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Wow, today was pretty much a waste. Found out I have, yet again, a $150 phone bill, which jacks it up to $222. Near as I can figure they overcharged me by at least $30, saying I was over my 600 minutes when I was only at 530. But apparently I'm STILL way over. And I don't understand why I would've possibly been on the phone for over an hour when it wasn't the weekend, I really don't. Bridgie, do you remember us doing that? Several times, in the past week alone? Fuck these people. Yet I've still got two months left on my fucking contract so I can't leave fucking T-Mobile. Fuckbeans.

I finally got to go to the Super Target and...guess what, NO X-MEN EVO. [fumes] Then I went to the big-arse Walmart next to it, ready to just buy the fucking DVD...and not only did they NOT have it, but mom ended up asking me for something for an early birfday present, and I got myself a $5 DVD and some compressed air (I had to hit the power button five times this morning to get my comp to turn on O_o), so I spent about $20 I really couldn't afford. Though, I can't even remember the last time I bought stuff for myself, and I get paid on Friday, so it's not too bad. Yet I got home and realized the compressed air had lost its little tube thing, so now I have to send mom all the way back there to exchange it for another one -_-;;;. Unless they'll exchange it at another store...

Then we went to Animax, and I ended up spending MORE money I couldn't afford. At least it was less than $10. And I have pretty Gundam Wing playing cards and half-ownership of a Lost Universe soundtrack ($5 CDs, WHOO!) to show for it. Mmmm, Megumi and (hopefully) Hikaru... Oh, and the GW cards are teh hawtness. They've got some REALLY good pics, like that one with Duo lifting his shirt and suggestively showing some nice nice belly. And almost every picture where Heero's with just one other person, it's Duo. Theyaresoinlove. <3<3<3

When I came home I DID DDR, at least. I played DDR Max 2, which I haven't played much yet. I'm determined to improve, so instead of my usual light mode I put it on standard. Out of the fifteen or so songs I played, I made almost all Es XD. BUT I had a couple Ds, a few Cs, and even a B! And a lot of the songs I was able to manage, I just got to specific parts that totally screwed me up. So I was pretty proud of myself. I love Days Go By, Busy Child, In the Navy, and Breakdown... though Breakdown on standard mode makes me wanna curl up in a little ball and hyperventilate XD. I WILL learn that song, damnit! Then I played Karaoke Revolution and managed to kick some pretty good arse on most of the songs. The ones I knew beforehand anyway O_o. Except I have an annoying inability to unlearn a few key tonal changes in some of the songs I'm most familiar with. I'll be dropping pitch when you're supposed to keep it even or even go higher, or vice versa. Tis extremely annoying and I can't seem to remedy it until the note's already long past XP.

Oh. And before that I watched Slayers Great. <3<3<3 How much more fucking funny can Slayers GET?!! I thought the last one was the be-all end-all, but...PIKO PIKO LINA-CHAN GOLEM!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! *squeak squeak* *boing jiggle* XD [dies laughing] ...When're they gonna release the movie with Naga AND Zel and Gourry and the others? ;_; Me need.

Then I came to my room, called my babeh [wavies and blows kisses] and we decided to come on at 12:30...but now I'm here and my babeh isn't. Where are you love? ;_; Still sleeping? [sniffle]

Melarocco's posted mucho ficcage to the comm today. I happy. So very happy. We've had several wonderful responses to this week's challenge...and yet no one's posted anything for that pic of Mystique and Todd and Kurt...Oh the possibilities! Won't someone write a fic for that?! ...Or for that whole 'toad mating season' pseudo-challenge XD. Now THAT I have to see.

Need to write. At the forefront: Act Naturally's sequel (tentatively titled 'Here We Go' XD), response for this week's challenge (not the picture one, sadly ^_^;;;), Beyond Redemption sequel (prequel?), and, at the top of the list, Stardust/Evo crossover. Because Todd and Kurt SO fit Tristran and Yvaine. And I'm a whore for Neil Gaiman's stuffs.

Steph had extra hours for the week and offered them to me... so I agreed to work tomorrow...but only on the condition that I ONLY PVT. MWAHAHAHA. I'm gonna hang out in the back, in civvies, and listen to music all day, and I get paid for this. Oh yeah. Hopefully I'll be able to get all those 100 or so movies shrink-wrapped, and maybe even start on any she might've pulled today.

Need my damn W2 form. Need tax refund for March. Yes, precioussss. [goes to watch Anarchist's Cookbook and hope for babeh to come online]

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    RP LOVE MEME I absolutely failed on everything tonight, but I'm hoping I can be forgiven since I was up till 3a last night I suck

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