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"Smokin' weed, doin' coke, drinkin' beers, drinkin' beers beers beers..."

Not that anybody cares, but this Crystal cat litter (Tidy Cat?) is soooooo much better than the usual stuff. Oh, and anybody who happens to live in Memphis, do not use the Target over by the Hickory Ridge Mall. They have absolutely JACK there, they looked about the same size as the one near Quince I always go to but they had, like, ten pairs of socks when I went looking for some new black ones to go with my new shoes.

And speaking of new shoes, yes, I took those neat red ones back [sad] and got these neat plum and black leather ones instead, YAY!! [happy!] The heels on these things are badarse, the rubber sole goes all the way up the back of the shoe :D. Now I need some thick socks to go with it...and to try these suckers out for DDRing, w00t!


I got about ten comics at the big New Years sale at Comics and Collectibles, 1 Pryde and Wisdom and all the rest issues featuring TOAD! W00T!!! Toad turned into a major badarse later in the comics!! I haven't gotten to read most of the books, but I definitely like what I've seen. Morty's a smrat sumbitch O_o. And cruel, deliciously cruel XD. It's funny to see so much of the stuff that they obviously developed into Evo*Toad actually had basis in the comics in unexpected ways.

[envies all over Bridgie's Todd layout] Me needs Kurt*Journal.

[watches Underworld] I love my manager. Shhhhh.... Viktor's a badarse. His makeup looks like a live version of Kain early on XD.

Speaking of work, I have a bit of a moral dilemma. As I've mentioned before, Paul moved to Erin Way and we now have Manager-entity Steph. As much as I loved Paul (he hired me, he gave me the chance to excel at the job, he always seemed to look out for me, and acted more like a father to me than my dad OR stepdad XP. And yet, towards the end it seemed he just kinda forgot all about us, knowing he was 'moving up'. I heard him lie countless times, usually little 'white lies' but that doesn't make them any better. He offered me that great chance -go to LA and stay for a month, and if something went wrong and I just couldn't make it there yet, I could always come back to my old job- and yet I'm certain that at that time he KNEW, or at least suspected with some certainty, that he wouldn't BE here if I got back, which might've left me SOL. He'd claim I forgot days I was supposed to work when I will swear up and down that he just forgot to tell me about schedule changes (which he'd done to others as well). Oh, and of course the CONSTANT refusal to let me go back and PVT just because he wanted someone to watch the register so he didn't have to. There's a reason the entire stockroom was so full of PVTs most of the time that we could barely get into it.

And along comes Steph. Aah, Steph. Steph is a WONDERFUL manager. Since she arrived most of us seem happier (I was one of the few, I think, that didn't have anything against Paul. And Co-Worker*Michael, well...). At our store meeting last week, the first we've had since Steph arrived, we spent an hour in actual discussion about how we could improve the store, with tons of great suggestions from all of us, even Michael XD. The PVTs haven't yet stayed in the back longer than a week, and she does more every time she runs the wall for the next week's movies, ensuring that the wall doesn't get too full of movies that don't rent anymore. She lets me PVT, hasn't minded at all the few times mom's been later than usual getting me to work, even came and picked me up one day that mom forgot I was working and I couldn't call her. She's even given me good advice on telling mom about Bridgie and I. And on inventory this week, she's decided we're going to do it RIGHT, not say 'Oh, I know this is here [mark]' like Paul's always done when we've come up with tons of stuff missing. We're going to be missing a TON of shit, I know, but our inventory will actually be right for once in the year and a half or so I've been there.

I could go on and on about the great things Steph's doing for the store, but there's something else I'm worried about. On Saturday night I closed with Shaun, one of the head CSRs. He's a really nice guy, and used to work over at Erin Way when Paul was assistant manager over there. But I was hearing some disturbing stuff from him. The other day his drawer was short by, like, $10 or so. The fact that it's even would seem to indicate that probably he gave someone the wrong change, maybe mistaking a bill or something. I don't think anyone believes he actually stole the money or anything, but it's company policy that if someone's drawer is off by more than $3, short OR over, they have to be written up. It's the rules. And since it's not the first time his drawer's been off (just about EVERYONE's drawer's been off at some point, though I take a bit of pride in being able to say that mine's almost always correct down to the last penny, damnit XD) so I think Steph's justified in writing him up. It's company policy, and managers who don't follow company policy (no matter how stupid the policy) get fired.

So Steph asked me to work inventory on Friday night (to make up for accidentally taking the drop box key home XD) and I agreed because I like her and want to help her as much as I can, even if I hate inventory. And hey, customer-free hours are always a good thing! I'm working 7-close on Saturday too, so with inventory she told me I could drop my Friday morning shift (it SUCKS having to go in in the morning and then come right back at close for inventory), and I'll still have four days worth of hours. I told her I'd decide whether I wanted to drop Friday morning, but then Shaun was saying last night how much he needed hours, complaining that he had less hours than anyone else this week (though Adam's not getting ANY hours this week, but he was just hired for one or two days a week anyway), so I said he could take my Friday. Looking back I wonder if Steph hadn't already lined up someone to take the shift if I didn't want it, and I hope that's not the case. But here's where it gets interesting; Shaun called up Amy to tell her about the schedule change...and proceeded to bitch at her about his lack of hours for about 30 minutes, dropping in lines about how Steph's accused him of stealing and other shite. Yes, we were slow last night, incredibly slow for a Saturday, but does that mean anyone can stay on the phone for a half hour or so bitching about the job our manager's doing?

So my question is, do I tell Steph about this? I don't want to be a snitch or anything, but if it comes down to loyalty to a fellow co-worker, or loyalty to my MANAGER, a manager who's done nothing but try to take care of me, well, I like Shaun but I REALLY like Steph. She's done nothing but right by me so far, and I think she deserves to know about any sort of dissension among the ranks. So am I a total bitch if I tell her about it all? Hell, she may not realize Shaun feels this way, and she may want to know so she can help him out, for all I know.

Meh. I'll probably tell her anyway O_o. Cause I'm teacher's pet that way ^_^;;;;.

Damnit all to hell, why aren't there music videos on this DVD?!!! Speaking of music, I got a little radio at Walgreens. It was $5.99, and it doubles as a ball point pen. That's right, a ballpoint pen. And the earbuds plug into the top XD.

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