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Dude, I forgot to mention yesterday that 28 Days Later kicks ARSE!!!! [loves all over it and shoves her personal DVD copy in everyone's faces] ^_~

I rented Session 9 yesterday (during the DAY OF HELL), and I still have Ringu 0 and The Eye to watch. Yay for scary movies!

Many things pissed me off yesterday, and as it is now Shout-Out/Rant Day, I'll just bitch about them.

I spend the entire day with the promise from Paul that I'll get to do what I love doing more than anything at work, PVTing, taking the tapes that no longer rent and packaging them up to sell. He told me I'd get to do it, it needs to be done, BADLY, and he even transferred all the tapes for it. I hurried through my morning activities, finishing the morning drop AND running the entire wall for the new releases today, all before 11:30, then went to work on FOS, sure that as soon as I was done with the noon drop I'd be able to leave Aimee AND Paul working up front and go back to PVT. Because two people is MORE than enough to handle the store. Especially when you're averaging one customer...AN HOUR. No fucking exagerration.

Did I get to go PVT? NO. I get to stand around up front for several fucking hours, bored out of my mind and growing more and more pained without some activity to distract me, I assume because they wanted someone up there so neither of them would have to deal with customers. THERE WERE NO FUCKING CUSTOMERS!! And even if there had been, it takes maybe five minutes to deal with most customers!! And would only take ONE of them away from whatever they were doing, which just happened to be standing around for the most part!!! They do this ALL THE TIME, promising me I can go back and PVT, knowing that I love doing that more than anything else around there, and then never letting me actually do it, even when we aren't busy. I am so fucking sick of that!!!

Paul wouldn't let me leave early until I got someone to fill in for me. Because me leaving early would've left Aimee alone from 4:30 to 5. And heaven forbid Paul stay another half hour. So I was going to have to stay there in agony, until Braden happened to stop by work and Aimee asked if he wanted to hang around on the clock for an hour for me. Which he did, and I was very very grateful. Braden's a great guy. So I called mom, told her I was really really hurting and needed to go home early and besides, now she wouldn't have to be late for work like she usually is (I get off at 5, she's supposed to be in at 5, and no matter how often she tells her boss this he still puts her down for 5 and doesn't seem to mind that she comes in later). She tells me that I'll have to wait. So I clock out and wait. And wait. AND FUCKING WAIT. And she drives up AT FIVE O' CLOCK!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! Braden wasted all his time, I wasted hours I could've been working and getting paid for or getting the rest I desperately need, and she didn't seem a bit apologetic for it!!! I can understand her being tired and really needing to rest before work but FUCK!!! Braden was nice enough to come in for me, that's just rude to make his effort for nothing!! He was supposed to be playing lacross for fuck's sake!!! She's always doing stuff like this!!!

Paul gave away my LotR:TT poster. To another manager from another store. Who gave it to a daughter that's too young to even know what the fuck the movie IS. Yes, I've gotten tons of good free stuff from work. [snuggles her myriad posters, screeners, tons of buttons and cheap PVTs) Yes I should be, and am, extremely grateful. But damn it, out of ALL the posters I've wanted this year, that was THE ONE. And Paul fucking knows this.

...If ANYONE gets the X2 or Pirates of the Caribbean posters, someone's going to hurt, and hurt bad. No one there likes those movies the way I do, and everyone is well aware of how obsessed I am with them. If they weren't, I think I made it clear when I had to give up first dibs on the rest of the conference screeners/goodies, and Kristi grabbed the X2 cap before I did. I begged and pleaded with her, offered her another cap or anything else she might want for it, and of course she didn't give it up. FUCK.

And I FUCKING HATE BLOCKBUSTERS CUSTOMERS!!!!! Today, I'm moving 2/3 of the entire fucking wall, making room for the new movies, when some dumb old women, in her early senior years probably, comes up to me and asks where Under Tuscany Sun would be. Having never even heard of that title (I don't exagerrate when I say I know almost every movie we carry in the store, and in most cases where the movies are. Even with a memory as bad as mine you kinda learn the ten thousand or so titles after touching them/seeing them/putting them back on the shelf every fucking day.) I tell her I don't think we have it, but that she can check at the front desk and they should be able to check the computers and say for sure. Then she says 'It'd be on this wall wouldn't it?" followed by, "I know I've seen it in here before." Well FUCK YOU bitch, because it JUST came out in theaters! SEE? And for the record, it's Under a Tuscan Sun. Fucking morons. I can understand not being sure whether the release date was for video or theaters, I guess, if you're really stupid or have your finger "far from the pulse, jammed straight up your ass." But to claim 'I know I've seen it here before,' as if I'm a moron who doesn't know my own job? FUCK YOU, lady. And that's nothing, that's just the tip of the iceberg!! The weekend The Hulk came out in theaters we had people asking for it on video, this is not an isolated incident, and it's not even the worst of their stupidity, not by a long shot.

We check the drop box, on average, about six times a day, maybe more. We check it at 9, right after noon, usually once again before the actual deadline of 2, then again before five, and the night crew checks it a couple of times as well. I KNOW it gets checked, at least most of the time, because I do it myself. And yet people will come in, and claim their movies that were checked in at 9 at night were dropped off in the box at 9 that morning, 'on the way to work'. Like hell they were! It happens way too often for all of the cases to have been on days when I wasn't working, so I KNOW that fucking box was checked, and yet they have the gall to say they are CERTAIN they dropped them off and this is the only Blockbusters I ever have this problem with and you all must just be sitting around on your asses all day because I dropped off my movies on time. FUCK. YOU. My Blockbusters is the best in the city, and that's not idle bragging or conceit. I know the business, most of the others that work there know the business. Virak and Michael have been at our store for three or four years now, and Aimee and Shaun worked with Paul when he was at the Erin Way branch years ago. Paul himself learned from Diane Montesi, who's like a Blockbuster legend around here, and was her assistant manager when she managed at Erin Way. He knows his stuff and is one of the only managers in the whole fucking city that cares enough to keep his store looking good. On top of that, ours is the only store whose district manager has an office IN the store, so with Paul's boss in and out of the store all week, things HAVE to get done. Our store is a DAMN good store, and I've been to the others and seen just how not good they are. And yet these people love to imply that we're not doing even the most basic of our duties, the fucking drop box. FUCK YOU PEOPLE. Fuck I dread the holiday season. If I hear one more person say 'Cut up my card, I'm going to Hollywood Video where they don't have these problems with late fees,' I'm going to jump over the counter, shove their card down their fucking throat, slam them through the plate glass window out front and scream, 'Go right ahead, I'll call 'em and tell them you're coming, fucker!'

I am seriously getting fed up with this! People at other places don't have this problem!! As far as I know, customers don't walk into a Hallmark store and stat screaming 'Where's my fucking Looney Tunes Christmas Ornament, beyotch?' at the cashier! So why the fuck do they think it's acceptable to do practically that to Blockbusters employees? Because the company all but tells them it is, by catering to their complaints. Anyone who screams loud enough gets what they want, because Blockbusters isn't looking to get sued again. Fuck that shit. The customers seem to think us employees are so much less than human, giving them the right to treat us like stupid, insignificant drones. The only other places I know you'll get customers like that are food places, especially fast food joints. Other than that there are isolated incidents of stupidity (after all, people are stupid) but they're the exception rather than, as at Blockbusters, the rule. Sure, people probably WANT to bitch at other places, but at least they have enough common decency and manners to not make a huge fucking scene out of it.


Oh, and for the record, parking at our store, 20 feet away from the store you're actually going to, and leaving your car in our way for an hour, doesn't benefit you any more than parking out in the fucking parking lot, 15 FEET from the store you're going to. It's almost always women too, especially these ancient women who can barely move or these middle-aged women, they'll park right in front of our store and walk down to the fucking hair salon, where they'll stay for two fucking hours!!! It's not like we NEED the parking space or anything, NOOOOOOOOO.

To reiterate. SO. FUCKING. STUPID.

Okay, I'm done for now. I'll rant more later, if I think of anything. Ooh, maybe I'll make a post about my Dad. He hasn't done anything super horrible lately, but still...


you are nanase aikawa!

Lucky you! You are Nanase Aikawa and you are much more "rock-able" then other female solo artists. You sound very 80's! Whoot!


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