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Because I Got High, Scene 12, Todd/Kurt RPfic, Overall Rating: NC-17

Title: Because I Got High
Rating: NC-17 Overall
Additional Pairings: Lance/Kitty, one-sided Todd/Lance, future others
Summary: Scene 12, in which a wonderful new friend is made (heh). I play Kurt and [inaudible mumbling], idgiebay plays Todd.

Additional Notes after the fic! Only one more chapter to go, OMG!!!

Disclaimer: Closest-thing-to-bishounen-America's-got Kurt and the lovely and amazing Toad-Boy belong to Marvel, the WB, and probably bunches of other wonderful peoples. So do anyone else mentioned herein. I don't own them, I'm just a klepto who intends no harm and will return them when I'm done. Please dun hurt me.

He wanders the halls, their silence breaking only with the almost imperceptible sound of his boots scuffing the carpet. The place is empty at this hour, all the students having gone out, or made their way to the grounds to enjoy the weather. He hasn't seen anyone in almost a half hour, which suits him fine. He's not big on the meager entertainment this small town offers, and even less fond of that horrible animal known as 'fresh air'. And socializing,'s not exactly his biggest strength.

Which may be demonstrated yet again. He rounds a corner to find one of the doors lining the hall opening slowly. Soft voices drift from behind it, laughing and murmuring, followed quickly by two people, one blue and fuzzy, the other scrawny and grungy. They don't seem to notice him, but their tones are still soft, almost conspiratorial, and he quirks an eyebrow curiously. 'Well well well, what have we here?' They start walking, and he, naturally, follows, keeping at a discreet distance and remaining silent.

Closing the door behind Todd, Kurt lingers in the hall. Sure, they could teleport to the den in a matter of seconds...but neither is exactly eager to get there. Every minute they take is another minute they don't have to face the wrath of Logan. So he starts walking. Slowly. Tries really hard to just enjoy what time they've got left, to not think about what they're ready to do. Which isn't too hard, really, with Todd to distract him. Grinning, he falls back, until he and Todd are even and he can snake an arm around the boy's slim waist. "Thanks for doing this. I really am grateful, man, you have no idea."

"Yeah, well.." Todd trails off, a faint smile gracing his features as an arm snakes around his waist. Who knew it felt this good to be wanted? It's something he could definitely get used to. Leaning into the embrace, he regards Kurt with a suggestive grin, a mischievous glint in his eye, and a teasing tone, "I expect you to thank me properly later, fool."

"Hopefully not much later, ja?" Kurt's grin becomes mischievous as well, as the hand he's resting on Todd's waist begins to travel, wandering south. With a wink, he gives the other boy's butt a squeeze. Oh yes, he could definitely get used to this.

Todd jumps slightly and cocks his head to the side, eyebrow arched in question. He certainly didn't expect something like that from Kurt, though he honestly isn't complaining. "Let's hope not," he replies, grin widening as he notices for the first time how truly ragged they are. Kurt's hair is tangled and matted, fur wild and unkempt, and Todd SWEARS that the boy's sweater is on backwards; he can only imagine how bad HE must look. Chuckling, both out of amusement and uneasiness, he leans further into the embrace, rubbing his forehead against Kurt's shoulder. They don't look suspicious at all, everything will be fine.


They are so fucked. Pun not intended.

The figure smirks to himself as he watches the pair, following at a short distance. Now there's something you don't see everyday. ...Not in this area, at least. So the two are quite obviously a couple. And, judging by their ruffled, matted hair and disheveled clothing, they were just doing a lot more than 'cuddling' in that room. He wonders if anyone else knows...and what they'd say if they found out. Sure, they preach tolerance for humans and mutants around here, but embracing one difference doesn't always mean people'll welcome another. Prejudice doesn't have to follow the rules of logic and common sense; the human race is funny that way.

Suddenly curious as to where they're going, he smiles to himself. 'Well, there's one way to find out.' "You boys might wanna keep that in your room, you know. Never know who might be watching."

Unfamiliar British voice invading private moment. Not good. Out of instinct, Todd jumps away from Kurt, away from the embrace and the warmth, and whirls around to see a lanky young man (maybe a year or so older than they are) eyeing them with a tiny hint of a smirk. Immediately, Todd's brows knit together, eyes darting from the newcomer to Kurt and back. He doesn't know this guy, but he can already tell they're not going to get along. "Watching what, man? There ain't nothing to watch! And even if there was," he folds his arms, glare intensifying, "what the hell is it to you?"

At first all Kurt can do is wonder where that lovely warmth went. Then his brain catches up with the present, pointing out the intruding voice. He spins around with Todd, eyes coming to rest on the figure standing in the hall behind them, the institute's newest student. Not good. So very not good. Kurt struggles for something to say, but nothing useful comes to mind, and he's left standing there, mouth hanging open stupidly.

"No need to get all defensive, mate. Not unless you've got something to be defensive about," the stranger responds, eyeing the scrawny kid curiously. Now that he's closer, the boy's becoming more familiar; he's seen him around the high school, at lunch, during a few classes. Always hanging out with his fellow delinquents, the kids the rest of Xavier's students are constantly whining over. Interesting. He smirks to himself; this little tidbit may prove useful.

"Who's getting defensive, yo?" Todd wonders, though even to his own ears he sounds rather nervous. Clearing his throat, he eyes the taller boy suspiciously, takes in his appearance and commits it to memory for future reference: a long trench coat ending just above the boy's ankles, which are covered by calf-high black boots lined with dozens of laces, spikes, and at least a few straps. Above that, black pants that appear to be made from some type of dull leather with several chains adorning the material, hanging freely. Eyes travelling up, Todd's gaze finally rests on the boy's shirt, white, loose, and tucked in, a long frill beginning at the neck.

Todd smirks, apprehension subsiding slightly. The guy looks like he came out of a fucking Anne Rice novel.

Todd's words distract Kurt, reminding him he's not alone, and he finally finds his voice. "Hey, um..." Name, what's the boy's name... "Pete! Yeah, Pete, we were just, um...what're you doing here?" He mentally kicks himself; he sounds like a total idiot.

"You remember my name. Don't I feel special," Pete quips, sarcasm tainting his tone. Leaning casually against the wall, he digs into a coat pocket, fingers wrapping around a well worn, slightly squished box. He pulls it out, taps the bottom until a cigarette pops out of the top, and raises it to his lips. Only after the ritual is finished does he bother to look at the blue boy, eyeing him appraisingly. The fur's got some interesting possibilities, adding to his unusually pretty face, and his body...Pete grins to himself, allowing a bit of tooth to show. "Jus' takin' a bit of a constitutional. Best kind of exercise there is. Well, 'cept for one." One last, appreciative look. "For you, I'd be willing to demonstrate. Looks like somebody beat me to it, though. Shame, that."

Okay, who the HELL does this guy think he is? Todd unconsciously drifts closer to Kurt, the nervousness he felt now overtaken by another type of trepidation, though he isn't quite sure what. All he knows for certain is that he's VERY leery of this Pete fellow... and that his nails are digging into the palms of his hands. Ouch. He hadn't even realized he'd balled his fists. Biting back a snide remark, he casts Kurt a sidelong glance, waiting for his reply.

Oh. Oh boy. Kurt's back to staring stupidly, his brain trying to process the boy's words. He's blushing furiously, his cheeks on fire, and can only be grateful it doesn't show; wouldn't want to add that evidence to his slightly-less-steady breathing or dropped jaw. Todd's presence at his side becomes more pronounced, reassuring him somewhat and causing a faint stirring of...something in his chest. He looks over, taking in Todd's balled fists and the taut line of his back, the death glare he's shooting at Pete. A small smile crosses his lips, his courage rising a bit at the sight. Turning his attention back to Pete, he crosses his arms, giving him a look to match Todd's glare. "Yeah, too bad," he finally responds, voice dripping sarcasm. "Well, it's been wonderful meeting you, really. But we've got important business to take care of." He smirks, adding a falsely cheery tone. "We should do this again sometime, though. Or not. Preferably not."

Todd's lips twitch with a surpressed grin, satisfied with Kurt's response. "Yeah," he agrees, eyes once more trained on the taller boy as he dons a faint, proud smirk. "Besides, ain't it past your bed time? Still pretty light outside, vampire boy."

Not exactly the reaction Pete was hoping for, but definitely the one he expected. He works to keep the frown off of his face. He's not out to form any attachments, but likewise he's not above a bit of pleasure for pleasure's sake, and the blue kid's physiognomy does intrigue him. Getting anywhere near him will be difficult though, judging by his apparent devotion to the other boy.

On the plus side, win or lose the two seem like a fun pair to mess with. The self-assured smirk returns to Pete's face, his lips curling around his cigarette. "Vampire boy, that's cute. Think that one up all by your lonesome, did you? You might wanna ease off, mate. Considering where you are, and who you are..."

Pete raises his hand to his face, poised as if he's holding an invisible lighter. Sticking his thumb under the tip of his cigarette, his grin widens, again baring a few teeth. Without warning a small knife-shaped plate erupts from his thumb, glowing red with extreme heat; it flies into the ceiling, leaving a slightly smoking hole in the plaster and lighting the cigarette on the way.

The smirk drops from Pete's lips as he takes a long drag off the cigarette. "I doubt anyone here would mind terribly if anything happened to you, mate. A bloke's gotta protect his new home, after all."

Eh-heh. Well. Todd looks up, watching little flakes of plaster flutter through the air, falling from the gaping hole that was once a perfectly unmarred spot on the ceiling. Grinning nervously, he clears his throat and drops his gaze to Pete, a small lightbulb in his head suddenly going off.

Dangerous projectiles, an affinity for black.. so THIS is the hot-tempered badass Kurt was telling him about last night, and those flaming hot knives that can bust through inches upon inches of plaster must be the destructive projectiles. Damn.

Todd tries to say something, but only a pathetic whimper escapes his throat, so he clears it again and fixes Pete with the deadliest glare he can muster. "Oh, I'm shakin' now, Dracula," he scoffs, though a gibe tends to sound more scornful when your voice doesn't crack mid-sentence, but that's beside the point. "I got a mean kick that could send your balls straight through your digestive tract, so you better just back off."

The new boy's sudden show of force surprises Kurt, causing him to take an involuntary step back. The situation just got a lot more serious, and icy unease is slowly forming in his gut, mingling with nervousness and a familiar protective instinct. He places a hand on Todd's shoulder, hoping to both keep him from provoking the boy and to 'port him out of there if things get any worse. Fixing Pete with as dangerous a glare as he can muster (it's difficult to look dangerous when you fear for your life) he tries to focus on keeping his voice calm, his breathing even. "Todd's here as my guest. Meaning he's off the list of people you can bully. So why don't you just go your way, and let us go ours. We don't have the time for this."

"And what're you in such a bleedin' hurry for?" Pete scowls, gripping the cigarette expertly between two curled fingers and pointing it at 'Todd'. "I seriously doubt he's on the 'allow' list for guests around here. I'm thinking I may need to do my civic duty and let Baldy know about such a breach in security."

"Well, not that it's any of your business, fool, but talkin' to Baldy's what we're about to do, so you can just shove that little scare tactic back up your ass. Get me?" Under normal circumstances, Todd would never, ever provoke a bully, ESPECIALLY not one who's two heads taller than he and who can shoot heated knives out of their fingers, but.. Kurt is here. And for some reason, that's encouraging.. and perhaps a little cowardly, because really, dating a guy who can teleport truly does have its advantages.

Not that nobody needs to know that.

Pete clenches his jaw, lip curling with a quiet growl. He does NOT take shit from anyone, least of all a stinking, scrawny little git like this toad, and he's about to make that fact abundantly clear, when the boy's first words finally register through his anger. They're going to talk to the old man. Which should keep the old man quite distracted, and definitely occupied. The possibilities of a 'house without grown-ups' scenario start to worm their way into his thoughts, and he wonders for a moment where the other members of the staff will be. The weather witch left the mansion a couple hours ago, but the hairy bloke...

He needs more information. But first...a little therapy is in order. Pete advances on the boy, shoving the blue kid out of his reach and trying to back Todd into the wall. Though he's definitely got the height advantage, he chooses to lean in, almost nose-to-nose with the kid. The smell is repulsive, a mixture of sweat, sex, and body odor, but he's used to ignoring the less-than-pleasant to get the job done. With a sneer he brings his hand up, splaying out his fingers and pointing them at Todd's nose. "That wasn't a scare tactic, mate. This is. 'S it working yet?"

"Hey!" Kurt cries out at Pete's sudden aggressive move, his fear temporarily overpowered by indignation...Then quickly replaced by fear again when Todd's shoulder is ripped from his hand. Ice grips his stomach, and he clenches his fists, voice harsh as he growls, "Leave him alone, man. You don't want to do this."

Todd swallows hard, staring cross-eyed at the sharp fingers in front of him. The warmth of the knives reaches his skin and beads of sweat start collecting at his forehead as he finally realizes how dangerous this guy actually is. Somewhere off to the side, he hears Kurt protesting, but his mind is too concentrated on thoughts of self-perservation and reproach to fully comprehend the words, and he mentally scolds himself on his earlier cockiness. While encouragement may be all right, depending on Kurt's powers when he's in a bind should certainly NOT become a habit.

Frowning, he looks up and, if possible, shrinks further against the wall at Pete's unsettling sneer, wincing and wishing he could disappear or that the wall would somehow open up and swallow him. He opens his mouth, but all that comes out is a small whimper, so instead he slowly nods in response to the older boy's question. Curious, he chances a quick glance at Kurt, seeing worry and alarm in the other boy's eyes, and he curses himself as his cheeks suddenly warm up, uncertain if it's from the heat or embarrassment.

Pete smirks, finally satisfied. The challenge has obviously gone out of the boy; he considers him for a moment more, his eyes trapping Todd's, before turning his hand and releasing the knives. They flare brightly before slamming into the wall, and blasting another, smaller hole through it. Making a show of straightening his trenchcoat, he backs away from the boy. "Glad that we understand one another, mate. Just mind you don't get in my way, and I won't have to do anything you'll regret."

Crisis seemingly averted. Kurt breathes a heavy sigh of relief, though the cold weight hasn't left his gut yet. They're still in the line of fire (pun not intended) as long as Pete's around, but the situation seems to have been defused somewhat. Growling, he pushes past Pete, eager to get to Todd, to reassure himself the boy's all right. Which he appears to be, if a little shaken, his cheeks reddening and a sheen of sweat on his forehead. Again placing a reassuring hand on Todd's arm, he tugs gently, hoping to get the boy out of this quickly and with no more incident. Hell, he'll settle for getting Todd out alive.

Todd nods again, nervously eyeing the hole in the wall that could very easily have been his head. Wonderful. If it's not some white-haired whacko trying to blast him, a death room full of lasers, or a claw-knuckled guy with a bad attitude, it's gotta be a nut with hot knives that launch out of his fingers, ALSO with a bad attitude. Todd is NOT meant to be at this mansion.. so why is he here again?

The insistent tugging on his sleeve is all the reminder he needs. Looking anywhere but at Kurt, he allows himself to be pulled away, wondering if meeting the Professor is such a good idea after all. He can't even stand up to a fucking bastard who's probably only a year or two older than he and who certainly isn't as quick as Wolverine; how the hell does Kurt expect him to get through this? Sighing, he drops his gaze to the floor and stuffs his hands in his pockets, wishing the next few hours to be over as soon as possible.

Kurt frowns at Todd's dejected sigh, and moves his hand to the boy's shoulder, giving it a soft, reassuring squeeze. He gives Pete one final glare before totally ignoring him, turning his back on the glowering Brit and moving in front of Todd. The boy's avoiding his eyes; he places a finger gently against Todd's chin, hoping to coax him to look up. His whisper is for Todd alone. "Are you all right?"

Pulling away slightly, Todd keeps his eyes averted and shrugs. Pride already wounded, pity from Kurt is the last thing he needs... even if that's not what it's mean to be. "I'm cool, man. It's just.." His voice trails off as he watches Pete from the corner of his eye; the older boy is glowering at him like he's the most insignificant creature on the planet. Todd frowns and glares back. He's getting a bad vibe from this guy, aside from the cockiness and threats. There's a definite sense of foreboding and he's afraid it might have something to do with Kurt, so getting out of here now would be an undeniably good idea. "It's nothing, yo," he says finally.

The reassuring words aren't so very reassuring, and Kurt's frown deepens a moment, before he wipes it away with a determined thought and a quick kiss on Todd's forehead. There'll be time to ask about it later. He can almost feel Pete's glare burning into his back like a couple of those fancy knives, and decides they need to be out of here, now, before things deteriorate again. Though where they're going is infinitely more dangerous...better the enemy you know...

Kurt lets his hand drop back to Todd's wrist, gives it another squeeze and slight tug. "Come on," he says, voice louder and forcibly more relaxed. "We've got to get going. Logan and the Prof are waiting, and Logan is not the kind of guy you keep waiting. ...Not if you want to walk away from the confrontation, anyway." The last is murmured quietly to himself; he's not looking to freak Todd out any further.

Well fuck. The show of sickening devotion is enough to make Pete wrinkle his nose at the pair. If he wants anything to do with the blue kid, he'll have his work cut out for him. But Pete's always been one to enjoy a challenge, which this most certainly is. There'll be time to work on the boy later, once the toad's out of the mansion.

Ah, and there's the last bit of info Pete needed. The hairy bloke's going along for the ride; he smirks to himself, delighted (well, as much as a guy like him can be) by the news. House-without-grown-ups indeed. Already his mind is filtering through the many possibilities, while a large portion revels in the thought of what 'Logan' will probably do to the two. Yeah, today's definitely turning into a good day.

Pete saunters past the pair, elbowing Todd roughly along the way. He glances back over his shoulder long enough to chuckle. "Wouldn't want to interrupt a meeting with the walking, talking food processor, would we? I'll leave you boys to it, then. I've got me own things to take care of. Like claiming first dibs on your stuff, blue boy. Don't think you'll be needing it much longer."

"I'm not dead yet, mein freund," Kurt growls, hair on the nape of his neck rising. "And if I were, you'd have to fight Kitty for my stuff. I think I could predict the outcome of that particular battle." He turns back to Todd, voice again calming. "Ready to go?"

With one last glare directed at Pete's retreating figure, Todd gently pulls his wrist from Kurt's grasp and instead takes the other boy's hand in his, briefly (and almost unconsciously) running his thumb along the fur. "Yeah, I'm ready," he mutters, turning away. He begins walking, holding Kurt's hand close to his side, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Pete's still going in the opposite direction.

Paranoid? Todd? Nah.

Another quick glance. And another.

..maybe just a tad.

Now -that's- reassuring. Kurt's eyes slide shut for a moment at the feel of Todd's thumb caressing his fur, and a relieved smile crosses his lips. He'd hoped the boy's unease was in response to Pete (and the threat of Logan), and not, as his still uncertain ego keeps whispering, because of something he did. Much easier on his sanity to blame Pete, especially with the unnerving vibes the boy was giving off.

Kurt gives the mental equivalent of a shrug. There'll be time to deal with all of this later, and another difficult confrontation (understatement of the year) ahead; the best thing they can do right now is to milk their last few minutes for all they're worth. He stops for a moment, stepping in front of Todd and wrapping his free arm around the boy's shoulders. Tickling his ear gently with furry fingers, he lets his smile widen. "We're already late, might as well get in some enjoyment along the way..." he leans in, wrapping his fingers in Todd's soft hair as he claims his mouth for an eager kiss.

Todd's momentarily taken aback by the sudden kiss, but quickly recovers and returns it with all he's worth. He can't help the grin that tugs at his lips and he suddenly wishes he was a telepath so he could tell Pete to turn the fuck around and see what he can't have. The thought alone is enough for now, though. His grin widens as he pulls Kurt a little closer to him, deepening the kiss, when he suddenly remembers where they are. "Um," he mumbles against the other boy's lips. "We're kinda, mmm.." Tongue. " the hall?" He makes no move to break the kiss, however.

Reluctantly, Kurt does, pulling away with a sheepish chuckle. "Guess one accidental discovery's enough for one day, ja?" He leans back a moment, getting a really nice view of Todd's slightly disheveled hair, warm grin, and reddened lips. Well...maybe one more second wouldn't hurt...He presses forward again, his tail winding its way around Todd's waist and pulling him closer, planting a few gentle kisses (not to mention licks, and nips) on his smooth lips.

Todd smirks, snaking his hands around Kurt's waist and leaning in for one long, last kiss and GOD, he wishes Pete would turn around now. Right now, as he ravishes Kurt's mouth, nibbling softly at the bottom lip, coaxing the other boy's tongue out and gently sucking on it. Here. In the hallway, where anyone could see them.


Regretfully, he breaks the kiss and pulls away slowly, watching Kurt through half-lidded eyes, smiling. "That one," he begins, a little breathy, "is just in case Wolverine claws my ass to death, yo."

Something in Kurt screams in protest at the loss of contact, its rant mainly consisting of several choice curses, in both English and German. With a small gasp for breath, Kurt pushes the thoughts down, reminding himself there's always later. A lazy smile creeps onto his lips, and they part just enough to flash a hint of fang. "Dude, he'll have to go through me first. It would take more than Logan's intimidation factor to make me give that up."

Mock-frowning, Todd pulls away, but doesn't get very far as Kurt's tail is still wrapped around him. He folds his arms across his chest and looks away, pouting. "Oh, so you only like me for my skillful tongue, s'at it?" While waiting for a response, he catches a glimpse of Pete looking their way, glaring, seething, and a bit disgusted. A hint of a smirk graces Todd's features, and he doesn't even try to supress the satisfaction welling up inside him at all as Pete turns and resumes walking.

Kurt crosses his arms indignantly, though the smirk threatening the corner of his lips kills most of the gesture's impact. "How shallow do you think I am, man? There's a lot more to you than that tongue, but if you keep that up I may just tie a steak around your neck and let Logan have you." The smirk breaks through on his last words, totally ruining even the semblance of him being serious. Tugging gently with his tail, he cocks his head to the side, regarding Todd with a mischievous glint in his eye. "Speaking of Logan, shall we?"

With one last sigh, Todd unsuccessfully attempts to calm his nerves, but casts Kurt a weak smile anyway. "Guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be, man," he says as he resumes walking, keeping one arm hooked loosely around the other boy's waist. He looks down the long hallway and wrly wonders if someone should read him his last rights, his mind conjuring images equating this walk to death row. A chill creeps up his spine at the thought and he casts Kurt a sidelong glance, wondering for the umpteenth time if all of this isn't just one, huge mistake that he'll come to regret in the end. Leaning over, he places a short, soft kiss against Kurt's clothed shoulder, briefly rubbing his lips against the fabric before he pulls away. /We'll see,/ his mind tells him, and he supposes that's really all he can do. Wait and see.

Additional Notes: Okay, anyone who's been here in the past month or so probably already has at least SOME knowledge of the glorious being that is Pete Wisdom. But for those sitting around, scratching their heads and saying, "Who dat'?", or ready to roast me for introducing an OC, here's a little info.

Pete first showed up in Excalibur, the comics about the European branch of the X-Men, which ran for about 80 or 90 issues (maybe more, I can't remember), and featured Kurt, Kitty, and Colossus. It was, in my opinion, one of the best X-books, and the writing was excellent, especially once Warren Ellis got a hold of it. Ellis created Pete Wisdom, a surly, snarky Brit with a trenchcoat and ridiculously destructive hot knives. Pete was the anti-superhero that Ellis used to kind of ground the group. An ex-British Secret Service agent, he was cruelly truthful and just an all-around smartass. Oh how I loved him.

Okay, before I write a freaking novel on the many wonders of Pete, here's a great site that'll describe him a lot better than I: Wisdom's Web

AND, after a month of suffering through my incessant nagging, my beloved drew me a hump drool worthy pic of Pete, Evolution style! Tis HERE:

Go. Worship. Lick his mutha****ing boots. Oh yes. Then tell Bridgie how much you lurve him :3.

Shutting up now ^_^.

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