;;
Tif: Heh heh. HA HAAAA!!!
Tif: That's got to be the most amusing typo I've ever witnessed XD.
Tif: Unless it wasn't a typo, in which case you're a naughty Bridgie XD
Bridgie: HAHA, who says it was a typo. XD;;;
Tif: Exactly XD
Bridgie: *griiiiiins*
Tif: ^_~ Naughty naughty.
Bridgie: I am, I know! *bites Dom's kneecaps off*
Tif: [eats Elijah's legs]
Tif: [rolls Dom over to floundering Elijah, watches them do naughty things to each other]
Bridgie: Oh, that's the best. *makes some popcorn*
Tif: Whoo doggy!
Bridgie: *offers you some popcorn and gets out a video camera* Ohhh, the tabloids're gonna looove this!!
Tif: Oooh baby, we are so gonna be rich! And even more important, we are gonna be adored by fangirls everywhere for bring them this wonder! :D
Tif: [munches popcorn]
Bridgie: Yeah.. hrmm.. *wonders what all Dom and Elijah can do with missing tongues, ears, pinkies, and winkie* ......
Bridgie: *winkies
Tif: [giggles] You said winkies.

We're such freaks XD

Glamour Shots RULES! Victor Rodriguez is a great great artist!!!

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