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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
Some things ya gotta undastand about Tooooooad... 
23rd-Nov-2003 10:49 pm
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.
"Get out of the booth, Jack."
"No, I LIKE it in here."
Wow, the commercial for Seinfeld's Comedian was funnier than the actual documentary O_O.

Okay, I've only seen five minutes of it and I think Equilibrium's probably gonna be a better movie than the Matrix, which it keeps getting compared to. ...If feeling was outlawed, I'd sure as hell be one of those people protecting the art with my life O_o. Peace at the cost of free will and creativity... [shudder] Vive la art!!

I also watched Open Range today, while cleaning my room. MUCH better than Unforgiven. Clint Eastwood's so overrated, garg. But Open Range was really really good, very understated and real. No overdramatic nonsense, everyone only says and does exactly what he or she needs to do to get their intentions and feelings across. Oh, and the ending? WHEE! Now that's some good gunfighting. And a wonderful absence of this whole ridiculous scenario that's way overused:

"Put down your guns or the woman/child/dog gets it!"
"Oh no, what'll we do? Even if we put down our guns, they'll still kill Mary Sue/little Timmy/Rover!"
"But what choice do we have?" [drops gun and puts hands in the air]

Hell no. Beautiful ending.

-OMG an entire nation full of Prozac-users?!! No wonder they're destroying all the art, music, video games!!!

In my hunt for worthy instances of vampirism, I've watched 'Frost: Portrait of a Vampire' and 'Legion of the Dead' in the past couple of weeks. If you ever get the chance to watch these...don't. For the love of Irk, just go find yourself something worthwhile instead. Like Equilibrium. Frost had some halfway decent ideas and writing, but is as low-budget as can get and isn't good enough, well-directed enough, well-acted enough, or well-written enough to overcome that. And Legion of the Dead, well...my DVD player screwed up a little past halfway and for the first time in ages I didn't bother try and watch the rest of the movie. It was just...BAD. So very bad. And was apparently done by one of Tarantino's much less talented worshippers.

Dude...Kata...for GUNS?!!! O_O Duuuuuuuuuude....

I saw Cat in the Hat last night, with Jason. Cute movie. Not the Grinch, definitely, and I wouldn't watch it more than once, but definitely worth seeing once. The whole "I'll end you!" scene was priceless.

Heh. In a strange way this movie reminds me of Pleasantville, one of my favorites. I think when I'm done with Coraline, I should read Farenheit 451. Speaking of Coraline...Neil Gaiman is a fucking genius. This should, as Diana Wynne Jones puts it, "nudge Alice in Wonderland out of its niche at last." Every child should read this book! It's so eerie, and beautiful, and just...GAIMAN.

"Nobody sensible believes in ghosts anyway - that's because they're all such liars." -the other mother

"I swear it on my own mother's grave."
"Does she have a grave?" asked Coraline.
"Oh yes," said the other mother. "I put her in there myself. And when I found her trying to crawl out, I put her back."

'Coraline shivered. She preferred the other mother to have a location: if she was nowhere, then she could be anywhere. And, after all, it is always easier to be afraid of something you can't see.'

Fucking brilliance. How I envy that man's way with words [sigh of admiration].

...Oh WOW...there's where those gun kata come into play O_O. [jaw drops appropriately] That'll teach 'em to try and kill a puppy. Fuck yeah.

....Aw crap, I forgot about Adult Swim.
24th-Nov-2003 06:09 am (UTC)
Friend of Spacefille's here...
So you liked Equilibrium too?
I'm not the only one?

I keep trying to get my friends to watch it, but they give me this funny look...
I think they're afraid I'm trying to get them to watch some horrible B movie that only I like for some strange reason known only to me... o.O;

Umm... Yeah....
Anyway, the gun kata were great, ne? And I *love* the end...
Despite the fact that it's not a popular movie, it's still *very* well done. Maybe even more so than the Matrix, as you said.

I rented the movie simply because I wanted something to scoff at and make fun of for a bit. So I rented it because the writing on the box said it was better than the Matrix.
I was proven wrong.
I sat silent for 10 minutes after the movie ended, going "wow...." Then I watched it again the next day.

Anyhow, I'll stop babbling now.
25th-Nov-2003 04:18 am (UTC)
I expected some good action out of it, at least. A guy at work (I work at Blockbusters, free movies are wonderful things, you just have to put up with a hell of a lot of shit from customers to get 'em) told me to watch it, and let me borrow his copy. As his tastes always run towards either the eclectic, the artistic, the violent, or the just plan weird, I knew I was gonna get something good out of it XD. And yes, I liked it MUCH better than the Matrix. Though censorship is just a real hot button for me, a sure way to get me worked up. That and the nature of art, its place in living, and the censoring of art. S'why I loved Pleasantville so much too, and even The Truman Show, to a certain degree. I really must read Farenheit 451...

:D Thanks for commenting! [waves]
24th-Nov-2003 06:37 am (UTC)
I think when I'm done with Coraline, I should read Farenheit 451.

Yes. yes, you should. St. John agrees.
25th-Nov-2003 04:19 am (UTC)
XD St. John would be a fan of Farenheit 451. [rolls eyes playfully]
26th-Nov-2003 07:29 am (UTC)
Indeed he would. ...In fact, in the RP, he was. >D
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