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"I feel good about how today went."

Ah, nothing like staying up till 8 in the morning roleplaying with your beloved girlfriend ^_^. Then staying up another two and a half hours to dye your hair...then sleeping an hour before getting up to go get your hair CUT because it hasn't been touched since April.

They doctor's office didn't call about my glasses today [le sigh]. But they said three or four days, so hopefully I'll have them tomorrow.

But I got several important things accomplished today, aaah. My hair looks really good now, at least as good as it ever looks, heh. Two of the hair cutty-type peoples at Supercuts (yes, Supercuts, hairstyling on a budget, that's for me) asked me if my hair was naturally this dark XD. Lumia Garnier Iris blue black, mmm....And with that and my nice trim my hair is soft and oh-so-manageable, yay!

While waiting for mom to get her hair done, I walked down to Gamestop to check on Defiance. I only owe about $20 now, which I can pay easily when it arrives Nov....19th. They had a copy of DDR Max 2...USED! WTF!? I can't even find DDR Max 1 used!!! And how much were they selling it for? ....FIVE...BUCKS...LESS THAN NEW -_-;;;. Fuck that, for $35 I'll go to Best Buy and get a new copy. Sheesh. Oh, and I found out Karaoke Revolution's not coming out until January. Poot ;_;. With the microphone I think it'll be $59. And then, stupid me, I looked at the used DVDs...and found Clerks: TAS for $10.99!! OMG!! I was at the register with it in one swift motion XD. I really shouldn't be spending the money, but I mean CLERKS! For $10!! And on top of that, Jason gave me the one disc copy of his two Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back DVDs. YAY FOR KEVIN SMITHNESS!!

And as I was sitting in the car outside Gamestop, waiting for my mom to get done talking with her old co-workers at SAS Shoes, some girl heard my Junior Senior tape and mentioned they're gonna BE HERE ON SATURDAY! OMG OMG OMG ;_;. I'm working Saturday. And I don't know where House of Blues is. [le siiiiiiiiigh] It was funny though, mom (who's actually LOVING Junior Senior, and even Semisonic's All About Chemistry album, both of which are all pretty much nothing but sex XD) got one of her co-workers to come out and listen to a song, which happened to be Shake Your Coconuts. It's freaking hilarious that women that're late 30s-early 40s were laughing and singing along to it XD.

As a last little bit of good news, I got my bills today. Which wouldn't be good news, except my Best Buy computer bill was among them. I'd forgotten how much I had left; out of about $1900 I put on that card last November, for my beloved laptop [snuggles her 'ID Pak'], I now owe....$78.50!!! $78 FUCKING .50!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! SO FUCKING HAPPY!!! This is SUCH a huge thing for me, being able to pay all of that off in a year. I mean, this is the girl who still has a credit card bill from when she was, like, 18, that have now risen to $500 O_o. And this has got to be doing something good for my credit. Now I can pay off that damn card, and with this and the credit card I've got now being paid off whenever I use it, and a phone bill being paid regularly and all, hopefully my credit will be right as rain soon! [dances the happy victory dance of squealy doom]

Jason bought us both lighters at the gas station last night. I don't smoke of course, but you never know when you'll be abducted by ninjas and spirited away to some dark and dank cave hideout, and then you'll be damn glad you had a lighter. But the lighters are badass, especially for gas station lighters. Mine's silver with a striking cobra on it. The switch you hit has a blue light inside that glows when the top is flipped, and I mean GLOWS, the thing's like a freaking flashlight. And the flame, it's GREEN. GREEN FLAME. Yes, so very cool.

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