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Because I Got High, Scene 10, Todd/Kurt RPfic, Overall Rating NC-17

Title: Because I Got High
Rating: NC-17 Overall
Additional Pairings: Lance/Kitty, one-sided Todd/Lance, future others
Summary: Scene 10, in which Lance attempts to redeem himself, the phone proves once again that it's nobody's friend, and Kurt has a brilliant [snerk] idea. Todd and Logan played by idgiebay, Kurt, Lance, and Scott played by moi.

Disclaimer: Closest-thing-to-bishounen-America's-got Kurt and the lovely and amazing Toad-Boy belong to Marvel, the I think WB, and probably bunches of other wonderful peoples. So do anyone else mentioned herein. I don't own them, I'm just a klepto who intends no harm and will return them when I'm done. Please dun hurt me.

SLASH DISCLAIMER: Ever seen Boy Meets Boy? That's what this is, only in this case it's Elf meets Toad. If the thought of boys loving boys (and kissing boys and touching boys etc. etc.) makes you make little sicky noises, you probably want to go somewhere else.

Lance leans back against the worn car seat, allowing the wind on his face and the activity on the road before him to distract him for a moment. Freddie walked home again, presumably planning on getting something to eat on the way, and Pietro was, as usual, home five seconds after the bell rang, leaving Lance and Todd to drive to the boarding house in silence. The perfect opportunity for their little 'talk', right? Lance swallows nervously, and chances a glance at the seat next to him, where Todd sits, staring out the window, his arms crossed and demeanour sullen. Yeah, this is going to be fun.

Clearing his throat, Lance turns his eyes back to the road and musters his courage. "So Todd..." he starts, trying to keep his tone cool, and failing miserably. He sighs, and gives Todd an earnest glance. "Listen, man. I want...I just want to tell you I'm sorry."

If Todd even heard Lance, he doesn't give any indication that he cares, not even a slight shrug of his shoulders. His gaze remains fixed on nothing in particular, inwardly wishing there wasn't so much traffic at this time of day. The sooner they get home, the sooner he can be in his room, closing and locking the door and avoiding the world for as long as possible because he really doesn't want to have this conversation.

The stony silence his apology meets with isn't unexpected. Lance's jaw clenches slightly, and he looks at Todd, whose position and expression are completely unchanged, before turning back to the road. "Okay, I deserve that. Can I just ask you one question? One question and then we can drop it, if you really want to."

"Why do you wanna press it, man?" Todd suddenly asks, still looking away. His voice is monotonous and tired and bleeds with the unspoken undertone of 'just leave me the fuck alone.' "It's over. It was wrong and I fixed it, you win, so can we just forget about it and let things go back to normal?" Without waiting for a response, he leans forward, turns the radio on, pumps up the volume, and sits back, head against the window jamb. That position doesn't last however, as he gets a good look at himself in the sideview mirror: the rings around his eyes are darker than normal and his skin is a sickly ash color (as opposed to the healthy pale-flesh color it usually is).. it sickens him, reminds him of last night and how little sleep he got. He turns over and sighs, now facing the front of the jeep and the slow-moving cars ahead.

Reaching over and wrenching down the volume on the radio, Lance glares at him. "Damn it, will you just listen for a minute? I've got a question and I damn well want...I would LIKE an answer...please."

"So ask, yo. I ain't stopping you." /Doesn't mean I'm gonna answer, though,/ he grumbles inwardly. Examining the traffic around him, his eyes fall on the busy sidewalk one car over and he secretly estimates just how far he'd have to jump to make it there if he didn't like the turn this conversation took.

With a deep, heaving breath, Lance turns his eyes back to the road. "Why?" Another glance. "Why him? What is it between you two?"

Todd remains quiet, Lance's words echoing the thoughts he's been having for the past four days, the question he can't seem to answer. "Why do you care, anyway?" he suddenly wonders. "You heard what I said last night, fool, you were standing right there. Seemed pretty happy about it, too." He casts Lance a sidelong glare marked with pointed resentment before his eyes rest on the cars ahead once more. He forces his expression to be neutral again. "Did Kitty put you up to this, man? Did you fucking tell her what was going on?"

"I didn't have to tell her. We're not talking about her, though, we're talking about you and him. It's obvious you're not happy with this, the way things are now. Look at yourself, you look like death warmed over, microwaved even. If this is what happens when you don't see him for -one day-..." Lance's voice softens with his expression, and he gives Todd an apologetic glance. "I'm just trying to understand, man. I wanna know why this is doing this to you. He isn't just some casual fuck to you, I see that now. So what IS he?"

"I don't know!" Balling his hands into fists, Todd sits forward and directs the most heated glare in Lance's direction, clenching his teeth painfully to keep from snapping at the other boy. He doesn't want to argue anymore. He told Kurt to fuck off--it's what Lance wanted, right? And yet, he's now pulling Todd in the opposite direction, causing the doubt gnawing at his brain to explode into pieces of anger and regret. Closing his eyes, he tries to calm himself, but Lance's words keep pounding at the barrier he's put up. /He isn't just some casual fuck to you, I see that now./ Well, la te-fucking-da. Lance sure is good at what he does, isn't he? He certainly decimated Todd's emotional wall in no time flat.

"I don't. fucking. know," he growls through his clenched teeth. "I was trying to figure it out, but you wouldn't let me. You wouldn't LET me, damnit, and for some twisted reason, I actually give a fuck what you think, so I stopped, man." He pauses, biting the inside of his cheek, realizing he could easily end with that, but his emotions were on a landslide and he couldn't stop the words from coming out. "I stopped for YOU. I told him to fuck off because I didn't want you to be mad anymore and it was a really fucking hard thing to do, and now, yo.. now you wanna know why this is doing this to me? Fuck you!" Sitting up on his knees, he looks around, ignoring the odd looks from the people outside. They could fuck themselves too, for all he cares; he just wants to get to the sidewalk as fast as possible and plans on doing so at the next red light.

The movement's not lost on Lance. Eyes widening in surprise, he reaches over and tries to grab Todd's arm, needing above all else to keep him in the car. As hard as this conversation has become, they need to have it, and Lance isn't letting him escape it that easily. "Sit down, damn it, I'm not gonna be the one cleaning up if you go splat on the sidewalk." He glares at the boy, then back at the traffic, and wants nothing more than to pull the car over so he can fucking concentrate, but doing that would remove the last, feeble obstacle to Todd's running. So he keeps driving, and keeps talking, trying not to let desperation creep into his tone.

"You did it for ME?" A mad impulse to laugh grabs Lance, but he fights it down to a bitter 'hmph'. "And why the fuck would you wanna do something like that? I'm not that fucking scary, am I?" Doubt is clawing at his mind now; this is his fault. All his. Whether he thought what they were doing was right or not, it was what Todd wanted, and he threatened him into giving it up, denied his best friend one of the only things he'd ever asked him for. Because of him, Todd was hurting. Sure, some of the pain was from the act itself, the boy's uncertainty over it. But that uncertainty would've been a lot less if it weren't for Lance.

Frowning at himself, Lance gives Todd the longest look he can spare, earnest regret filling his eyes. "Man. I...I'm sorry."

Todd pulls his arm away. He makes no move to sit back down, but neither does he move to jump; he instead looks down, brows furrowed, suddenly finding the seat upholstery quite interesting. "Whatever, yo... you wouldn't understand," he mumbles.

"Could be," Lance mumurs to himself, then louder, "Could be. Maybe I won't understand. But at least this time I'm trying, man. I'm trying. I was wrong, I can admit it. Give me a chance to make it right."

Todd shakes his head. "Man, *I* don't even understand, there's no way YOU could.." He sighs, feeling the anger slowly draining away with the remnants of his adrenaline rush, leaving only regret behind. Regret and confusion. Always confusion anymore. And his fingers are twitchy, needing and wanting and longing, but he doesn't know why, doesn't know how to appease them. Maybe if he hit Lance up for some pot when they got home--and what would that lead to? Jesus, if he fooled around with Kurt after getting stoned, what the hell would he do to Lance? He doesn't even want to think about it.

..not right now, anyway. Maybe tonight.

It then occurred to him that Lance was probably waiting for more of a response, but what the fuck did he want to know? It's over, it's done, they can all get back to their routine-driven lives now. "Can we just.. drop it, man?"

Lance would love to oblige, really. But his mouth seems to be faster than his brain today. Before he can stop himself, he asks the question that just popped into his head. "Do you wanna get back with him?" Eyes widening again, he curses under his breath, in the most colorful language he knows. Even he recognizes that was probably not the right thing to say...but now that it's out, he realizes he really wants an answer. Holding his breath and keeping his eyes glued to the road, he waits for one.

Todd suddenly wishes Lance would slam the breaks unexpectedly so he would go flying forward and smash his face into the dashboard because he didn't have the balls to do it on his own. "What the hell kinda question is that?" That kind of question implies that he was 'with' Kurt to begin with, and.. he wasn't. Not really. Right?

Feigning confidence he sure as hell isn't feeling right now, Lance steals a glance at Todd, who's looking none-too-happy about the turn in conversation. Oh well, he's already crossed the guard rail, might as well make the jump... "Well, you guys seemed pretty happy before I butted in. I mean, if my giving you a hard time was what broke you up...well, I'm not giving you a hard time anymore, right? So what's stopping you?"

Todd quirks an eyebrow and lets out a short, bitter laugh, eyeing Lance curiously. "Well, you kinda JUST told me you weren't giving me a hard time anymore, so give a guy some time to think, ya know? Besides.." he trails off and immediately snaps his mouth shut, disturbed by the track his train of thought was about to take. There is no 'besides;' Lance isn't gonna give him shit anymore, so now Todd can call Kurt up, apologize, and have mind-blowing make-up sex with him and everything in the world will be right in the fucked-up and twisted way that it was before. Yes. There is no 'besides'... so why did he say it?

Finally sitting back down, he slouches against the seat and folds his arms across his chest, gaze fixed outside again. They're passing the public library now, which means they'll be home soon enough and he'll be able to make that phone call.. but that thought doesn't lift his spirits as much as it should.

'Besides?' Lance wonders at that; obviously there's something more to be said. He should just drop it, leave it alone like he should've done ten minutes ago. They just passed the library, they'll reach the boarding house in a matter of minutes; the ride's almost over, and with it, the conversation.

But Kitty DID ask him to find out where things stood between the boys...

"Besides?" he asks, trying to maintain a casual air. He is -so- pushing it...

/Oh, Jesus H. Christ../ Todd simply shrugs. "I dunno what I was gonna say.."

"Uh-huh..." Lance regards Todd, one eyebrow raised in a gesture that just screams skepticism.

"What?!" Todd whirls around and snaps defensively, harsher than he meant to. He clears his throat and tries again. "What, man? What's with that 'uh-huh?'"

'Whoa, defensive much?' Curiousity at it's peak, Lance smirks to himself, the expression hidden by a skillful glance over his shoulder as he changes lanes. No doubt about it, there was most definitely something there, and he means to find out what, no matter how long it takes. "That 'uh-huh' is just that. Uh-huh." He doesn't hide the sarcasm in his voice, in fact emphasises it ruthlessly.

A change of subject is in order, Todd resolves, and he nervously taps on the armrest near the window while anxiously clicking his teeth together. "You're an ass, yo," he states matter-of-factly. "So what were you and Kitty talking about at lunch today?"

"What do you think we were talking about? She was ready to kick my ass over you guys. Seems her -precious- little elf's been all depressed and shit, which doesn't sit right with her." Lance rolls his eyes exaggeratedly. "If he doesn't cheer up fast, she's gonna be gunning for my ass."

Depressed..? Todd quietly sinks lower into his seat, groaning slightly as an ill feeling suddenly grips his stomach. Why the fuck did this have to be so complicated? So he made a fucking mistake. Lance gave him shit for it, but he tried to see if maybe it hadn't been a mistake, if something could come of it, then got more shit from Lance, then tried to fix it--and now.. now what? It seems like Lance is trying to push him in the other direction again and Todd isn't sure what he thinks of that or if he even wants to and Kurt is depressed and it's all his fault and good lord, what a fucking drama this is. "This is the shit stupid shows like Degrassi are made of.." he mumbles under his breath.

"What?" Lance didn't quite catch that, something about watching Degrassi. He raises an eyebrow at the boy, but eventually decides to ignore it. They're turning down their street now, and he's not ready for the conversation to dwindle out yet. Pulling the jeep into the drive and turning off the engine, he turns to Todd, finally able to give him his full attention. "Listen man. You do what you want. Don't let the rest of us mess with what you think is best; you've already seen what that does and it's not pretty.

"If you decide to try again, you won't have to worry about me. Things are gonna be hard enough for you as it is, I'm not gonna make them any worse. Not now. I just want you to be careful, with whatever you do. Think things're really good at that. I've got your back, one way or the other."

Todd keeps his eyes averted, nodding every so often as Lance speaks. Part of him doesn't believe the older boy, doesn't believe that it's possible he could do a total one-eighty on his opinion of this whole mess in such a short time. Todd guesses that most of it is Kitty's doing, and that thought alone flares up a sickening emotion he can only equate with antipathy. He pushes the feeling aside, though, and can't fight the smile that comes to his lips when Lance says he's got his back. "Thanks, man.."

"No problem. Least I can do, you know," he gives Todd a sheepish grin. "So I take it we can expect you to be gone tonight...?"

"Eh.." Todd shrugs, his smile quickly replaced by a frown. "Gotta make a phone call, first.. dunno if I'll be welcome, y'know..?"

Reminded of the way the fuzzball looked at lunch, Lance snorts. "Dude, I think you'll find yourself more than welcome. The way that boy was pining over you this afternoon was pathetic." He jumps over the driver's-side door, landing smoothly on the driveway and striding towards the boarding house. "But come on, phone's all yours."

Todd follows suit, hopping out of his seat and gracefully landing on the cement. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he falls in line behind Lance and cocks his head to the side, regarding the other boy curiously. "Pining?" he asks, not even bothering to stifle his sardonic laughter. "Please, dawg, you make it sound like he's in love with me or some shit."

"I don't know, maybe all those X-Geeks are romantic saps or something, but you should've seen him. It was sad, man, real pathetic." Lance pulls open the door, wandering into the house and on into the kitchen, where he begins rummaging in the cabinets. "Give him a call and tell me he's not happy to hear from you. Bet he won't be able to contain himself, heh."

Todd can't help the giddy feeling that suddenly overtakes him, but he still feels skeptical, observing Lance with questioning eyes. "You sure you're all right with this, man?"

Lance grins mischievously, happy to note the joy dancing in the other boy's eyes. "Dude, if I wasn't, believe me, you'd know."

"If I didn't expect to get pounded after, fool, I'd kiss you," Todd quips and grins, winking as he turns around and heads toward the phone, a slight blush creeping over his cheeks. "Er, that was a joke," he adds dumbly. He glances over his shoulder and flashes Lance a sheepish smile as he picks up the receiver, staring dully at the keypad for a moment before he realizes he doesn't know the number.

Lance watches Todd stare at the phone for a bit, then finally walks over, types the number into the keypad, and walks out of the kitchen with nothing more than a smile at the boy. Sure, he's a little pissed with himself for buckling under the pressure Kitty was applying (a few moments as he ponders the kind of pressure he'd LIKE Kitty to put on him, goofy grin again spreading across his face). But he realizes now how wrong he was (sure took him long enough to see it) and he's just damn glad to see Todd in a good mood. Deep depression doesn't suit the boy. Lance smiles a self-saluting grin and sits down on the couch, intent on staring at the television until the phone is free for his call to Kitty.

"Heh, thanks," Todd calls to Lance's retreating figure, idly pulling at the loose strings on his jeans. The phone rings and he jumps slightly, apprehension quickly winding its way through his veins. He has absolutely no clue what he's going to say, didn't think he'd have reason to; last night was supposed to be the end of it and, as glad as he is that it wasn't, apologizing isn't something he'd planned on doing. What is he supposed to say? /Yo man, sorry I told you to fuck off last night; I was just trying to appease Lance 'cause I have some sick desire to make him happy, but it's all good now, so can we have hot make-up sex in your swimming pool? 'Cause, you know, that'd be hot./ Oh yeah, that'll really win him over.

Deep in the Xavier Institute, the phone rings. As he happens to be grabbing an after-school snack out of the fridge, Scott picks up the kitchen's cordless, cradling it against his shoulder while he peels a carrot into the garbage can. "Xavier Institute, can I help you?"

Todd freezes mid-thought. "Uh, h-hello?" Very intelligent, dumbass. "Um, can I talk to, uh.. Kurt?"

"Sure, hang on, I'll get him," Scott replies, off-hand, but then the voice really starts to click in his mind, and it's familiar, not in a good way. "Hang on, who is this?"

Todd cringes and nervously fiddles with the phone cord, mentally damning Summers and his fucking curiosity. "A, uh, friend from school, yo."

"A friend huh?" Scott doesn't bother to hide his sarcasm. Despite the phone's distortion, the voice is becoming more familiar with every word, and he recognizes it enough to know it's someone he doesn't like. "Well, 'friend', I'll have to have a name to give him."

"Why, you his daddy or something? Look Summers," He glances into the den; the last thing he needs is another phone brawl with Lance, so he lowers his voice and moves to the other side of the kitchen. "I ain't got time for this. I got something important to tell him, so would you just give him the phone? He'll know who it is, fool."

Warning bells ringing like mad in his brain, Scott scowls at the boy's tone. 'Who IS that?' The name's on the tip of his tongue...Whoever it is, he's definitely not inducing trust and good vibes. "Listen, I'm just asking for a name. There's no reason to get defensive, unless you've got something to hide. Do you?"

Hearing the commotion, Logan silently steps into the kitchen and watches Scott with growing suspicion, leaning against the door jamb as he eavesdrops in plain sight.

In his own kitchen, Todd anxiously paces back and forth like a caged tiger, wishing he could reach into the phone and wring Summers' neck. He really doesn't like being put on the spot. "Shit, it's Todd, okay? Todd Tolensky. Now put him on the phone."

"Tolensky? TOAD Tolensky?" Scott's brows raise. Sure he was suspicious, but he didn't quite expect the voice on the other end of the line to belong to one of their worst enemies. Not that Tolensky was as big a threat as some of the other Brotherhood members, but still... "Why are you calling HERE? What in the world do you want with Kurt?"

Shaking his head, Logan leaves the kitchen, Scott's voice still coming in clear to his heightened sense of sound. He tunes it out, however, jaw set tightly as he makes his way up the stairs and into the bedroom foyer, brows drawn together in something that's not quite anger, but just as unhappy. As the room he's looking for comes into view, he sighs and stops in front of the closed door. The person behind it has been avoiding him all week, and with good reason--Logan's kept a distant eye on Kurt since Saturday, aware of the phone conversation and the boy's disappearance last night. Though he doesn't want to get into another argument with the kid, he can't keep his blood from boiling over the idea that Kurt went ahead with this despite the problems it posed, but he'll keep his temper in check for now. He'll play it by ear, keep calm, see where it goes from here.

Sighing again, he raises his fist and determinedly knocks on the door. "Kurt."

If he thought it'd do any good, Kurt would pretend he wasn't there. Unfortunately, Wolverine's sure to have picked up his scent already, so even 'porting to safety is out of the question. Besides, this has been a long time coming; he can't keep running forever, as Kitty reminded him. Setting down the book he was reading and crawling off his bed, he creeps to the door, calling through it, "Uh, ja?" 'Real smooth,' his brain mocks him, and he grimaces at the badly disguised fright in his own voice.

As much as Logan would like to open the door and start grilling, he merely responds, voice flat, "You have a phone call."

"Phone...what? Who would..." timidly Kurt opens the door, revealing Logan's usual scowling countenance. Shrinking back slightly, he runs a mental checklist of all his limbs. Hm, still intact. What's wrong with this picture? "Uh, thanks Logan, I'll uh..." A vain hope about who might be on the phone runs through his mind, and unlikely as it is he still panics. The phone, which phone, the closest one would be- "...Kitchen phone?"

Logan nods, backing away from the door a little, critically eyeing the timid figure hiding behind it. "Better get there before Scott hangs up, kid," he warns. He folds his arms across his chest, looking as if he wants to say more, but he remains silent and unmoving, watching Kurt expectantly.

Logan's unblinking gaze is unnerving under the best of circumstances; now, it's about to send Kurt into a nervous breakdown. He keeps expecting the proverbial hammer to fall. Only in this case it'd be claws instead of a hammer, and they wouldn't so much fall as slice a chunk out of his hide. That Logan hasn't said a word about the events of the past few days is, truth be told, starting to scare him. Then Logan's words register, and Kurt feels the blood drain from his face. "SCOTT?" 'Mein Gott, please don't let that be...'

Again, Logan nods. "Kid doesn't seem none too happy about it. Wonder who it could be." He stares pointedly at Kurt for several seconds, then turns and starts walking toward the den without another word. He only takes a few steps, however, before he stops and looks over his shoulder, calculating gaze resting on the boy. "Don't leave," he warns, the tone of his voice debarring all argument. "Charles and I want to see you in the den tonight. We need to talk. That clear, bub?"

Damn. Damn damn damn. Reflecting on the fact that that encounter would've probably gone much better on him if he'd been the one to initiate it, Kurt swallows hard, fear drying his throat. His only consolation is the chance that Todd's on the phone, which seems almost certain after Logan's words. Careful to maintain eye contact, he stammers, "Uh, ja, understood."

"Good." With one last critical glance, the older man turns, his footsteps falling heavily on the ground as he stalks away.

Kurt's torn between relief that that's over and his intense fear of their 'appointment' later. Trying to shrug it off with a shudder, he decides to focus instead on the task at hand; a small, hopeful smile crosses his lips, despite his attempts to stifle it, and he quickly teleports to the kitchen. The first thing he hears when he arrives is Scott's voice. Scott's very loud voice. Very loud, angry voice. 'Wundervoll.' With little doubt now as to who's on the phone, Kurt uncurls his tail from the light fixture and drops down next to Scott. Keeping a defensive posture, just in case, he taps Scott on the shoulder. "I believe that call is for me?"

Scott doesn't notice the touch at first. He's too busy shouting. "WHAT did you say about my mother? You little fly-eating freak, I'm gonna-" Finally registering the calm voice behind him, he turns to find Kurt, tail twitching and an irritated frown on his face. He scowls. "Yeah, yeah it's for you. Can I ask WHY it's for you? There some reason for Toad to call that I should know about?"

Kurt's stomach tightens at the word 'Toad', and he has to fight not to smile. Not ready for another near-confrontation right now, and more than eager to get that phone in his hands, he waves the comment off dismissively. "We got roped into doing a school project together. It's nothing, can I have the phone now?"

One eyebrow raised skeptically, Scott hands the phone over. He can't see any other plausible reason for the call, but Kurt's still-twitching tail is a sure sign the boy's nervous, and Scott's immediately wary. Making a mental note to keep an eye on his friend for a while, he goes back to the carrot abandoned on the counter-top, taking a harsh bite of it as he leans against the counter, gaze trained on Kurt. Thank god his shades hide his eyes. He's above eavesdropping...but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy his snack in the kitchen if he wants.

'Oh god, he's not leaving yet.' Kurt debates 'porting back to his room, but decides that would seem even more suspicious than the rest of his behavior probably looked. No point running, unless he absolutely has to. After training a glare on Scott for a few moments, Kurt turns his back on him, pressing the phone to his ear and talking quietly. "Todd?"

In the process of saying a fond 'fuck you' to Summers, Todd bites his tongue when the voice over the phone changes. "Eh, Kurt?" he asks skeptically, though there are obvious hints of hopefulness and apprehension in his tone as well.

Kurt breaks into a huge grin. Trying to pitch his voice low enough to avoid Scott's hearing, he says, "Ja, it's me. Sorry about that, I didn't expect you or I would've been answering the phone. Eh..." His brow furrows in confusion. "Why -did- you call? Not that I'm complaining, but..." He lets his voice trail off, not quite sure what else to say.

Todd nervously twirls the phone cord through his fingers. This is the hard part.. "I, uh, I.. well, man.. I mean.." Let it be said that even someone whose tongue is as skillful as Todd's still stands the chance of getting horribly tongue-tied.. and boy, does a six foot long tongue ever get tied. He sighs, giving up the cord-twirling for nail-biting as memories of last night's events suddenly attack his mind--namely Kurt's desperate tugging at his sleeve, to which Todd responded with pulling away and telling the other boy to get lost, only with much harsher words.

Todd cringes at the recollection. Jesus, he's an ass... "Yo, I just.. I wanted to say that I'm s-sorry." He awkwardly stumbles over the word, making it plainly obvious that this isn't something he normally does. "I said some shit that I really didn't mean last night, and.. and, yeah.." /Feel special, man,/ he mentally tells Kurt. /I'm makin' a schmuck outta myself for you./

"Ah." The smile still clings stubbornly to Kurt's lips, but memories of exactly what Todd's apologizing for start to dampen his enthusiasm. He still has no idea where they stand, isn't sure whether this is merely an apology or an attempt at mending what they'd started, or if he should even accept. He's already ready to forgive, which in itself troubles him. It's too easy, too sudden...

But he wants to try again. "It's okay, man. It was a rather stressful situation, ja? Um...We need to talk, though. You busy tonight?"

Todd releases a breath he hadn't been aware of holding as relief washes over him in waves. "Tonight?" He glances over his shoulder at the den, smiling at what Lance said to him earlier.

/"So I take it we can expect you to be gone tonight...?"/

"Nah, I ain't busy," he responds, the grin he's wearing evident in his voice, though topped with a twinge of doubt. "You sure it's okay, though? I mean, heh.." A nervous chuckle. "Never mind, yo. Ain't gonna go arguing if you're sure you wanna forgive me.." Trailing off, a pang of uncertain panic suddenly shoots up his spine as he realizes 'it's okay' does not necessarily equal 'I forgive you,' and he makes an effort to ammend that quickly, his voice unexpectedly cracking in the middle of his sentence. "Uh, I mean, did you forgive me..?"

The smile turns melancholy for a moment, the past still trying to impose itself on Kurt's present. He shoves it away, determined to focus instead on the future, and the potential it holds. "Yeah...yeah, I forgive you," he whispers. Behind him there's a rustling of fabric, and he turns to see Scott drop the peeler in the sink. The boy leaves without looking at him, and he breathes a heavy sigh of relief. "I understand where last night was coming from, and I do forgive you. But we have much to talk about, ja? Um..." Logan's 'request' comes back to Kurt, and he frowns. He can't leave, but he has to see Todd, now. Well, there is one way... "Uh, Todd? Do you think you could, eh...could you meet me here?"

The question is enough to shock Todd into nearly dropping the phone. "The hell..? THERE?" Memories of being shot at in some battle room after being all but zapped to death by some whacked out weather witch suddenly fill his mind and he has to try very hard not to shudder. "Man, you some kinda sadist?!" In his agitaion, his voice raises in pitch, taking on an almost humorous, girlish tone. "I ain't goin' near that place! You guys got death rooms and planes made outta plastic and fuckin' white-haired whackos that go around zapping people for fun!"

Oh boy, this is gonna take some convincing... "Todd, Todd calm down, listen." Kurt makes an 'easy-does-it' gesture with his free hand, palm down and hovering at chest level, as if Todd can see it. "I'm sorry, if there was any other way I'd take it. But I can't leave the mansion, not tonight. It'll be fine, we'll stay well clear of the 'death rooms', and Storm's out visiting Evan's family. You'll be all right, I promise."

Todd paces the kitchen, making various 'hmn' and 'ergh' noises as he warily considers the request. "I dunno, man.. I ain't exactly welcome there, y'know? How'm I supposed to get past security?" His mind briefly wonders at the fact that he got through security just fine when he was wasted, but that isn't very helpful.

"I'll let you in, and we'll just make sure no one else sees us. Piece of cake," Kurt says, with a confidence he doesn't quite feel. It'll be risky, far too risky. He should just leave it for tomorrow, wait to see Todd...

He can't, especially not with the confrontation he's going to have to face later. He needs Todd here, now; desperation taints his voice. "I'll understand if you can't, it's fine. I just...I really need to see you, and I won't let anything happen to you. I just...need you to trust me...Please."

Groaning, Todd finds the closest wall and gently pounds his head against it. The desperation in Kurt's voice is unmistakably clear, once more reminding Todd of the desperation that'd been present last night and the way he'd ignored and shoved it aside, resulting in his current dilemma. He sighs; it just wouldn't do to fuck things up again so soon after apologizing, and Kurt sounded so fraught and distressed and needy.. and.. and.. /God DAMN, when did I become such a pussy?/ "Fine," he mutters, pushing himself away from the wall. "I trust you, man." And, surprisingly, that isn't a lie. Though slightly disconcerted over the fact that he can give his trust to Kurt so willingly, so easily, the feeling is eclipsed by the overall sense of.. contentment. Odd. "So, when you want me there, fool?"

Beaming, Kurt throws his gaze towards the ceiling, sending a silent 'thank you' to the heavens. "About ten minutes ago would be nice," he laughs, softly. "Whenever you're ready. I can run out to the gate now and wait for you."

"Yo, I know I'm fast, but I ain't THAT fast," he chuckles. "UNLESS LANCE IS WILLING TO DRIVE ME--" He looks over his shoulder in time to see the older boy give a hand gesture that is most decidedly a 'no.' "--I'll be there in about fifteen minutes."

"Great, I'll be waiting." Resisting the urge to bound down the hall, cordless still in hand, Kurt paces the kitchen floor. "See you in fifteen. And Todd..." he pauses, and smiles a warm smile. "Thanks."

Todd grins nervously, scratching at the back of his head. He isn't quite sure what he's being thanked for. "Uh.. I think I'm the one who should be thanking you, fool. I mean, for.. y'know.. uh, giving me a chance to apologize and.. yeah, I should be thanking you," he ends lamely.

A soft chuckle rolls from Kurt's throat. "Thanks for coming. I know this place isn't exactly welcoming for you, I appreciate what you're doing. As for you thanking me, no need..." There's something more that needs to be said, but his brain stumbles over it, and he can't quite determine what it is. He gropes at it blindly for a moment, then gives up with a quiet sigh. "Just...yeah, it's fine. Don't mention it."

"Okay.." /Okay,/ his mind repeats, and he mentally bitchslaps himself. Will things ever stop being awkward? He makes his way back to the phone cradle, once again fidgeting with the cord as his brain desperately tries to think of something to say. This is the end of the conversation, right? "So, um.. see you in fifteen, man. Don't forget to be waiting out there, 'cause if you're not and I, y'know, DIE.. I swear, I'll kill you."

With a hearty laugh that does wonders to dispel the nagging hurt and regret of a mere few minutes ago, Kurt wanders towards the phone's base. "Man, you've got nothing to worry about, believe me. You're not the only fast one around here. I'll be there before you even leave the boarding house."

"Yeah, well.." he trails off, glancing up at the clock on the wall. They've spent the last two minutes stalling and he can't keep the mischievous smile from creeping on his face as he leans against the counter and leers at nothing in particular. "Anyway.. I know you're crazy about me and the thought of hanging up probably kills you, man, but if I'm gonna be there in fifteen minutes, I should probably start hoppin' now." As an afterthought, he adds, deviously, "Then you can have more than just my voice to entertain you."

Feeling the heat rise to his cheeks (not to mention somewhere in the opposite direction), Kurt stammers slightly. "Uh, ja, when you put it that way, hanging up sounds damn good right about now." He grins, allowing Todd's mischievous tone to taint his own. "Don't keep me waiting, man. I may get lonely."

"Hey, don't start anything without me!" Though his tone is playful and he's sure Kurt realizes he's joking, he can't keep certain pleasurable images from forming in his mind's eye and he blushes, grinning foolishly. He's now quite grateful that they're only on the phone, because he's certain he looks like a lecherous twit. Momentarily pushing the phone aside, he peeks into the den, makes sure Lance isn't looking at him, then gives a brief sigh of relief and returns the receiver to his ear. "So anyway.. see you in fifteen, fuzzy."

"Ja, see you then!" Still blushing, even more furiously, he drops the phone on its base and leaps onto the ceiling with a resounding cheer, quickly stifling it and looking around warily. Satisfied after a moment that no one heard him, he 'ports to his room, anxious to get ready in the quarter hour he's got. He shoves thoughts of Logan and the Prof from his mind, allowing eager images of what could happen with Todd to take happy control of his brain.

Todd plunks the phone on the cradle and stares at it for a moment, wide grin still plastered on his face. Sliding his hands into his pockets, he saunters past the den and to the front door in an absent-minded haze before he stops, shaking his head. Determined to wipe the smirk off his face, he backtracks to the living room and tries to catch Lance's attention. The sides of his lips tweak slightly, but a quick bite to the cheek remedies that. "Yo, man," he says, nodding toward the older boy. "I'm gonna head out for a bit, okay?"

Lance favors the boy with a knowing, self-satisfied smirk. "I told you he was crazy about you."

Todd tries to scowl and look disinterested, he truly does. He's got the brow furrow going, but his lips are quite intent on betraying him today, so he turns away slightly, allowing an uncharacteristically shy smile to grace his features. "Ass," he mutters. "I'll seeya later, yo.."

Lance snickers, "I won't wait up, man. You have fun doing whatever the hell it is you're gonna do."

Rolling his eyes, Todd shuffles to the door, mumbling something about 'just gonna talk,' and though, in all truth that is the plan, he can't keep a little part of his brain (that nagging, randy little part that's in the other head) from hoping something else might come of it. Ahem. Lance doesn't need to know that, though. With one last glance at his teammate, he opens the door and heads out, trying to smother the eager bounce in his step.

Smiling in spite of himself, Lance shakes his head as Todd walks out the door. The boy's got it bad, whatever 'it' is. He's never seen him like this before, and he can't say it's an unwelcome change. Whatever, Todd seems happy for the moment and that's all that matters to him. Frowning slightly, Lance hopes the boys' luck will hold out, for Todd's sake. Things seem to have a habit of going wrong for the members of the Brotherhood, and Lance isn't eager to clean up the mess should the shit start to hit the fan. With a worried sigh, he gets up from the couch, crossing to the kitchen and picking up the phone, somewhat goofy grin settling over his features. He's got a call to make.

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