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I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts! Deedle eedeedee!

I did what I probably shouldn't have and posted a reply to Rikki's happy little message about Ressel. Heeeeere... [steals dad's fire-fighter suit and prepares self]

I'll say one thing. Yes, I am completely loyal to Jhonen and his posse. They've never done anything but be nice to me, and in some cases put up with me when I've been a horrible fangirlish arse. I've had several really enlightening conversations with Jhonen; that one chat that consisted mainly of Jhonen, Rikki, Trueheart and Horvitz that was one of the best experiences I've ever had; Jhonen put up with the stalking Bridgie and I did at DragonCon last year, and Trueheart always has time for me when he's online. I feel I owe these guys a great deal, both for them putting up with my fangirlishness (which I KNOW is annoying at least most of the time) and for the incredible art they've all created and continue to create. And I'm the kind of person who'll defend those I'm loyal to, albeit mindlessly and too-viciously at times. It's who I am and I make no apologies for it, but this is probably the last anyone will ever hear from me on the matter.

Must...write...ficcage... [bangs head against the bedpost, only serving to piss off her muses and increase her headache]


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