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Took me till now to remember the subject line option...

Je suis un grande pomme de terre! Mange pousson avec moi.

"Dear Die-ary.
I stared, motionless, before the mirror. As always, I stayed until I'm convinced that there is no glass, nothing, separating me from the room I see on the other side. I imagine that everything is different, over there, better. There are people, in that world, who I would like. But, like always, my hand hits that glass. I know that if I'd only waited just one more second...
Shit. I'm gonna go kill a party clown."

;_; I love you Johnny. So very much...Almost as much as Zim. [glomps Zim, ignoring his screaming and struggles to free himself]

Off to bed. The boss has something to discuss with me in the morning, oooh.! [dies]

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