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"I just recently ordered this DVD collection, four DVDs together that make up the first season of X-Men Evolution. Firstly they were shipped on Sept. 14th, supposedly by two day shipping, and I just received them today. Though that's apparently UPS's problem, which I'm not happy about, my real problem is that I opened the DVDs as soon as they arrived - they were wrapped in plastic together but weren't individually wrapped - and I now realize that out of all four DVDs, one is missing. The last DVD in the set (X-Men Evolution: Xposing the Truth), the case is there, but there's no DVD inside. I'm extremely anxious to get the DVD, as soon as possible, as I've already been waiting about two weeks, longer than I expected after paying so much for two day shipping. Please let me know what needs to be done about this, as soon as possible. Thank you."

FUCKING AMAZON!!!!! First it takes forever to get here (which, admittedly, looks like UPS's fault since the box does say 2 day shipping, but damn it, it was like a week before they shipped them out), and now there's a DVD missing out of the fucking things!!! I will NEVER do business with them again!!! Not unless they do something outlandishly good to make it up to me, like give me another X-Men DVD on top of that one!!!! Which I seriously fucking doubt.

Bridgie: You're too nice. XD
Tif: If I don't get a good response out of that, I will get LESS nice. :P

-Funny that I happen to be watching Anger Management right now, heh...

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