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So I go to the casino with mom last night. The Pump It Up machine at the Grand Arcade is busted, but I have fun anyway. I make $20 to set aside for Bridgie*Time, which is good. I listen to Junior Senior/Semisonic 'All About Chemistry' album on the way down and back. Surprisingly, despite the fact that just about every song is about sex, mom finds them really funny and likes them alot. Go figure. And on the way home we have a little discussion. About sex O_o. And other things. And I want to scream when she starts in with the "I just want you to find a nice boy to share your life with" stuff. Dear sweet Tallest I wish I didn't have to hide anything from her. Though, truth be told, I'm not sure she doesn't already suspect something. But anyway.

I get home. I'm pretty much dead on my feet, as I didn't nap the night before and got like 3 hours of sleep that morning before work, so I lay down for a minute. I set BOTH my alarms to wake me up at 1 am. I tell Tim to wake me up if, by some miracle, he's actually awake then. I even think as I'm falling asleep, "Hm. I should go online and send Bridgie an email to wake me up if I don't come online at 1." And then I'm out, sleeping like a baby. The next thing I know, gran's banging on my door, telling me I'm going to be late for work O_<. So I spend the whole day wishing it would get later so I could call Bridgie without being worried that I might be waking her from MUCH-NEEDED sleep. Oh, and I found out this morning that my work pants are too tight now. YAY! I've gained weight! -_-;;; Well, they were always too damn tight anyway. And I have much better, baggy ones with giant-ass pockets, so it's all good.

Side note. With the weather being cold I'm able to wear my trenchcoat again. I LOVE MY TRENCHCOAT. Just so you all know.

OMG the Special Extended Edition showings of LotR are coming to Memphis! I LOVE THE PARADISO THEATER!!!! I will buy ticket, oh yes. I WILL.

Yesterday I also bought a comic. A special comic. An issue of X-Force. An issue written by Warren Ellis. An issue written by Warren Ellis, which details PETE'S FUNERAL. Oh. My. Tallest. From what I've heard, he comes back later (yes, in Marvel even getting SHOT IN THE HEAD doesn't guarantee you're actually dead) but the funeral is sad. And funny at the same time. Which is a pretty good description of Pete himself ^_^;;;. OMG his tombstone says "Stuff This for a Lark" XD. That's so Wisdom. But Kitty and Kurt didn't even show up at his funeral!! WTF?!! Only thing I can think of is that they were, like, fighting some life-or-death battle or something. Or didn't even know about it. Which I doubt. Otherwise, there's absolutely no excuse for that.

[goes off to watch Evo]

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