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'I'm just a man fading...'

Today was surprisingly good. I had a nice leisurely time getting ready for work, after getting a good 9 hours of sleep. Work wasn't too busy when I got there, and miraculously it didn't get any worse. In fact, at about 8 or 9, just a bit after it got really dark out, I looked up and suddenly couldn't see out of the giant windows that make up the whole front of our store. It was like a massive white-out outside. The fog came up within seconds, it seemed, and lasted until, still looks kinda foggy out there. Sweeeet.

Now, as beautiful as Memphis is on a raining night - streets slick and shining with reflecting streetlights, the patter drowning out the usual din and confusion of traffic, everyone quiet, silent, respectful - on a foggy night it's perhaps even more enjoyable. The overall effect is the same. The fog muffles even more sound, while the cool mist feels wonderful against your skin, and the lack of visibility not only keeps people at home far better than simple rain does (we didn't have a SINGLE CUSTOMER for the last hour we were open. That's never happened to me before O_O.) it enforces an almost dream-like state, a feeling of unreality. The entire ride home Virak and I were joking about being in Silent Hill, or expecting zombies to come at us out of the mist. At which point we would've run over them and driven away, cackling insanely, I'm sure. Though if one of Silent Hill's little residents came at us, well, I probably would've pissed my pants first.

Speaking of my wonderful co-workers, Michael got his own Livejournal!! YAY MIKEY!! About damn time someone listened to me! XD This is the first person I knew offline first to actually get an LJ since sinistersteve. Go. silentrerun. Read his words of incredible wisdom. He has much to offer. He's a master of good cinema. He's probably seen nearly every horror movie in existence [waves to onnawufei]. And we've yet to stump him on six degrees. And yes, he really does talk like that in person. Heh. Hope no one around here's easily offended. Or...offendable at all, for that matter.

I'm in love with Radiohead's Street Spirit (Fade Out), and the amazingly beautiful video that goes with it.

ICON PIMPAGE! My Bridgie-love made this one for me, YAY! [FLYINGTACKLEGLOMPs Bridgie]

That Skittles commercial with the flying fish is the shiznit. That Starburst Fruit and Creme commercial with the people leaning and walking, leaning and walking, leaning and annoying as fuck. Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one? For I wish to do horrible things to them with salad tongs. And sporks. And a pair of Hello Kitty chopsticks.

Death. So, you're the one who pushed the red button
of death, aren't you? You couldn't resist
afterall, it's in your blood. There's something
to the screams of innocents that makes you
smile, and carnage isn't all that bad as long
as you're on top of the bodies in the end...
well done in doing what centuries of madman
couldn't. You survived the end by causing it,
and being in control of it... congrats!

How would you survive the end of the world?
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