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Skip the habit of laying low...Here we go...

OMG Alan Cumming hosting a show on Comedy Central and Dom guesting on Craig Kilborn. Yes, tonight was a good night. Alan Cumming's sexy voice is still running through my mind, telling me to do dirty things. [snicker] Oh, and I'm eating my first Terry's Chocolate Orange. [nods and pops another piece in her mouth]

I feel so lethargic. So uninspired and blocked and totally unable to get interested enough in any of my dozens of story ideas to actually WRITE anything. Is it writer's block...laziness...or PMS? XP

GIP. Lookie what I made! I did the little heart all by meself, ain't I good? XD I think I'm gonna switch out one icon every time I make a new one, because, well, I'm totally out of icon space. All my icons are too dear for me to get rid of ;_;. Unless someone wants to spring for those extra icons for me XD.

Oh, and villagephotos is now on my bitchlist. Either I have to pay them for the privilege of hotlinking, or move my banners, my LJ background, ALL MY MOOD ICONS, to another server, AND fix ALL THE LINKS. five dollars every six months and the pain of knowing I'm giving in to the horrible horrible authority of the evil servers and playing into their dark manipulations worth being saved from the pain of changing/moving dozens of images? Hmmm....

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