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Thank heaven for DVDs with deleted scenes. I swear, the stuff they cut out of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a million times better than most of what they left in! If all the scenes were like this, it would've been far more character driven and not some flashbang superhero wannabe Blockbuster that mocks everything the original comic was!!! Don't get me wrong, I like the movie for what it was, a summer Blockbuster attempting to get money. But damn, knowing the source material there's SO MUCH that could've been done with it! So much characterization that was totally lost! Damnit, you can't take a comic that's probably rated R (at least) for use of sex and drugs, and is known for its myriad references to some of the greatest literary works around, and try to package it up for the general moviegoing public, sticking it with a PG-13 rating for barely more than action sequences! Why couldn't this have been more like From Hell ;_;.

Well, at least we'll always have the deleted scenes. [sigh]

I got my Zim throw! Along with these bad-arse shoes. But alas, Target by the Wolfchase mall didn't have Mutants Rising -_-;;;. X Marks the Spot and Xposing the Truth, but not Mutants Rising. FOOKING GARG!!! Now I'll have to try ANOTHER Target.

I did get to watch a lot of really good people playing DDR on Heavy for about a half hour though, then showed mom how good I am when we got home XD. And I actually managed to clear Paranoid Evolution! With an E!!!! XD Oh, and I SWEAR one of the songs on DDR 7th Mix was Sobakasu, from Rurouni Kenshin, or was at least THE EXACT SAME MUSIC. I mean EXACTLY. I couldn't see the titles because jack-arses kept getting in the way, but it was in the S's...

I almost wanted to tell mom today. ...Who'm I kidding, I've been wanting to tell her for a long, long time now. No wonder Act Naturally turned out the way it did XD. But I just...can't seem to figure out what's the best time. How in the world do you tell your devotedly Christian (and against homosexuality) mother that you're dating a girl? The fact she's the greatest girl in the world doesn't really factor into it for mom, I don't think. I'm hoping she'll learn to accept, and for some odd reason she seems to think girl/girl isn't 'as bad' as guy/guy. But damnit, there's a big chance she won't accept, at least not at first, and I don't know what it'll be like living with her until she does learn to deal with it. But then, she could surprise me... I know she loves me enough that she'll eventually learn to cope, but... She's lightened up a ridiculous amount since I was younger, but there are still a few things she just inherently believes are wrong, mainly because of her upbringing, and on those things she's not willing to compromise. Like today, she was talking about churches her and Allen are thinking of trying out, and she said he'd been wanting to try out...Second Baptist or something, this nominally famous church whose architecture is based on an airplane's shape. She said that she didn't really know about that church, because they have women deacons, and she doesn't believe women should have any real power in the church, that women just can't be leaders, whether it be in the church or politics. When I asked her WHY she couldn't really answer, it's just 'traditional' views that her upbringing drilled instilled in her, and she's not willing to let go of them.

Anybody have any suggestions? How, and WHEN, should I tell her? ...Mainly the when...

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