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Hee hee heeee...

sinistersteve showed me this Heh heh. KILL THE UNFIT!!

Anybody who hasn't seen this, or voted, should do so now. The American Family Association is, as far as I've seen, the major driving force behind trying to keep homosexual marriage banned in the United States, and this poll by them will apparently be sent to Congress. I'm sure they were hoping the votes to almost all land on 'I oppose legalization of homosexual marriage and civil unions', but as of a few hours ago, when Steve voted, the 'oppose legalization' was ahead by only about .03%. HA! TAKE THAT, BEYOTCHES!!! So everyone who supports the rights of two people who love and live with each other to have the full benefits of marriage, including the right to see your significant other in the hospital and all the taxes that come with it, go, VOTE NOW! Because wouldn't it be hilarious if they decided not to send the poll because it was in OUR favor? XD

[goes to post in T/K Slash before dying]

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