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We had the news on at work for most of the day. More and more it's beginning to strike me, the incredible, if perhaps necessary, evils we're performing. I'm not nearly genius enough to say for certain whether we had no alternative. I doubt anyone on this Earth is. But I can't say this is right in any way.

I'm still ignorant and aggressive enough, still HUMAN enough, to not care what happens to Hussein and the people helping to keep him and the other psychotics in power. I'm aware that's wrong, and don't much care. But very few of them, probably, are getting hurt in comparison to the innocents this is injuring, killing. I keep wanting to scream at everyone, "What if it was us?!" What if they were dropping bombs in the middle of New York, based on the actions of the people in power here? We'd cry foul, we'd be the victims. Then we'd fight back because that's what America does. That's what humans do.

I still believe this world is beautiful. That humanity is beautiful, in its own, mostly fucked up way. In the words of Senor Satan; "Know that, for all its troubles, the world is perfect, flawless in its beauties and turmoils. Violence and nightmares being a natural product of humanity." I think I'm going to read Johnny tonight if I find the time. I feel the deep urge to immerse myself in that kind of intellect. I still swear Vasquez is one of the most intelligent men alive, understanding fully the deepest depths and highest peaks of humanity.

I don't ask why this is happening. I know. Perhaps not the details, but based on humanity's past, it's obvious. This is something humans have to do, because they're human. We can hate it, but we can't deny it in others, or in ourselves, because to do so is only attempting to fool ourselves.

"No, no matter how far we've come, I can't wait to see tomorrow. No matter how far we've come, I can't wait to see tomorrow, with you." I thank God that I have you guys. Without you life wouldn't be nearly as pleasant, or even tolerable. You guys represent the best of humanity to me, proof that we're not all that bad after all ^_^.

I pray for everyone who's lost someone. Death has something to say about it, but I don't think I have the specific Sandman issue that deals with it. Basically it's to the effect that Death love everyone because she KNOWS them, deep down, and if you were truly able to know someone like that, to understand their every emotion and motivation, you could never hate anyone. People on both sides are being lost right now, and if you looked at each and every one like that, you'd feel for them all. None of them deserve to die.

We don't mourn the ones that are gone. We mourn for the ones that are left behind.

[waves to J. Random Lurker] Your fics RAWK! Thanks for adding me to your friends list ^_^!!! WRITE MORE!


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