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Opinionated little bitch, ain't I?

I'm so in love with the Underworld soundtrack. Aside from the one or two 'let's see how loud I can scream' tracks, it's beautiful and atmospheric and classic and reminds me of Portishead or Silent Hill. Best tracks are Renholder-'Now I Know' (and all the other Renholder ones), David Bowie's 'Bring Me the Disco King (Loner Mix)', Milla's 'Rocket Collecting', Johnette Napolitano's 'Suicide Note', Lisa Germano's 'From a Shell'...

Basically just avoid Dillinger Escape Plan's 'Baby's First Coffin' and the whole album is gold.

The other day Co-Worker Michael came over and we watched Ravenous. FOOK. That is a beautiful, beautiful movie O_O. I was in awe. The mythology was an intriguing take on an old classic, the ideas behind cannibalism and such. (Is that actually what wendigo means? I somehow got the impression it was a Native American myth reminiscent of werewolves, but I could obviously be wrong.) The cinematography was nothing short of amazing, of course, and all the performances were stellar. I epecially loved Jeremy Davies (I've fallen in love with him since seeing Million Dollar Hotel) and Colonel Ives was just seductively evil, yum. Events leading up to the ending were an unforeseen twist, and the music? OMT! The music was just brilliant, absolutely brilliant. That Deliverance-style happy happy banjo chase music that was playing as Ives hunted the padre? WHOO! I laughed so hard XD. That was perhaps the best part of the movie, the ironic, black comedy of the whole thing. And the violence was beautifully handled too, yep.

Then today I watched Apt Pupil. Yay! Ian McKellen as a Nazi war criminal, ironic indeed! The man sure knows how to pick his roles. McKellen's acting is NEVER anything short of masterful, so the movie would've been worth at least something, even if the writing sucked and the rest of the actors were complete crap. But the writing DIDN'T suck, and the rest of the actors were excellent. I could really relate to the kid; that dark side of humanity and myself is something that's always fascinated me, though the boy went about it badly. I'd like to know the same things though; what did it feel like? How did it smell, taste, the burning on your tongue, clinging to the back of your throat and choking you slowly. I think it's important to ask those kind of questions and get an answer; we need to see what kind of horror is involved to remind us not to let it happen again. The movie was someone taking a really good look at the worst of humanity and surviving the experience, but not coming out without bringing something dark with them.

Hm, what else...Ringu 0. Good movie, though not really a scary one. Almost a sad love story really. And the people all deserved what they got for being so fucking mean to Sadako XD. Toyama was a sweetie, he was probably almost happen with what he got. And the ending was great. Sadako's bizarre movements when she finally came for the reporter, oooh...[happy shivers] I love that style. And her father's actions, garg. Evil. Misguided. Moo.

I finished reading Transmetropolitan too. Dear sweet tap-dancing Tallest! Sheer brilliance!!! That's got to be one of the best things I've ever read. The dialogue is so off-the-wall, the environments are so utterly insane. Ellis shows us the worst of humanity by multiplying it by, oh, say five million, then shoving us nice and close, with us looking out of the eyes of the ultimate cynical bad-arse-with-a-heart-of-really-tarnished-gold bastard. Spider Jerusalem is a hero. And there are so many lines worth quoting!

"I'm hiding now. And writing. I can't stop, even now. This goddamned city makes me write even when it wants me dead."

"I am returned from the grave. Let this day be known hereafter as Easter, and stuff your kids with sugar and caffeine in thanks."

"So tired...tell you what, though, there's going to be a column in this."
"Uh-huh. There always is."

"I am so incredibly bored that I will buy a pair of your ridiculous shoes. Look grateful."

"Hahaha...Spider Jerusalem, cathode vigilante...who WAS that masked man, armed only with phone tools?"

"When history looks down its weird evolved vestigial stump of a nose at us, it'll have a lot of very shitty things to say. But it will eventually have to admit that the Reservations justify our existence. We may have been craze, strange and entirely too eager to find new things to have sex with - but we went out to preserve great chunks of this planet's cultures and we damned well did it with some style."

"The truth, no matter what."

"One day I'm going to drop a bomb on this city. A contraceptive bomb."

"People die to teach us lesson about religion and environment. We keep history close, to make damned sure we learn from it."

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