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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
"Everybody, move your feet!" 
20th-Sep-2003 04:57 am
Pete love!

Underworld rawked arse, yes. And it had a strangely wonderful trailer for RE: Apocalypse, and the usual House of the Dead one. Oooh yeah. And Michael's final transformation, fooooook. SO. FUCKING. HAWT. And dude, Viktor looked like Kain at first O_o. Which makes me long for a Soul Reaver movie. Only CGI or something, because no way in hell do they need to change the VAs.

Okay, I'm getting really tired XD. I wanted to stay up all night; Lilo and Stitch: The Animated Series starts today at 7 am O_< and we're going to a massively huge yard-sale type thing in a rich neighborhood at 8 am. But I'm really starting to lose it, even the hawt X-Man sex isn't quite managing to keep me from dozing...

Did I mention I bought Junior Senior's 'd-d-don't stop the beat' today?

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