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"You don' know me, I'll do what I want, whatever!"

How will Remus Lupin seduce you? by maidenfair
His actionsHe mistakes you for Snape
OutcomeAn orgy with Sirius and Snape
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Guuuuuuh... [drool] Now there's an outcome I can get behind....

I was reading a LotR RPS fic on Contrelamontre, in which Sir McKellen actually appeared, and it suddenly struck me; Ian McKellen is in almost NONE of the LotR RPS...and he's the one who's actually GAY. In most fics he doesn't even APPEAR...What the hell is up with that? He not young and hot enough for the writers? Because I'll say right now, he may not be young but he's fucking hawt and then some. Just like Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Alan Rickman, Patrick Stewart...a lot of guys only get hotter with age, oddly enough. So why aren't more people writing fics about them? Where's the Gandalf/Legolas fic? McKellen himself even joked about that pairing, and I for one am intrigued XD. At least there's a bit of Magneto/Xavier, Magneto/Mystique, and even some Magneto/PYRO in the movieverse X-fics...

Legacy of Kain: Defiance....OWNZ MY ARSE. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to play it yet. But the combat system's flawless, both Kain and Raziel are an actual JOY to play, and the graphics are as beautiful as I expected. Plus the puzzles are a lot less annoying XD. My only complaint so far is that these first few levels haven't made the story progress much yet. They feel more like training levels than actual ones, which isn't bad at all, I'm sure now that I've gotten past the first few things will move more quickly. Oh, and the camera's pissing me off, but only slightly. They picked good angles for most of it, I guess I was just spoiled by being able to look wherever I damn well pleased in Soul Reaver 2 XD. If you could still do that AND have the camera's at those angles by default, I'd be happy as a lark. But those are only two VERY minor complaints in a game that has got to be the most fun one I've played in ages!! DEFIANCE RULEZ ALL, YO!!!

I spent, like, THREE FUCKING HOURS prepping games today. 30 GAMES. Games should NOT take that long, even if they do have a lot more steps than anything else we have to prep. And oh joy, tomorrow I get to work with Paul and the new manager, which means I'm gonna be the one doing all the work. Here's hoping the guys got some of those six boxes of Tuesday movies done. Because there's only so much I can do in 8 hours. Especially when I have to wait on, customers.

Oh, and since when did LJ start taking away your icons after your paid account expires?! I can now only use 3 of my 10 icons, and it wouldn't even let me pick WHICH THREE!! Figures, I have to let my account expire for the first time in maybe 6 months or so, THEN I find out I can now get 15 icons with paid, instead of just 10 -_-;;;. I hate being broke, yo. [sniffle]

X2 special on Adult Swim Thursday night, huzzah! OMG little more than a week till the DVDs YAY!!!!

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