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That's the third time this week...

Mmmm, beef and potato burrito.

Went to Target to use the gift card Allen's mom gave me and they didn't have X-Men: Evo- Mutants Rising ;_;. (I'm getting sick of this going to stores to use gift cards and them not having what I need -_-;;;. [gazes longingly at a picture of the Zim throw blanket.]) BUT the Evo DVDs are on sale for $7.44 :O. So, fuck yes, I'm gonna try another store and hope that A) they'll have Mutants Rising, and B) they'll also be on sale. I did get some hair thingies to hold back my hair while I sleep, because damnit, I've gotta do SOMETHING about the horrible horrible breakout on my forehead -_-;;;. It's lasted months now and is starting to drive me insane. Keeping my hair off my forehead couldn't hurt. And I got two more of my beloved Pentel EnerGel pens (it's been MONTHS and the first one still hasn't run out yet O_o. Best pen I ever bought!) and a huge-arse 27lb. thing of cat litter. Crystal Scoopable XD. A steal at $9.99. Boy was Tawny happy.

Damn I'm boring.

Anyway, gonna DDR for a while, and hope the burrito has no major adverse effects while I'm doing it. Babeh, if you wake up while I'm gone I tried to call you and got no answer. I'll be back in about 30 minutes or an hour. [KISSKISS]

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