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Double double, toil and trouble...

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I forgot to mention a couple things yesterday. I made Trey a squealing ball of happiness by taping the preview trailer for Prisoner of Azkaban off Coming Attractions the other night. Fucking hell I love that song... "Something wicked this way comes!"

And while I was out running around and doing errands yesterday, I had the bright idea to stop in at Comics and Collectibles, since I haven't been in a month or so. Snatched up the fourth issue of 1602. Gaiman is my lord and master, right behind Jhonen and Kevin Smith. But I keep hoping for Kurt to show up ;_;. If he doesn't, there needs to be a second miniseries, damnit. With more characters, including Kurt. MUST HAVE 1600's ERA KURTNESS!!!! And I swear I feel like a complete idiot for not figuring it out, but there are several people I still don't know. Like Virginia Dare and Rojhaz. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out who they both are. I guess it's been far too long since I've been into the major Marvel-verse ^_^;;;. Anybody who can tell me who they are gets a cyber-cookie!

And now, for a sample of the insanity that is a conversation between me and my girl. We spent, like, at least an hour this morning corrupting all the shows and movies of our childhoods with Teh Gay talking about this stuff before bed, and now we've continued the madness....

Crimson Obsessio: Yes, I'll really write this time XD. As soon as I finish these emails and LJ entries. Prize pic? Ah, what of? ^_^
Bridgie: Ickis and her original character, Shrieky.
Crimson Obsessio: Hee hee, Ickie! [snuggles him]
Bridgie: hehe, yesh
Bridgie: There's something we didn't corrupt last night!
Crimson Obsessio: OH!! YES!
Bridgie: Ickis/Krumm XD
Crimson Obsessio: And if we're on the Nickelodeon stuff, what about Rocko's Modern Life? XD
Bridgie: tch, everyone was gay on Rocko. XD
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA! Yes, so very gay XD.
Bridgie: Philber/Heffer (is that how you spell his name?)
Crimson Obsessio: I think so, yeah, and yep, that's the first pairing that jumped into my mind XD
Bridgie: XD
Bridgie: Rocko/Heffer
Crimson Obsessio: Ha ha, YES!
Bridgie: Philbert/Rocko
Bridgie: Mr. Bighead/Rocko. o.O
Crimson Obsessio: Oh yeah, geek central, adorable! Er, the Philbert/Rocko pairing, not the Bighead/Rocko one XD. That's just...scary.
Bridgie: And I don't think the Chameleon Brothers were really brothers at all.. I think they were gay lovers. XD
Crimson Obsessio: OMG YES!
Crimson Obsessio: I think I thought that before I knew what gay was XD.
Bridgie: hahaha XDD
Crimson Obsessio: It's just SO OBVIOUS XD.
Bridgie: You know what?
Bridgie: Ickis was obviously so gay.
Crimson Obsessio: OMG yes O_o.
Bridgie: he never seemed interested in girls. XD
Crimson Obsessio: And Oblina was a lesbian? XD
Bridgie: and he had some kinda complex with the Gromble.. omg.. Gromble/Ickis. XDDD;;;;;
Crimson Obsessio: OMG!
Crimson Obsessio: XD
Bridgie: Nah, Oblina was bi.
Crimson Obsessio: Aaah, yeah, I can see that.
Bridgie: And Krumm was totally straight, except when it came to Ickis. XD;
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA!
Bridgie: hehe, he was heteroflex.
Crimson Obsessio: Ickis could make any of them not-totally-straight XD. HA HA! I like that term.
Bridgie: Because Ickis has teh Gay!
Crimson Obsessio: OMG Not TEH GAY!!
Bridgie: Simon the Monster Hunter was gay, too.
Bridgie: In Wizard of Oz, everyone was gay. The Scarecrow? SO hitting on the Tin Man and the Lion.
Crimson Obsessio: OMG yes.
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA!
Bridgie: Okay, I'm done. XD
Crimson Obsessio: I never liked Wizard of Oz all that much, really. I think it's overrated. XD And now that I've read Coraline, I think it's much better.
Crimson Obsessio: OH! Hey, the Mad Hatter and uh...that crazy brown rabbit from his tea party?
Bridgie: Mad Hatter/March Hare? OMG. XD YES
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA! XD
Crimson Obsessio: Back to corrupting Disney again, whee!
Bridgie: whoohoo! XD
Bridgie: Dopey/Doc? omg. XD;;; that's just.. wrong.
Bridgie: ...
Bridgie: stupi icon
Bridgie: Dopey/Doc
Crimson Obsessio: Ooh, oh garg, what were their names... HA HA! OMG scary XD.
Crimson Obsessio: Sebastian/Scuttle XD
Bridgie: noo!!!
Bridgie: Sebastian/Flounder!!
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA! YES!
Bridgie: XDXDXD
Bridgie: We already discuseed Lumiere and Cogsworth.. XD;;
Crimson Obsessio: Oh yes, definitely XD.
Crimson Obsessio: Phoebus/Quasimodo XD
Bridgie: brb
Crimson Obsessio: Kay ^_^
Bridgie: Back. HAHA. No, Phoebus was too gay to be gay. XD
Bridgie: Clopin. X3
Bridgie: Clopin/Quasimodo.
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA! OMG yes Clopin had teh gay.
Crimson Obsessio: Mmmmm, yummy XD.
Crimson Obsessio: Clopin was fucking hawt.
Bridgie: hmm...
Bridgie: more corruption..
Crimson Obsessio: OMG OMG OMG!
Crimson Obsessio: Buzz/Woody!!!
Bridgie: ???
Bridgie: OF COURSE!!
Crimson Obsessio: It's so perfectly CANON!!!
Bridgie: I mean, they even have sexually suggestive names! XDDD
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA! Did you ever see the MadTV episode with 'SexToy Story'? XD
Bridgie: YES XD
Bridgie: That was like the only ep I ever saw. XD
Crimson Obsessio: Ha ha!
Bridgie: That and the one about Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer.
Crimson Obsessio: Bug's Life needs corrupting.
Crimson Obsessio: Heh heh.
Crimson Obsessio: Flitissogay.
Bridgie: Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh was so teh Gay™.
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA! OMG YES!
Bridgie: No wonder he's my favorite character. XD
Crimson Obsessio: Hee hee, Rabbit?
Bridgie: God yes! He's always been my favorite.
Crimson Obsessio: Mine was always Tigger. OMG Tigger/Rabbit!!
Bridgie: S'why I buy all the Rabbit plushies I can. He doesn't get enough attention. ;-;
Bridgie: Of course. XD Rabbit/Tigger is teh canon.
Crimson Obsessio: Seriously XD.
Bridgie: He was always pouncing all over Rabbit. XD
Bridgie: He wanted to sexx0r him up.
Crimson Obsessio: Ha ha, we should post this conversation in our LJs XD.
Bridgie: omfg no. XD;;;
Crimson Obsessio: OMG YES XD. Always trying to get him to loosen up, hee hee.
Bridgie: ...loosen up... *cough*
Crimson Obsessio: YES! XD We should spread the corruption!
Bridgie: noooo XD;;;;
Crimson Obsessio: [snicker]
Crimson Obsessio: Aaaaw, you know people'd get a kick of of us corrupting beloved childhood memories with teh gay XD.
Crimson Obsessio: 'out of'
Bridgie: You can. I don't wanna. XDD;;;
Crimson Obsessio: Ha ha, Okay, I will XD.
Crimson Obsessio: What else needs corrupting...
Bridgie: Let us finish, first. XD
Crimson Obsessio: Of course :D.
Bridgie: Doug. Did you ever watch Doug?
Bridgie: Doug/Skeeter. So canon. ;D
Crimson Obsessio: We've discussed Emperor's New Groove before... OMG yes!!! Or Doug/ uh...what was the bully's name? Damn, I can't believe I forgot him :P
Bridgie: And Bebe was such a lesbian.. I think she was in love with Patty.
Crimson Obsessio: OMG YES!
Bridgie: Roger/Doug. Mmm, rivalry.
Crimson Obsessio: Yeeeees, mm. ^_^
Bridgie: Lilo and Stitch? Jumba/Pleakley, the most canon gay couple in a cartoon EVAR. XDDD
Crimson Obsessio: OMG YES!!! There's no question about them!
Crimson Obsessio: Stitch needs someone to love OMG ;_;
Bridgie: mm.. Lilo.. o.O
Crimson Obsessio: Lilo's too young, and and she's like a sister to him and everything. He needs LOVE love, not family love XD.
Crimson Obsessio: Stitch/Sandwich-making-experiment? That'd be cuteness.
Bridgie: I don't know that one. ;-;
Crimson Obsessio: Aw, you should watch the series! He's cute. He's Gantu's sidekick, with all Stitch's abilities and better, but all he wants to do is make sammiches XD.
Bridgie: Oh, the one who can talk better? I saw one with him. He's yellow, right?
Crimson Obsessio: Yeah, he's fun ^_^.
Bridgie: He's so in love with Gantu. =P
Crimson Obsessio: HA HA!! True dat. But Gantu's not interested so Stitch can comfort him. Rivalry-slash. Mmm.
Bridgie: Rivalry h/c. XDDD
Bridgie: mm
Crimson Obsessio: Hee hee, yeeeees.
Bridgie: [random] Nani is so fucking hot [/random
Bridgie: ]
Bridgie: XD
Crimson Obsessio: OMGYES!!! Her legs, mmmm...
Bridgie: Her legs.. her shape.. her face.. i love her. *___*
Bridgie: iwanttohumpherleg

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