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"And in the end, I'll be what I will be...No loyal friend was e'er there for me..."

Hmmm...According to the newest GameInformer, Onimusha, Tekken, AND best of all, a Devil May Cry movie will all soon be in the works, hopefully. The rights were bought by Gaga Communications, a Japanese firm, and they plan to start filming on DMC in 2005. w00t!! And yes, Silent Hill's film rights were bought in Sept., by Davis Films (whom I've never heard of O_o?) and Christophe Gans of Brotherhood of the Wolf will be taking the reins. double w00t!!! OMGOMGOMG!! Dreamworks is doing the Fatal Frame movie!!! FUCKING AAAAAAAAAAH!!!! And Spielberg's put it on the 'fast track' finally! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!! [dies]

Return of the King was almost as wonderful as I'd hoped! One of my favorite scenes was the one where Pippin sings for the psycho while Faramir rides to war, that one was beautifully executed. I also loved the entire end of the movie, all the closing scenes. My only real complaint was the bloody Minas Tirith battle. The thing, including buildup, felt like it took up two-thirds of the movie, and while every scene or so something interesting would happen (the Oliphants, the Nazgul, etc.) it got really stagnant to me. Same problem I had with the end of The Two Towers, I would've much preferred more character driven scenes. A LOT more. I think that's one of the things I loved about Fellowship that I really missed in most of the last two; the intimacy was gone. It felt like everyone was caught up in this great apocalyptic ending, which they WERE, but focus was put too much on the battles, and not enough on the people doing the battling.

...Or it could just be because I was sick XD.

Anyway, I didn't get to go to the mall. By the time we got to the 11:30am showing it was totally packed, so we ended up sneaking into the 12:00 showing and getting seats in the very middle of the last row. Hell yeah, our favorite spot ^_^. And there were at least 20 minutes of commercials, I kid you not. Which I normally wouldn't mind, but half of them were lame-ass COMMERCIALS commercials, like for Coke and shite. I love movie trailers, but damnit, what genius decided to start playing regular commercials at the beginning of movies? GARG!!

As for the movie trailers, there were some interesting ones. VERY interesting. Spider-Man 2, which looks BAD-ARSE. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which I've already seen a couple times but damn it's worth seeing again. I totally called the Mask 2 trailer, the second I saw that hint of green and brown I said it and was surprised to find I was right O_o. It looks...scary. I Robot has me intrigued. Is it based off that classic sci-fi novel? I haven't read that one yet... And....crap, wasn't there another one?.... Garg, I forgot ;_;. Something big, I think, but I can't remember what. DAMN. Oh well, maybe it'll come back to me later.

When I came home I found out my phone is apparently again over the spending limit. Considering I just made a payment on it, like, three days ago, I have no idea how this is possible -_-;;;. But now I'm pissed. My bill should arrive any day now, but the fucking website is absolutely no help when it comes to showing my current balance, and I'm gonna go talk to someone at the store as soon as possible but THEY didn't seem to know my balance either the last time I went. Fucking....GARG.

After that I fell asleep, and managed to get a full three hours or so in, wow! I woke up far earlier than I intended, which, I think, shall be the case for the duration of my sickness. And when I woke up, I wandered around the net while watching Seabiscuit (hooray for free rental coupons! I've still got one from buying X2 and a $.99 new release one that I got in the mail, plus two free 1-week rental coupons that I got...I have no idea where O_o) Seabiscuit was a beautiful movie. Reminds me of all the books I used to read as a child, when I went through my horse phase XD. I can't even remember their names now [sad sigh]. But it was very good, yes.

Strangely enough, I didn't cry at either movie, like I totally expected to O_o. Some scenes of RotK nearly got me, but no actual crying. I think it's because I'm sick or something, which sucks, cause I WANTED to cry at RotK. I mean, it's the end of the series, and such a beautiful end ;_;. But no tears. [sigh]

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