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So very...VERY...tired...

Today was...good. Really, really good. Better than I expected, at least. I went into work barely able to keep my eyes open, literally. I was in a kind of haze, having gotten only 2 hours or so of sleep... not one of those 'two hours plus that nap I had when I got home from work/whatever that night deals, but two hours, after having gotten maybe five the night before and spending a hideous day at my family's Christmas party.

Okay, so it wasn't HIDEOUS. But Christmas parties are rarely fun when you're the black sheep of the family, ne?

Anyway, back to work. Virak was managing today. When I came in he asked me what was wrong, I told him I'd hardly gotten any sleep, and he told me to go crash in the back and we could get the drop box a little later ^_^. V's such a nice guy. But I'd already clocked in, and knew if I went back to sleep I'd either A) feel worse when I got up or B) not get up at all :P. So I went to get the drop box (which had all of about twenty tapes in it. I was able to get them all out in one handful) and then V's like, "You're coming with me to the bank. Want some Starbucks?" To which I squeed (internally, I didn't have the energy to verbalize it XD) and we hopped in V's truck, dropped the deposit off, and stopped by Starbucks.

Now, I've never actually been IN a Starbucks before, save for the quick browsing at the one in the Oak Court Mall that bought me my nice little personal tea-press cup. And while coffee doesn't agree with my stomach any longer, it was fucking cold outside and I needed caffeine, and plenty of it. Frappaccinos, delicious as they were, just woouldn't cut it in this cold. Luckily, Starbucks serves hot tea! YAY!! It was my first time trying Tazo. I asked for a large, and was momentarily confused when the guy asked what kind XD. I then noticed the dozen or so boxes of tea bags behind him, and blanked, just said that I just wanted some hot tea, didn't really know what kind. He was like, "Black tea?" And I was like, "Okay XD."

So I get my tea, (V buying for me, so nice!) and V gets his hot chocolate, and we hurry back to reach the store 5 minutes before we open, heh. I had to run over to Walgreens to get some sugar for the tea, but it really helped wake me up some. And FUCK was it strong O_o. I mean STRONG. I've still got the flavor in the back of my mouth ^_^. It was all dark and kinda bitter but not in a bad way. I usually hate bitter flavors but this I loved. I want more of that tea, damnit. Tazo is good. Especially when you're running on two hours of sleep.

The rest of the day was just kinda relaxed, dealing with a medium flow of customers and prepping the movies for next week, almost all of which we got done. I was trying to hold out on my lunch break until 2:30 so I'd only have two hours to go after that, but my stomach was at the point of severe hunger cramps so I went about 1:30 or 1:45. The day was going by pretty quickly until then, not really dragging out until about 3. Maybe the caffeine was finally wearing off XD. I kept trying to think on story ideas and such, but I couldn't concentrate well enough with being this tired. As soon as I wake up though...

Note to Self: DVD-Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Sp. Ext. Ed. is due back on the 18th, while DVD-Irreversible is due back the 16th, and I have to return our Battle of Shaker Heights screener whenever I'm done with it and give Jason back his Pirates DVD when I'm done with IT. Lots of movies to watch.

Things to do before I go back to work on Thursday:

Write 'Through Another's Eyes Challenge' fic
Watch all that stuffs
Format newest fics from T/KSlash for website
Run a hair grabby thing over the bed to get cat hair
Clean litterbox
Read Farenheit 451 some more
Pay cell phone bill
Get cereal
Christmas shopping
Get tickets for RotK on Wednesday

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