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Fuck. I knew something about the fights between WGA and Nick. During the cancellation, Jamie and I tracked down a bit of the information detailing the struggles of the writers on Zim, Spongebob, Oddparents and a couple of other shows to gain union representation, and the suspectedly illegal actions Nick took in the matter. But I didn't know any of the hard facts. This is just...FUCK! Makes you proud to be human, doesn't it? :P Doesn't raise my opinion of Bush's administration any, either, a fact which would bring down a load of crap if I metioned it in 'polite company' now. I love Paul, but I was a bit disturbed by the fact that he turned off the Blockbuster trailer today when he saw that Dixie Chicks were on it. I don't know, I guess he's entitled to express his opinion in that manner. Anyway, as for details on the WGA thing, I found this on J. Random Lurker's journal (after finding it through their AMAZING fics O_o).

Hope the link works :D.

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