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Because I Got High, Scene 11a, Todd/Kurt RPfic, Overall Rating: NC-17

Title: Because I Got High
Rating: NC-17 Overall
Additional Pairings: Lance/Kitty, one-sided Todd/Lance, future others
Summary: Scene 11, in which there is hawt make-up sex (Oh yeah) and Kurt has another, even MORE brilliant [snerk] idea. Todd played by igiebay and Kurt played by moi. Can't believe I forgot to post this here...Was too long for one post, so the next part is coming right up!
Additional Warnings: As the summary says, this chapter definitely earns this an NC-17 rating!! Don't read if you're gonna be freaked out.

Disclaimer: Closest-thing-to-bishounen-America's-got Kurt and the lovely and amazing Toad-Boy belong to Marvel, the I think WB, and probably bunches of other wonderful peoples. So do anyone else mentioned herein. I don't own them, I'm just a klepto who intends no harm and will return them when I'm done. Please dun hurt me.

Again, this scene is NC-17!

Eyes narrowing, Kurt pauses in his constant pacing to gaze past the massive gate again. The street is still empty, and he sighs, then leaps onto the mansion's surrounding wall with a gymnast's grace. Perching there for the fifth time in as many minutes, elbows on his knees, he watches the road. Every pedestrian or far-off movement catches his attention in an instant, but none reveal themselves as Todd. His eagerness is growing, gnawing at the base of his skull. He realizes that his own 'I might get lonely' crack wasn't so far from the truth, and curses his own pathetic desperation. This need for Todd's presence is unnerving; he's not used to -needing- anyone...not like this, anyway.

With an instinctive growl, he gets smoothly to his feet, and resumes his pacing on the wall. He knows he should be worried about Logan and the Professor, maybe trying to figure out what to tell them, how to convince them that this is right, but all he can think about is the fact that Todd's not here and he really wants to see Todd and oh look, is that Todd over there? He can't help the massive grin that flies onto his face at the sight of the boy coming down the street. Leaping off the wall and executing a quick flip, he lands outside the gate, and waits there, forcing down the urge to run and meet him.

Eyes trained on the ground, Todd's mind is currently occupied with a million thoughts, most of them good, a portion of them naughty, and all of them centering on a certain blue elf. Totally shoving aside any lingering doubts for now, he realizes that he's more content in this moment than he's been in far too long, and he knows that most of the thanks go to Lance's support. Pietro and Freddy, he guesses, will most likely be two more roadblocks he'll have to get past, but for the time being, Lance's opinion is all that matters, and Todd makes note to truly thank the other boy later.

Aware that the mansion is in close proximity, he looks up in time to see a blue-haired figure leaping from the wall and landing gracefully in front of the gate after performing a nimble mid-air flip. He rolls his eyes, grinning out of amusement and sheer delight as he ambles up to the other boy, a sly look in his eye. "Yo, I'd give that a ten, but I know I could do better," he teases.

"Oh really? I'd like to see you try," Kurt grins, but the smile doesn't last long. As Todd gets closer Kurt realizes the dark circles around his eyes have magnified ten-fold, and his skin is sallow and even more pale than usual. Without thinking he raises his right hand, running his fingers gently across Todd's cheek, and frowns to himself. "You look like hell."

Todd's grin falters quite noticeably when the masked fur brushes his skin, his body torn between leaning into the touch and shying away. In the end, it compromises, standing completely still while he stares at Kurt, dumbfounded and at a loss for words. Slowly, though, his smirk returns (with the embarrassing addition of slightly flushed cheeks) and he gives the other boy a half-hearted glare as he feigns offense. "Yeah, thanks. Nice to see you too, fuzzball."

"Eh, sorry, I just mean..." Grin returning, albeit with a very sheepish cast, Kurt lets his hand wander back into Todd's hair, fingers curling around the nape of his neck. Leaning in until their foreheads almost touch, his grin becomes a warm, inviting smile. "You look a bit more like heaven than hell. Are you okay, though? What happened with Lance?"

Todd can't surpress the snicker that suddenly bubbles to life at Kurt's words. "That.. was so fucking cheesy," he chuckles, though the sappy romantic inside of him is sincerely flattered.. but he'll just pretend that part of him doesn't exist. However, that may prove to be difficult, with Kurt so close, their faces barely inches apart, the other boy's fingers placed gently around the nape of his neck..

Todd's eyes travel down, gaze resting on Kurt's lips, warm and inviting, memories of their kiss the previous night quickly springing to mind. His hairs stand on end with want and anticipation. What he wouldn't give to resume what had so rudely been interrupted not even a day ago.. but Kurt was saying something, right? Had asked him a question? Immediately, his eyes snap up and he grins sheepishly, pulling back a little. "Sorry. Um.. Lance?" His smile becomes a little more steady. "I don't think we gotta worry about him anymore, yo. Not for now, at least. His moods have been a little unpredictable."

Blushing, Kurt comes back to himself, realizing what he'd said, and winces slightly. "Cheesy, yeah. Sorry, don't know what came over me. But...Lance is okay with this now? With us, uh..." He clears his throat, leaning back and removing his hand from Todd's neck. But his skin feels chill at the sudden loss, so he tentatively wraps his fingers around the boy's hand, thumb rubbing idly across his palm. Eyes traveling back up until they meet Todd's amber ones, he dimly registers words, something about Lance and not worrying. Knowing who's responsible, he murmurs distractedly, "Remind me to get Kitty a nice 'thank you' gift..."

"Eh, yeah.." Todd cringes slightly at Kitty's name; he doesn't know why his opinion toward her is so much more hostile compared to the other X-men, but the feeling is there all the same. Bitterness aside, though, if it hadn't been for her, he probably wouldn't be standing here with Kurt right now, the boy's soft fur lightly tickling over his palm. Todd decides he likes that feeling, and as Kurt's thumb starts to move in slow, tender circles, Todd resolves that he likes that feeling very, VERY much. /Okay, maybe I am a little queer../ Pulling his eyes away from Kurt's, he looks around at nothing in particular as he realizes with some alarm that another part of his body is also enjoying the attention quite a bit. /..or maybe a lot queer./

Oh, the concurrent blessing and curse of being a hormone-driven fifteen year old.

Clearing his throat, he brings his gaze back to the golden eyes in front of him and says the first thing that comes to mind. "Yo, can we go to your room?" Which triggers an immediate blush and stumbling of words. "Uh, I-I mean.. 'cause, uh.. doesn't this count as, y'know.. fuck.. leaving the mansion?" /Translation: I'm thinking with the wrong head right now. I really DID mean 'can we go to your room;' I just strategically left out the request to fuck like bunnies, and am in the current process of denying such thoughts ever existed in a very pathetic manner./ He winces at his own stupidity and looks away again, resisting the urge to smack himself in the face.

"My room?" Kurt responds, oh-so-intelligently. It makes sense, of course; where else on the premises are they not going to be spotted? Thinking with the other head, though...he blushes deeply ('Thank god for holowatches...'), and his gaze drops to the side. Thoughts of what could happen once they get to his room - his nice, quiet, PRIVATE room - are suddenly and overwhelmingly filling his brain, subverting rational thought. Vaguely he realizes that, in its way, this could be more dangerous than Todd's presence in the mansion. In this state, he doesn't trust himself with the boy, they really shouldn't...

"Uh, sure. We can't let anyone see you, I guess...which they would. If we, you know, hung out. So I guess my room's, uh...yeah." He's still holding Todd's hand. He should probably stop that. Though there's a lot of things he should probably do, and not one is he planning on doing.

Tilting his head to the side, Todd observes Kurt with an awkward smile, disregarding his own diffidence as the other boy's shyness inspires an odd flare of confidence in himself. With a flirtatious grin, he snakes his free hand around Kurt's waist and hooks his thumb into the back of his pants, drawing the boy a little closer. "Sooo," he drawls, quirking his eyebrow suggestively. "We gonna stand out here all day and make schmoopy eyes at each other while you do a sorry job of hiding what's on your mind, or are you gonna do your little poof-thing and take us to your room so we can talk? ..among other things." That last bit is mumbled, but is intentionally loud enough for Kurt to hear.

Yeah, REALLY grateful for the holowatch. Heat flares in Kurt's cheeks (and somewhere to the south as well) and he again averts his eyes, though he can't stop the coy smile that tugs at his lips. His sensible mind is screaming, trying to make itself heard over the rest of his brain, which is expressing the intense desire to be manhandled (pun, sadly, intended) by Todd, whose hand is far too close to his ass. Finding himself pulled near the boy's warm body, Kurt squirms for a moment, and tries to figure out what to do with his own free hand; eventually it finds a comfortable spot on Todd's hip, arm resting over the other boy's and pressing it against his own rapidly-heating waist.

"Um, yeah...One 'bamf', coming right up." Kurt hesitates only an instant, wondering over the consequences of where they're about to go and what they'll very likely do when they get there. 'Past the point of no return...' With a thought and a tensing of a few key muscles, they're gone. There's a brief moment of heat, the stench of brimstone. Kurt tightens his grip on Todd, but they're already standing in the middle of his dim bedroom.

During the brief rise in temperature, Todd had involuntarily pulled himself closer to Kurt, unhooking his thumb and wrapping his entire forearm around the other boy's waist. Just as he's finishing this unconscious gesture, though, they're suddenly in a dimly lit bedroom and he momentarily considers pulling away...

..but what a shame it would be to move from such a comfortable (not to mention rousing, their bodies pressed almost flush against one another) postion when he'd just gotten there. Instead, he backs up only slightly, leaving his hand on the small of Kurt's back as he takes in their surroundings with thinly veiled awe. "Nice digs you got here, man," he says, trying not to sound too impressed... or too envious.

"Thanks. The Prof's generous with our accomodations." Noticing the hints of supressed envy in Todd's wide eyes, Kurt clears his throat and searches for a change of subject. "So..." Yeah, a change of subject would be a good thing right now. Yep. Uh-huh.

Maybe one would come a little easier if their circumstances weren't so...distracting. Todd still hasn't let go of Kurt's waist, and the heat of their teleport was pale in comparison to that which is rising in his face and abdomen. Suddenly regretting his long sleeves, he takes his hand from Todd's hip long enough to tug at his collar. "Do you wanna, uh...would you like to sit down?" Of course, there aren't any chairs in the room...His eyes stray towards the bed with another deep blush.

Todd follows Kurt's gaze questioningly, eyes slightly widening when he sees the bed. Another quick survey of the room confirms that that is, indeed, the only place to sit. /Unless we sit on the floor, yo,/ his mind argues, but his body promptly beats that thought to the ground with a sledgehammer. Besides, what difference would it make? There's not much that can happen on a bed that can't be mimicked on the floor. The bed's just softer, easier to fall into, ideal for being cushioned beneath another's body, squirming and panting and-- "Whoa." He suddenly pulls away from Kurt, coming back to reality with rose-tinted cheeks. "I mean, yeah.. I mean," He gestures at the bed. "You go first." Cringing at his idiocy, he's vaguely aware that Kurt's still holding his hand and--mindful to keep his gaze trained on anything but the other boy's eyes--he looks down at the flesh-colored hologram hiding the blue fur beneath.

He experimentively runs his thumb over the other boy's knuckles and smiles faintly. Todd likes the way Kurt's fur feels, and it's strange being able to touch it without seeing it. Without a second thought, he pulls his hand away and promptly pushes the yellow switch on Kurt's image inducer, smile widening as the hologram fades away.

The instinctual cringe at the loss of his disguise doesn't last long; Kurt glances at his now blue hand, then back up at Todd, finding only a warm smile that's contagious. Pulling away slowly, he glides over to the bed, sitting down and fixing Todd with a welcoming grin. Beneath him the bedsprings bounce; he smooths the comforter's soft fabric with idle fingers, eyes locked on Todd's the entire time, trying to ignore the uneasy fluttering in his stomach. "Come on in, the water's fine," Kurt quips, patting the bed beside him; his mind supplies him with another possible meaning to the words, and he averts his eyes, staring at the ceiling, this time thankful blushing's not very visible through such dark fur.

Hesitating for a moment to remind his body that it's just a fucking bed and he's merely going to sit on it, Todd plops down next to the other boy and steadies himself as the springs bounce beneath him. "So," he begins, eyes fixed on the ground. He idly taps at his knees while trying to will away the remaining heat in his face. And his abdomen. And just about everywhere else. "What'd ya need to talk to me about, fool?"

Ah yes, they -are- supposed to be talking, aren't they? Kurt goes over the things in his mind, all that he wants to say, trying to pick which one should start the discussion. It's a difficult task when all his mind really wants is, well...

Shaking his head in a vain attempt to clear his thoughts, he studies Todd, hoping to gauge his reactions. "I'm glad about Lance, really glad. And I don't blame you for what happened last night." 'Was it only last night? Feels like much longer...' Kurt sighs. "It's hard when your friends are angry with you, ja? Especially ones you admire so much. I just...I need to know...What if it happens again? What if Lance changes his mind? Or Quicksilver, or Blob, what if they object?"

The questions lead Kurt to the bigger one, the one this whole thing centers around, and he swallows hard against the nervous lump in his throat. "What, exactly, do you want out of this? Between it worth the fighting and trouble it's bound to cause?" Part of him dreading the answer, Kurt waits, eyes fixed on the boy, not sure of the response he wants.

Todd squirms nervously, rendered more than a tad uncomfortable by Kurt's inquiries. They're all very valid, of course, but Todd isn't exactly one for discussing his feelings--he's more of a 'cross that bridge when we come to it' kinda guy, though he's certain Kurt will want more of a response than that. Sighing, he leans back slightly, looking up at the ceiling as he mulls over the questions for a few moments. Is this little thing they have worth the trouble? As of right now, no, but who's to say it won't be? Isn't that why they decided not to forget about it in the first place?

His gaze falls on Kurt, or more specifically, Kurt's eyes, and he tries to gauge the feeling he gets when doing so. Giddiness.. contentment.. need.. an odd, warm sort of feeling.. He doesn't know what it all points to, but he knows for sure that he's far from hating the boy. And from the look in Kurt's eyes, the way he's been talking, the way he's been acting, Todd is rather confident that the feeling is mutual.

It's odd, being wanted, feeling like you're needed. Odd and wonderfully terrifying, even moreso when you want and need in return. This little something could lead to a big something or nothing at all and, in the end, it might not be worth the trouble, but taking the chance certainly is. /Talk about being fucking cheesy,/ his mind nags. But it's the truth. Now to put all that into words..

He turns away and sighs, absently scratching at the back of his head. "I don't really know what I want, man," he explains. "I just know that, last night, before all that shit happened.. I really liked hanging out with you, dawg. Just being with you, I.. I dunno, it's.. good. It makes me feel good, y'know?" He casts a sheepish glance toward Kurt before continuing, "And I dunno if.. whatever this is is worth the trouble, yo, 'cause we don't really have much to go on yet, but it, well.. it could be. You get me?" He looks at Kurt hopefully, a faint crimson now coloring his cheeks. He's certain he sounds like a fool.. but it was Kurt's fault for asking, damnit!

Relief floods Kurt's chest, mingling with a warmth and an odd form of endearment. So he's not alone in feeling this way, that there's something between them with so much potential. And that's all he needs to know to make all of this worth it; Logan, Xavier, Scott, they can fight him all they want, but as long as he wants it and he knows Todd feels the same, he's determined to hold on to this with everything he's got.

"Ja, I get you," Kurt smiles. "And for what it's worth, I feel the same. I just wasn't sure how you felt." He stares at his hands, which are resting in his lap; the smile still curling the corners of his mouth is a little less certain now, but still strong. "I didn't want to force you into anything, you know?"

"Thanks." Todd returns the smile and rests his gaze on the floor again, idly swinging his legs as a few seconds of silence pass. "So, what happens now?" He can think of a couple things he'd like to be happening, and he inwardly curses his hormones. Talking about your feelings isn't supposed to make you horny, is it? Todd doesn't think so. He must be broken. Kurt needs to fix him with those skilled hands of his.

That thought triggers a stupid grin to spread across his features, unnoticed as he's currently lost in his fantasies.

"Eh...well..." Glancing around his room, Kurt searches for some response to give. Instead, his mind takes him back a few minutes, reminding him of those things he'd wanted to happen, and he feels the blush creeping up his cheeks again. Shaking his head slowly, he struggles back to the present, wherein he still has no answer and is now feeling more than a little...eager. "I, uh...I'm not sure," he admits, tone apologetic and eyes again downcast. "I haven't exactly got tons of experience in this field."

"That makes two of us," Todd mumbles. He thinks about what to do. The word 'Kurt' briefly flashes in his mind, but that might be moving a little fast.. 'course, that won't stop him from thinking about it, but he'll tuck the thought away for later. It'll be a good excuse to take a shower. Yeah. Kissing is safe, right? They kissed last night, so it shouldn't be a big deal, but how should he execute it? Just.. do it? That's how it happened last night, but it was under different circumstances, and on Friday, he was just plain stoned. Asking if he could do it was pretty lame, so what does that leave him with? Nothing he can think of, that's for sure. He sighs, silently drumming his fingers on the bed comforter. "Well, what do you wanna do, man?" /I'd like to play a game of 'leap frog,' thank you./

A hint of frustration begins to creep through Kurt's mind; what he wants to do is becoming more and more clear with every moment, but he has no idea whether Todd... He shifts his weight on the bed. The matress sinks beneath him, throwing his balance off just enough to make him slide over a few centimeters; his leg brushes Todd's, and every hair on his body is suddenly standing at attention, every nerve going into standby mode, just waiting for stimulation. His eyelids slide shut, his mouth hanging open ever so slightly. Struggling against the fire building in the pit of his stomach, he glances at Todd, unable to find his voice to answer the boy's question. He swallows hard, and takes what he hopes will be calming breaths, a part of him praying he's not being -too- obvious.

Todd starts at the contact, having once again been lost in thought, mulling over the many allusions to sex you could get from the term 'leap frog.' Cocking his head to the side, he regards Kurt with interest, noting the boy's parted lips and slightly ragged breath. Damn. If there ever was a look for 'I'm a horny teenage boy begging to be touched,' that would definitely be it. Licking his suddenly dry lips, Todd slides closer to Kurt as subtly as possible and brushes his leg against the other boy's, slowly and deliberately, though he tries to make it seem accidental. He watches for a reaction, swallowing hard.

Oh god. The barest moan escapes Kurt's throat, quickly stifled as he turns panicked eyes to Todd, hoping in vain that by some miracle the boy didn't hear it. His heart is pounding, breath coming hard and ragged no matter how he struggles to calm himself, and he clenches his fists, digging his fingers into the comforter at his sides. "...Todd, I-" he swallows, throat constricting painfully with the words, and squeezes his eyes shut again.

For the briefest moment, Todd wonders what Kurt was going to say, wonders if it might have been an objection.. but he immediately doubts it, judging by that moan. And oh, was that moan ever encouraging.. Confidence rising, Todd places his hand on Kurt's thigh experimentively, squeezing gently as he quite knowingly brushes their legs together again, his own breath now becoming more shallow.

Mind already all but totally clouded with need, Kurt jerks at the feeling of warmth pressing against his thigh, the light pressure of nimble fingers squeezing gently. "Mein Gott..." he whispers, voice breathy and strained, and his body leans into the touch instinctively, hungrily and of its own volition. With a great effort one hand releases the comforter, rising towards Todd's face, stopping just inches from his skin and drawing back again. "Are you-" the words catch in his throat, and he forces out, "Do you want this?"

Todd has to resist the urge to kiss him in response; it's the first thing that jumped into his mind and it's probably what would happen if this were some sappy romance novel, but teasing Kurt like this is fun, a pleasure all its own. Sliding his hand higher, squeezing again, he keeps his half-lidded eyes fixed on the golden pair in front of him. "Whatta YOU think, fool?" Then there's that little nagging feeling clawing at his brain, wondering why Kurt would ask such a question when the answer is only obvious. " you?"

A choked whimper is Kurt's only response before he leans forward, resolve finally breaking like cheap glass, and captures Todd's lips with his own. Winding one hand in his hair, fingers of his other hand digging into Todd's shoulder, he sucks on the boy's lips desperately, nipping at the burning skin with his fangs then soothing it with fevered licks.

Well, so much for resisting the urge.. Todd leans into the kiss with a moan, removing his hand from Kurt's thigh and, instead, snaking it around his waist, moving it under the side of his shirt to caress the soft fur beneath. His lips tingle as Kurt ravishes them, nipping and sucking and licking. Todd starts to return the favor, but pulls away at the last second, breaths coming out in ragged gasps. "Not yet," he pants, granting the boy a quick, chaste kiss. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wonders if it's perverse to want to tease Kurt, wanting him to squirm at his touch, sliding his hands all over his body, yet always avoiding that one, important spot. The idea is much too appealing for him to care at the moment, however, and he tries to give Kurt a look that promises they'll get back to the makeout session soon. Though, in this state, he's sure his look conveys nothing more than 'I am lusty boy, I touch you now,' but it'll have to do. He's currently incapable of forming more than two words at a time. Pulling back slightly, he continues caressing the fur at his fingertips, brushing it up and matting it down, slowly but firmly.

Kurt groans deeply at the loss of Todd's lips, the sound rattling in his chest. Compared to the kiss they'd briefly shared, the feel of the boy's fingers on his fur is agonizing, only enough to tease and increase his need, not nearly enough to satisfy. His hands find Todd's sides, attempting to pull the boy gently towards him. He shifts position, bringing his feet up and kneeling on the bed, knees brushing Todd's leg. The continuing ministrations of the fingers on his fur leave fiery trails down his own side, heat that spreads throughout his body, suffusing his torso. He squirms, leaning forward to nip at the too-small area of exposed skin on Todd's neck; another moan escapes him, coherent thought long gone.

Todd follows suit and scoots back a little so the bed can accomodate his feet, a lengthy 'mmm' escaping his lips as he feels Kurt's teeth scraping against his neck. His free hand joins the other beneath Kurt's shirt, brushing up and down and winding around his back to knead the fur in light, teasing circles.

Squirming even more at the tickling, frustrating touch, Kurt wonders where Todd learned to do -that- with fur. He growls quietly, hands moving to the boy's shoulders as his lips make their hasty way up his neck, along his jaw. The whole time he's moving, maneuvering his knees to either side of Todd's left leg, till he's almost straddling him; his body's heat finds startling focus in his groin, and he tentatively squeezes his thighs around Todd's leg, groaning as the ache only increases. He leans back, hands still on Todd's shoulders, and locks his eyes with Todd's amber ones, panting painfully.

Todd emits a low, involuntary moan, his own need growing with every sound that Kurt makes. Seeing the look of lust in the other boy's eyes, listening to his ragged breath, feeling the random, desperate rocking against his leg--all of it adds intensity to the heat kindling in his lower abdomen, quickly setting the rest of his body ablaze. Teasing Kurt, making him squirm and pant and want, is a wonderful turn-on, Todd suddenly realizes, and he absently wonders if there's something wrong with that. Isn't it a little twisted..?

Another look at the desperation in Kurt's eyes sends a shiver down his spine. If it IS twisted, his body certainly doesn't give a flying fuck. Leaning forward, he takes Kurt's bottom lip between his teeth and sucks on it gently but briefly, pulling back slightly to watch the other boy's face as his hands slowly travel down his back. Down, down, sliding under denim and fabric, groping at the skin and fur beneath. In the back of his mind, he questions if this might be moving too fast or if he's even doing things right, but that tiny part of his brain is swiftly being overtaken by instinct and lust; he's resolved to do what feels right and what feels good, making Todd's body a very happy place.

Kurt's trapped by Todd's eyes, just as his lip is briefly trapped by Todd's gently sucking mouth. The desire, the lust, the hint of something else, something almost dangerous, lurking in those amber depths stops his panting, making his breath catch in his throat. Then those skillful hands shift, traveling farther down his back, teasing fur and kneading flesh closer and closer to that tingling, burning itch at the base of his spine. Arching his back and growling his need, he wraps his hands around Todd's upper arms, pressing down harder on the boy's leg with a desperate squeezing motion. His tail twines itself around one of Todd's forearms, rubbing against cloth, leather, and metal.

Todd moans again, burying his face into the crook of Kurt's neck as the boy all but grinds himself into Todd's leg. As much fun as all this teasing is, Todd's beginning to wonder how long he'll be able to keep this going before he literally jumps the other boy. Won't be too much longer, if the ache in his groin has anything to say about it.. and is it ever painful. When had his pants gotten so tight..?

The thought of tight pants reminds him how confining clothes can be, as does the tail currently rubbing against his sleeve. With a quick nip at Kurt's neck, Todd pulls away, sliding his hands out from the warmth of denim and bringing them around to rest on Kurt's abdomen. Sliding them up and bringing shirt material with them, lightly raking through fur with his nails as he does so, he stops just below the chest, hoping Kurt will raise his arms since Todd doesn't have enough coherence to ask.

It's a moment before Kurt registers the tug at his shirt; the delicious sting of nails raking gently through his fur, scraping the skin beneath, leaves little room for thought. Reminded, though, of the fact that they're still wearing clothes, he's gripped by the undeniable need to remedy that. Arching his back again and with a quick twist of his wrists, the sweater and undershirt are over his head, his mussed hair falling back into his face. Idly, he tosses the clothing to the side, not caring where it falls, then turns his attention to Todd's shirts. Pulling at the hem of the undershirt eagerly, he struggles to control himself, managing it long enough to glance up for permission.

The sweater isn't even off for a second before Todd attacks Kurt's neck, nipping and sucking, licking over the spots his teeth have grazed. He completely misses Kurt's glance and is only vaguely aware of the hands pulling at his shirt, but the fabric uncomfortably clinging to sweat-streaked arms immediately reminds him of his very much clothed state. Pulling away long enough to yank his shirts off and toss them somewhere behind him, he quickly resumes his assault on Kurt's upper body, running his tongue over the other boy's collarbone as his hands drift back to their earlier position under denim and cloth. The urgent need for friction is quickly becoming painful, and he moves his legs around in an effort to find some (adding to Kurt's in the process), but common sense seems to be on holiday and he lets out a groan to voice his frustration.

With the sound of Todd's groan ringing in his ears, and lips and fingers still tracing maddening trails over his body, Kurt leans forward, wrapping his arms around Todd's shoulders and regarding the boy's well-muscled back and (unfortunately fabric-covered) ass. It's at that moment Todd starts fidgeting, and all pretense of thought leaves the room as his thigh rubs painfully against the bulge in Kurt's jeans; Kurt's eyes slam shut, sparks flying behind his closed eyelids, as he throws back his head and gives a strangled cry. Digging his claws into Todd's back, stopping just short of breaking the pale skin, he shifts position, spreading his legs to straddle Todd's lap. The denim tightens unbearably over his crotch, and he presses against Todd's lean stomach, reveling in the sensation of fire meeting fire.

Todd's breath hitches and he momentarily ceases to move, rubbing his forehead against Kurt's chest as he pants and whimpers. His body isn't used to so much happening at once; that one bit of contact had almost sent him over the edge, and he works desperately to take deep and calming breaths before he resumes his ministrations. He's swiftly overcome with the need to lie back, but in this lust-driven haze where half his blood is being pumped into the wrong end of his body, he can't seem to remember where the edge of the bed is and doesn't want to chance ruining everything by falling off. About to growl in frustration again, he's suddenly distracted by something off to the side. He raises his head slightly and grins a lazy, lustful grin before leaning over and tentatively running his tongue over one of Kurt's nipples, slowly rocking his hips up and pulling the boy closer at the same time, watching his reaction.

"Mein Gott..." the slow, languid exclamation is pulled from Kurt's throat by the slightly rough, warm tongue stroking his sensitive skin, leaving a moist trail around his nipple. He bites down on Todd's shoulder, nipping lightly with his sharp fangs as he winds his fingers through the boy's soft hair.

'Enough!' his mind screams. He leans forward, hesitating only to check their position on the bed before pressing Todd down, all but shoving him into the comforter beneath them. Straddling his stomach, finally finding some friction, Kurt's body begins to move of its own accord, shifting back and forth, rubbing, fanning the heat that's taking him over.

Todd whines in annoyance as he's pushed down, ready to protest when Kurt suddenly straddles him and, oh god, starts rubbing against him quite pleasantly. Immediately, all rebellious thoughts are extinguished. His eyes roll back in his head and his hips instinctively buck upward, but there still isn't any friction; the other boy seems to be missing the most important spot. Sliding his hands out of Kurt's jeans, Todd rests them on the boy's hips, pushing him back so that their crotches are aligned and--"Fuck!" Todd bites his lip, eyes slamming shut. He didn't mean to shout, really, but he's found the friction and good lord is it ever gratifying. Arching his back, he pulls down on Kurt's hips as his own thrust up, keeping the pace slow for now (or as slow as possible, given that his body seems to be moving of its own volition), panting and moaning and becoming utterly lost in this fog of bumping and grinding.

Kurt's heart leaps into his throat at Todd's shout (Oh God what if someone heard) but all rational, worried thought is banished as quickly as it forms, done in by the hot, desperate movement of the writhing body beneath him, the heavy breathing and deep-throated moans and the whimpers that may be escaping from his own throat, he's not certain anymore. His pulse pounds in his ears as their bodies pound into each other, rubbing fervently and greedily and oh god does it feel good. The world shrinks, reduced to flesh and fabric, heat and sweat and those delicious noises Todd's making; the tingling in his groin is reaching the level of agonizingly sweet and unbearable. Running sweat-slicked hands over the smooth, pale chest below him, Kurt leans forward to capture Todd's lips, moaning with satisfaction as the boy's warmth spreads from his crotch to his collarbone, their naked torsos making contact, fur meeting flesh.

Half moaning, half gasping into the other boy's mouth, Todd continues driving his hips up, his hands now wandering over as much of Kurt's body as they can find. One eventually makes its way back down, finding the base of Kurt's tail and massaging all around it, while the other tangles itself in Kurt's hair, pushing his head down to deepen the kiss. Gently sucking at the tongue invading his mouth, Todd suddenly wonders what it'd be like to wrap his own tongue around Kurt's, but resists the urge to try it; he doesn't know what the other boy's reaction will be and doesn't think he can concentrate enough to do it, anyway. Not right now, not when he's so close..

A random thought unexpectedly pops into his head and he tries to grasp it before it's completely pushed aside by pleasure as it seemed rather important a moment ago. He pulls back slightly, fixing his eyes on the pair in front of him, never ceasing his movements. "Um," he manages in between gasps, eyes crossing somewhat when one of their thrusts hits a rather nice spot. "Um," he tries again, just as intelligently, but he can't seem to find the words to form a complete sentence, so he says, simply: "Pants."

At first, 'huh?' is the only thought able to filter through the haze of lust and litany of 'fuckohgodyespleasemoredearGOD' running rampant through Kurt's mind. When the simple word registers, and its significance finally clicks, his hands can't work fast enough. Breaking their bodies' delicious contact for a painful moment, he sits back, his weight resting on Todd's thighs while his fingers work feverishly at the button of the other boy's pants. Making short work of the buttons he moves on to the zipper, his sweaty fur slipping frustratingly over the tiny metal pull, and finally jerking it down with a triumphant grunt. He tugs at the worn denim as gently as his needy body will allow, waiting for Todd to lift his hips, all the while the warmth of the boys legs between his making him increasingly aware of the intense, painful tightness of his own jeans.

Hesitating for a moment, Todd inwardly curses his insecurity. Now is SO not the time to be self-conscious. It's not like they haven't done this before.. of course, they didn't really SEE anything below the waist, nor was Todd in his right mind at the time, plus the fact that it was dark, and--oh, fuck it. Raising his hips, he moans softly, waiting for Kurt to rid him of the bothersome jeans while he slowly runs his hands up and down the other boy's clothed legs, itching to return the favor.

The movement's as good as an engraved invitation, as far as Kurt's concerned; wasting no time, he tugs at the denim more insistently. The fabric quickly gives, pulling down around Todd's knees and revealing a hint of pale thigh...and boxers. Black boxers. Black boxers with little green alien heads printed on them...

It's all Kurt can do to stifle the laughter that wants to erupt from his throat, but he doubts it would be greatly appreciated at this particular moment. He manages to fight it down to a quiet chuckle and a soft grin, before turning his attention to the extremely visible bulge in the silky fabric. Tentatively he runs his palm across the fabric, idly fascinated by the form he feels beneath it, applying light pressure and following a line to where cloth turns into heated flesh.

Eyes snapping shut, Todd lets out a long, urgent 'mmm,' hips bucking up to meet the welcome pressure, hands grasping at the other boy's legs with need. He needs more. More touching. Preferably without that one last, thin piece of cloth in the way, but he'll let Kurt decide what happens with that. Opening his eyes to mere half-lidded, sex-fogged slits, he locks gazes with Kurt and thrusts up again, urging the boy on. His hands eventually make their way up to Kurt's belt buckle, but they're so fidgety and, given the fact that he's not really watching what he's doing anyway, he can only manage to finger the leather pathetically.

Todd's frustrated attempt goes unnoticed by Kurt, who's too busy indulging his curiousity (not to mention desire, need, lust); he increases the pressure, massaging Todd's groin through the cloth, but it's not enough for his screaming nerves or, he imagines, for Todd. Raising to his hands and knees, he leans forward to capture Todd's mouth again, sucking desperately on the boy's bruised lips. His weight rests on one hand, pressing the comforter beside Todd's head; the other hand continues its ministrations for a moment, kneading his flesh beneath the fabric, before crawling back up to the boxers' waistband and dipping slowly inside. The sensation's akin to plunging his hand into a furnace; the silk, despite its thinness, traps the immense heat of Todd's flesh. With a 'mmn' of his own Kurt brushes his furry fingers against the boy's member, wrapping them around the stiff muscle and stroking firmly.

Oh. Well. That's fucking nice. So nice, in fact, that it almost sends Todd over the edge again, and he fights to keep himself under control, resisting the urge to once more press into Kurt's hand.. Kurt's fuzzy hand. Who knew fur could feel so nice down there..? Tickling and teasing and driving him crazy. Desperate moans and sighs are lost in the other boy's mouth, reduced to urgent whimpers as Todd closes his lips around Kurt's, sucking and nibbling in return. Hands still playing at the belt, he absently notes that this is a much better angle to undo the buckle and his fingers, not quite as nimble as they usually are, get to work on that immediately.

The fingers fumbling at Kurt's belt buckle finally register; he gives an anticipatory moan, fighting the urge to press himself into Todd's busy hands, and redoubles the efforts of his own fingers. They caress Todd's skin, alternating between feather-light touches and more desperate squeezing and stroking motions, while Kurt shifts his weight. He raises his other hand to Todd's chest, rubbing the boy's lithe body, pinching gently at his nipples, claws scraping just enough to draw light red lines down his tight belly. His tail curls around him, wrapping itself around one of Todd's wrists and twining against the skin, catching briefly on the leather band.

Finally, the buckle is out of the way, just as one of his nipples is tweaked, pinched, and rubbed with a furry hand. God. Todd decides he's in love with Kurt's fur and wouldn't mind feeling it all over his body, if Kurt has no objections, and somehow, Todd doesn't think he will. Voicing his approval in the form of a drawn out moan muffled by the other boy's mouth, Todd stumbles over the button and zipper of the jeans, finally getting them out of way and slipping his hand past the fabric beneath. Right there. Todd grins inwardly--the only part of Kurt's body that isn't fuzzy, as far as he can tell. Starting off with languid strokes, he lifts his other hand and slowly brushes it across Kurt's stomach and up to his chest, running callused fingers over fur and puckered flesh, pinching and rubbing in circular motions. Somewhere off to the left, or maybe the right, he hears some sort of knocking. But fuck if he cares right now. He's too lost in the thought of how fucking hot this is to register that someone might be at the door.

Dear GOD. If Kurt's eyes had been open they'd be rolling back into his head right now. His hands are jolted out of their movements for a moment, his body nearly spasming at the pressure of Todd's burning fingers around his erection, and his other hand's agonizing trail across his torso. He gasps harshly, losing Todd's lips as he throws back his head with a strangled cry. Of their own volition, his fingers finally resume their fervent groping, speeding their movements; they rub greedily against Todd's member, squeezing the shaft, flicking across the head, mimicking Todd's own ministrations that are bringing him so close...

Kurt buries his head in Todd's shoulder, moaning and growling and nipping at his skin. Dimly, through the haze of his impending peak, comes the sound of knocking off to the side, but Kurt's world has been reduced to the hot body beneath him and the hotter hand around him and oh god he can't hold out much longer...

Todd closes his eyes, back arching as he quickens his pace on Kurt. The other boy is just as close, he realizes, and--giving Kurt's nipples one last tweak--he snakes his arm around and quickly yanks down Kurt's jeans and boxers as far as possible before making quick work of his own. That's how he got in trouble last time, after all: the quite plain-as-day mess on his jeans. Bringing his arm back up, he tangles his hand in the boy's hair, pulling his head close then arching up to press their bodies as close together as possible too, writhing and rubbing with fur against flesh. His teeth find a home at the base of Kurt's neck, gently biting and sucking and vacantly wondering if any marks would be visible through the fur, but he really doesn't care 'cause he's so fucking close. Not even that persistent knocking at the door is gonna ruin this, damnit.

And that knocking IS persistent. "Kurt?" a soft, child-like voice on the other side calls. Todd doesn't recognize it, but he really couldn't give a shit right now, mind otherwise focused on that lovely, tingling feeling at the base of his spine.

"Are you all right?" the voice continues. "Can I come in?"

Todd can't help but snicker into Kurt's shoulder. /Sex Ed 101, man./

'Not now, fuck, not now!' Kurt's eyes fly open at the small voice calling at the door, a voice quickly forced from his mind by the feel of their almost-naked bodies finally making contact, Todd's skin rubbing and burning against his fur. Todd's pressing into him, and he nearly screams as their erections finally meet, skin to fevered skin; he just barely manages to choke the cry back to a harsh grunt. Trying to force down the waves that want to wash over him (easier to fight back the ocean with a styrofoam cup) he struggles onto one elbow, panicked gaze darting to the door as the voice outside asks to come INside. Oh hell.

"N-no, hang on a minute, I-" Oh dear GOD where did Todd learn that move? Stifling a moan, Kurt stammers out, "Give me a, uh, just wait!" His voice breaks on the last word, shifting to an almost girlish pitch as Todd rubs against him again, and again, and oh god...

Todd opens his eyes slightly, grinning roguishly at the panicked, breathy quality of Kurt's voice and delighting in the near-scream he lets out at the end of his sentence. Since the boy is currently propped up, Todd takes the opportunity to lean forward and capture a nipple in his mouth, smiling around the fur as he gently sucks and licks, repeating the actions several times. Suddenly, the hand working so vigorously on Kurt pulls back and bats away the furry hand stroking him, as well. Fortunately, the pressure isn't gone long as both of Todd's hands regroup at the other boy's rear, squeezing, groping, and pulling close, rubbing at the base of Kurt's tail. Todd can't help the moan that escapes him, thankfully muffled by the fur around the nipple in his mouth, as he thrusts up, grinding their bodies together until they can't get any closer, pulling back, repeating.

"A-are you sure?" the voice outside continues. "I heard a scream before, and you sound like you're kinda in pain or sick or something." Todd grins at this, biting gently at Kurt's nipple in hopes of getting a nice, little yelp out of him. His plan works, and the voice goes on, nervously, "Mr. Wolverine told me to come check on you because he wants to see you in the den in thirty minutes, b-but, um.. should I tell him you're sick? Are you sure you don't want me to come in? I'm real good at helping people out!"

Once more, Todd grins, muttering into Kurt's chest, "I think you got all the help you need, yo." He lightly bites at the nipple again, just because he can.

"Quiet!" Kurt hisses, panic fighting for control over the fog of arousal and raw lust in his brain. His entire groin is now aching at the loss of Todd's hands, though they've moved on to his butt, and seem to be doing their damnedest to make it up to him. Between the fingers teasing around his tail and Todd's continued thrusting and rubbing, it's all Kurt can do to keep from screaming. Even the boy (Jamie, his mind supplies, helpfully) mentioning Wolverine isn't frightening enough to cause much of a dent in the overwhelming pleasure of those hands and that delicious mouth. Kurt fights back another moan, struggles out, "No, I'm uh...30 minutes? I'll -uhn-...I'll be there, tell 'Mr. Wolverine' I'm coming."

"Already?" Todd whispers between pants and soft moans, smirking mischievously. Giving Kurt's nipple one last lick, he lies back and closes his eyes, mouth hanging open slightly as he quickens his thrusts. The pressure is rapidly building up again and he knows he's gonna make some noise unless he miraculously finds something to muffle his cries with (/Where the hell are the pillows on this bed, man?!/), so that kid outside better just skedaddle along, 'cause Todd ain't gonna care who the fuck hears him pretty soon.

But the kid won't let up. "O-okay. Are you coming now? Or soon? He likes good answers, you know.."

"Mein Gott!" Kurt curses under his breath, his frustration rapidly coming to a head. The tingling at the base of his spine is reaching an almost maddening pitch, and denying it is taking every ounce of willpower he can muster. He can't stop himself from snapping at the boy, "Soon, Jamie, now go!" He instantly regrets it, tries to soften the tone with a somewhat pleading, "Please? I'm kinda..." a thrust and another stifled moan, "BUSY, uh, right now."

The kid. Needs. To go. Like, NOW, because Todd can't take it anymore. Reaching one hand up and doubling his efforts with the other, he pulls Kurt's head down, crushing their lips together, nibbling and sucking and gasping, trying to stifle his whimpers as he grinds harder and faster. His hand firmly kneads Kurt's backside, grasping at anything it comes in contact with. His mind is becoming foggy and he can see these sparkly, little dots on the inside of his eyelids and his breath is quickening, desperate, panting, god he can't hold back..

"Okay, Kurt," Jamie, the little boy behind door, says somewhat warily. "I'll tell him. You feel better, though, okay? You sound constipated or something." Faint footsteps could be heard, thankfully going in the opposite direction, and--

"Finally," Todd growls, pulling his lips away and burying his head in Kurt's shoulder. "Fuck.." God, he's so close, but it's not happening, it's missing something, but damnit, he doesn't know what!

A shuddering sigh of relief wracks Kurt's chest and he nuzzles Todd, burying his face in the boy's hair, smothering his own desperate moaning and whimpering. He's close but Todd is closer; the sounds he's making, between panting breaths, are needy and frustrated. Kurt pulls back, swoops down to capture his lips again, sucking and biting and licking at the purpled flesh. His hands stray, one digging claws into Todd's shoulder while the other pinches his nipple, kneads his hip, travels down...

Kurt pulls back, breaking their contact for a moment, soothes Todd with a line of kisses leading across his jaw, his neck, his shoulder. His hand comes between them, gives Todd's hard-on a firm squeeze before trailing down to play with the flesh underneath, fingers lightly tickling and teasing the skin.

Fuzzy hands. Right there. Hell yeah. But Todd really wishes Kurt wouldn't have broken their body contact, he NEEDS the stimulation and friction. He groans with frustration, breathing heavily as he untangles his fingers from the messy blue hair and takes Kurt's hand in his. "D-don't stop, yo," he gasps, leading the other boy's hand down. "But.." Argh, talking takes too much thinking right now and damnit, whatever being created him only gave him enough blood for one head to fully function at a time. He continues leading the hand down and finally rests it over his aching hardness and moans into Kurt's hair, hoping the other boy will get the message.

Kurt allows his hand to be led, tracing a path to rest finally on Todd's burning member. He doesn't need much more prompting; his fingers continue their earlier minstrations, alternating between stroking the stiff flesh with an increasingly firm touch and caressing the tip gently. Right now he wants nothing more than to take care of the boy, giving him all the stimulation he needs to reach his peak...but that desire is just barely overshadowing his own desperation. The heat in his abdomen threatens to consume him, his own flesh starting to suffer the deprivation of the contact that was so satisfying before. Almost idly he leans forward to engage Todd in another kiss, but his body begins to move of its own accord, his hardness rubbing greedily against the first hints of skin it finds.

Todd begins making unintelligible sounds against Kurt's lips, thrusting desperately against the boy's hands, muscles well on their way to tightening as he feels the pressure rising to almost unbearable levels. Finally, with release on the horizon, he tears away from the kiss with a gasp and buries his face in the crook of Kurt's neck, sinking his teeth into the flesh hard enough to leave some marks beneath the fur. His hands cease their endeavours and he winds his arms around the other boy, pulling him close, hanging on tight as his muscles tense, body shudders, one last thrust and there we go--his world explodes around him and he lets out a long, deep moan, interrupted by random, garbled words sounding something like 'godfuckyes.' His shudders become more violent and he arches his back slightly before the trembles finally subside.. and he just stops, muscles becoming limp as he collapses against the bed, gasping, vaguely aware of some desperate rubbing against his thigh..

A job well done and you are very welcome. Kurt would be smiling now, but for the simple fact of his own need, that's forced all other thoughts from his already clouded mind. The ache in groin won't subside, only builds, while that tingling pressure at the base of his spine is screaming for attention. But Todd's body is now limp beneath his, and he struggles to control his own desperate thrusts, smothering his hungry groaning against Todd's sweat-slicked chest. He clings helplessly to Todd's shoulders, a few scattered, whispered words tearing from his throat between pitiful whimpers; no two words form any coherent phrase, only the last reaches any intelligible volume. "Bitte!"

Todd jumps at the sound. He'd been getting lost in the warmth of the afterglow, muscles relaxing and breath evening out, but the sudden exclamation has him at attention once more. He peers down at Kurt, notes the concentrated, frustrated look on the boy's face, feels the needy thrusts against his leg, and finally his foggy mind clears just the slightest bit and a tiny voice at the back of his head tells him he should do something. Sluggishly, he rolls both Kurt and himself over and somehow finds the energy to prop himself up on his side as he leans over and wraps his mouth around a blue nipple, repeatedly flicking his tongue over it with haste. His hand travels down, finding its target and gripping firmly, moving up and down in hurried strokes.

A strangled sigh escapes Kurt, his eyes sliding shut with relief as the crucial contact is restored. The fog clouding his mind dissapates in an instant, leaving him a pure, perfect focus on the overwhelming sensation that now makes up the entirety of his world. He moans, a raw animal sound, tries to return some of the attention but only succeeds in running weak fingers down Todd's chest before the first wave hits, drawing a harsh cry from his tight throat. The next all but paralyzes him; his body spasms violently, his back arching while his fists dig into the comforter. Light explodes behind his squeezed-shut eyelids as every muscle in his body tightens almost painfully. With his last gasping breath he flings his arms around Todd's shoulders, burying his face in the boy's neck, surrounding himself with the sharp scent of sweat and sex and releasing a muffled scream into his chest.

It seems an hour later that he finally remembers to breath. Spent, he falls back to the comforter, totally limp and panting, chest heaving. The ceiling above is too white, and he shuts his eyes again, letting himself melt into the bed, a contented smile gracing his lips.

Giving the nipple one last flick, Todd leaves a trail of soft kisses that leads from Kurt's collarbone to his lips, nipping at the bottom one lightly before totally collapsing next to the other boy. Throwing modesty to the wind (for now, at least, in the haze of afterglow), he maneuvers his legs until his jeans are hanging off his ankles, at which point he simply kicks them off to the side, not caring where they land. He wraps an arm around Kurt and rests one of his knees on the boy's legs. "That was, um.." he tries, grin evident in his voice, but he can't think of a word to describe it if his life depended on it. Instead, he nuzzles his head against Kurt's neck and chuckles into the fur.

Somehow finding his voice, Kurt laughs weakly in response. "It sure was." He grins, lightly wrapping his arms around Todd's shoulders again and leaning into his embrace, his warmth. "I think that definitely made up for the past few days, ja?" Something nags at his thoughts, something important and decidely unpleasant, but the fog is creeping back over his mind again, and unpleasant is the last thing he wants to think about. A nap is starting to sound like a very good idea, to fall asleep cuddling Todd's soft, welcome form the best thing that could possibly happen now. Aside from an encore performance...He smirks to himself at the thought; maybe, once they catch their second wind...

"Mm-hmm.." Todd nuzzles the fur again, pressing a kiss against the base of Kurt's neck. He feels relaxed and utterly spent, sleep being the most prominent thing on his mind now. He'd indulge in that urge, if only it weren't for the uncomfortable feeling of having a sweat-slicked body with areas of stickiness. "Yo, um.. you got towels in here or something?" he asks, voice lazy and calm, still basking in the glow. He smiles. "Might be a little uncomfortable to walk home like this, man."

"Indeed." Nose wrinkling at his own state, Kurt raises his head momentarily to get his bearings, then points languidly at the dresser on the other side of the room. "There's a few towels in there, feel free," he drawls, stifling a yawn. Then the rest of Todd's statement registers, and he frowns. Walking home...of course Todd will have to go home. Todd can't stay for long, as much as Kurt wishes he would, the Brotherhood boys are probably expecting him and didn't Kurt have something to do?

Oh. Oh fuck. Kurt jerks to attention, flying up onto his elbows with a "Mein Gott!" Wincing at the sudden sound, he hesitates, cocking his head to the side and listening, almost expecting to hear Wolverine's heavy boots coming down the hall again.

Todd's head is thrown to the side by Kurt's sudden movement and he bolts upright, heart pounding in his head as he wonders what could have gone wrong. "What, man? What's wrong?!"

"Logan! God, I forgot all about him and the Professor!" He starts to crawl around Todd to climb off the bed, forgetting that his pants are still down around his ankles. He ends up on his stomach in an undignified sprawl across the floor, arms splayed to the sides, feet still caught on the edge of the bed and tail hanging over his head.

Todd, now fully attentive and suddenly wishing he hadn't thrown his pants to the side, leans over the bed to regard Kurt with wide eyes, trying to comprehend the situation. "Wha..? What're you talkin' about?" He suddenly remembers their bothersome interruption earlier, the little boy mentioning something about Wolverine and thirty minutes. "Chill, man. It ain't been half an hour, yet."

Kurt almost pauses, almost jumps back into bed to make the best of the few minutes he's got left. But the minutes are just that, few. Kurt's a mess, Todd's a mess, they both need to get cleaned up and say their goodbyes (he really doesn't want to say goodbye) and they have precious little time to do it in. On top of it all, he has absolutely no idea what to say to Logan, or even what the Professor will say. Cold panic starts to grip his gut, and he struggles to his feet.

He's suddenly far too aware of Todd's eyes on him, and starts to pull his pants up, but his fur is a mess and he doesn't want them stained with any more damning evidence. Still, he can't walk like this... Blushing furiously, he steps out of his pants, crossing quickly to the dresser and pulling two towels out of one of the drawers, tossing one to Todd and rubbing vigorously at his fur with the other. His hand slows, though, as his eyes trail back up, to the bed and the painfully tempting figure on it. If only they had more time... He shakes his head, going back to his cleaning. "Nein, I've got to go, now, Logan's going to be angry enough as it is."

Todd catches the towel thrown at him and frowns, gaze falling to the floor. He was kind of enjoying their little.. snuggle..? ..session, though he'll be damned if he's going to admit it. Still, the contact is missed and his frown deepens as he glances up at Kurt quickly and sighs. "Whatever, man.." Idly wiping at his stomach, he surveys the room for his missing pants and boxers, spotting them splayed upon the floor a few feet away. He glances at Kurt again, then down at his lap, then at the towel in his hand: too small to wrap around his waist..

Aw, fuck it. The other boy had his hands all over Todd not but a few minutes ago, what's the big deal? Still, Todd makes sure he's quick about it, hopping swiftly to the discarded clothes, grabbing them, and hopping back just as hastily. He quickly steps into his jeans and boxers, facing the other way. "So," he sighs. "Um, when'll we, y'know.. talk again? Or.. whatever.."

The thought of their next meeting is almost enough to distract Kurt from his fate, and he smiles at Todd...who's pulling on his pants and my isn't that a nice view; he has to fight the urge to walk over and rip the jeans right back down. "As soon as you want. I could call you after I get done with Logan and the Prof...or rather, after they get done with me. Assuming I'm still alive, that is." He really doesn't want to do this; doesn't want to leave Todd, doesn't want to face them alone. And it's reflected in his voice, hints of fear tainting it and leaving a bitter tang in his mouth. He frowns, and concentrates on cleaning his fur.

Todd, now half-clothed, looks back at Kurt again, nervously drumming his fingers at his sides. The other boy's still very much unclothed and, well, that's a little distracting, so maybe he should turn away and--oh, hey look, his shirts are on a lampshade! He can't help the smirk that forms as he retrieves them, amused that this, of all places, is where they ended up during a fit of passion.

As he stands there, shirts in hand, lazy grin gracing his features as he fondly recalls said fit of passion, his conscience continuously nags at him to say something. Something comforting, because Kurt's obviously stressing out.. what is he stressing out over again?

Oh, right. Guy with metal claws quite useful for castration. "Hey, it'll be all right, man.. I mean, if he ain't killed you yet, why would he wait to do it now? And with your Professor-guy there, ain't nothing gonna happen... Unless," He arches an eyebrow and looks up at the ceiling in thought. "They're gonna read your mind and THEN kill you.." ..that's comforting, right?

Kurt rolls his eyes. "That's a big help, thank you." Sure, he doesn't really expect violence out of the situation...but there are worse things a person can do to someone, and Logan's probably mastered each and every one. And seems like the guy who'd be quite willing to use them all, to get him to stop this situation. How far would they go? If they really want him to stop seeing Todd...

He regards Todd, standing across the room, remnants of a smirk still playing across his lips and shirts hanging in one hand, chest and belly still wonderfully exposed. The mere sight of him causes a stirring in the pit of Kurt's stomach, that tingling at the base of his spine...but there's something else, something warm and endearing and welcoming in a way Kurt's never felt before, a kind of fuzzy haze in his brain. A sudden, powerful determination grips him; he's not giving Todd up, no matter what Logan does, what the Professor says. This is right, he's sure of it, and as long as he clings to that...Now if only he could convince -them- of the situation's inherent rightness, everything would be hunky-dorey, ja?

But that assurance doesn't do anything for the icy panic that's slowly, inexorably taking over, biting away at the corners of his mind. HOW can he convince them? Especially when he can't figure out for himself exactly why? With a frustrated cry he drops to the floor, leaning against the dresser and covering his head with his hands. "I can't do this! I don't know what to say, what to do! They're probably already determined to make us stop, nothing I try will make a difference. And I'm not going to stop, no matter what they say, but..." he looks around at the room the Professor gave him, the comfortable home, the image inducer on his arm. "I want them to understand. To accept us. I owe them so much, I don't want to have to fight them on this."

Pulled out of his musings, Todd observes Kurt with a frown, trying to think of something to say while he runs the other boy's words through his head. It all comes back to the question of whether or not this is worth the trouble it's inevitably going to cause, but they've already been over that ad naseum and there's no point in rehashing the same thing again and again. Besides, Kurt just said he wouldn't stop no matter what his mentors said (leaving Todd to wonder why, disconcerted, confused, and oddly grateful), so what other options are there?

And the rest...

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