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Nostalgia Trip #1

So apparently, too many calls during the weekdays gives you a $150 cell phone bill. Fucking wonderful. Just the time of year I needed that to happen. And of course my grandmother gave me a nice, supportive, "Well, you're going to have to pay it, you know." Yeah, thank you. No Bridgie except on the weekends for another couple of week OMG ;_; [sobs uncontrollably] Soon as my contract with T-Mobile is up, Sprint it is -_-;;;.

I felt like SHITE when I got home today. Got a bit emotional, heh. If it's getting close to that time of month, I swear I'm going to kill something. But my babeh is drawing again, so I feel good. Mmmmmm.......Dom*Kurt....sex0rz....

I think I've discovered why I've been having so many headaches the past few weeks, even though I finally got my room cleaned and have been out of the house. Caffeine apparently doesn't agree with me, at least in the form of frappacino O_o.

This weekend is the family Christmas party for my mom's side of the family. Fucking JOY. A whole day with people who don't understand me and love to ask awkward questions about why I'm not in skool. YIPPEE. BUT...if I go early enough, I get to ride on Aunt Sandra's beautiful horse, WHOOOOO! I LOVE HORSES!!!

[watching My Little Pony]

Hee hee. Kinda trippy what we used to watch as kids. Well, I used to watch, anyway. AAW! Spike! I remember that little guy!!! And Firefly was the shiznit. Those minions look like the dogboys from Legend of Zelda XD. Moblins?

These songs are kinda catchy... "That's no rainbow..." Hee hee. That's my new catchphrase. That's no rainbow!

Duuuuude...the Little Prince was an anime? XD Damn, how many of the things I watched as a kid WERE anime?!!

"Or what kind of movies they was watchin'. Who GIVES A FUCK what they was watchin'? Whatever happened to CRAZY?"

I took Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker back to work the other day, and rented Chris Rock: Bring the Pain. Or at least, I THOUGHT I rented Bring the Pain. Apparently Aimee got a bit confused XD. So I'm watching Bigger and Blacker again, heh.

I've got a manager's password...heeeee...because apparently this 'dishonest' employee is the only one Steph trusts to handle the store in her absence while all the managers are at the company Christmas party. Yeaaaah. I are drunk with power, mwahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa.....

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