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I wish someone would just switch me off and fix me...

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I'm rapidly reaching the point of 'Fuck all of you' with regards to everyone but my few really close friends. I hate it when I get like this; the feeling that I'm annoying the fuck out of everyone and/or making a burden of myself constantly is one of the worst things...

Maybe I'm just tired. Which I don't regret at all, because getting tired in this case is the best fucking thing that's happening to me. [SNUGGLES Bridgie] The thought of coming home to my girl is one of the only things keeping me going at times like this, when I just want everyone to leave me the fuck alone.

Today wasn't even a bad day, really. I got to PVT for a lot of it, which I really enjoy doing; I nearly dozed off in the middle of it, while standing, but oh well, I still got a full cart finished. Paul was in a bad mood for some of the day, but for once I seemed to escape pissing him off in any way. The meeting was rather boring; the new girl took the fucking X2 hat Paul brought back from conference, the ONE thing out of all the stuff he brought back that I actually wanted. But fuck it, I walked away with a Legally Blonde 2 shirt for mom, a DVD screener of a neat-looking Chinese horror movie called The Eye, and a DVD screener for 28 Days Later. FUCK YES. So she can keep her hat.

The highlight of my day was busting the fuck out of my lip. I've got a big-ass hole in my lip now, yay! And it didn't even happen in a cool manner; I was carrying the big tub that we get movies in, holding it in front of me, and ran it into the counter, at which I kept moving and it came flying back to clock me in the mouth. I knew I was going to do that one of these days, with the way I carry the thing. At least I didn't hurt any of my teeth, and my mouth's not really swollen or anything, just has a HUGE FUCKING HOLE in it.

I think I'm getting sick. FUCK. THAT. I'm not getting sick when I'm gonna be in LA in a month. Did I mention I bought my plane ticket? FUCK YES!!!! Nothing can totally bring me down, knowing that on the 28th I'll be winging my way to my beloved, oh yes. Almost a whole week of frolicking, cuddling, and other things, heh, what more could I ask for? (Living there, but that'll come in good time.) MOO! We're gonna play DDR till we drop, go to Disneyland, dress up as pirates, maybe meet Trueheart, go to the Halloween festival-type-thingy on Santa Monica Blvd., and I'm gonna snuggle Bridgie like she's never been snuggled before, WHOO DOGGIES!!

It needs to be October. NOW.

Back to the bad news (YAY~!) Paul seems to think the Rewards drive is starting again soon. SWEET TAP-DANCING TALLEST, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Yes, I made out like a bandit during the last Rewards drive. I sold 273 Rewards memberships in the months it was happening, which is just plain ridiculous for a store with the tiny amount of members we've got. We beat out Camp Creek, the BRAND NEW store at the time, where ALL of their members were new and NONE had Rewards memberships, because there wasn't another BBV for an hour in any direction or something, PLUS all their customers live in much more expensive neighborhoods so it stands to reason they'd have more money to spend on things like Rewards programs. And yet I somehow managed to sell more Rewards than anyone in the bloody city O_o. I won $50 four out of the six weeks, for selling the most in my district, got $275 because our store won the $1000 for selling the most in the district, won a DVD player for selling the most in the district throughout the drive, and used the money to put a huge dent in my computer bill. So yes, the benefits of the Rewards drive can be great. This time it's even better; for every Rewards I sell I get a dollar, plus there'll be tons of things for people and stores who finish top overall.

And yet all I can think about is the RAGING HORROR that was the last Rewards drive. I have never worked so hard in my life; sure, it sounds easy to try and sell something simple like that to every fucking person that you come into contact with for six weeks. Even when the people are FUCKING MORONS most of the time, and can't seem to comprehend what, exactly, you're trying to sell them in the first place. But dear sweet Tallest, working every Friday and Saturday night, working the full five days a week during the busiest hours, not leaving the register for a single minute because you're afraid of losing out on a sale, then that LOOK that people give you when you've asked them about Rewards a dozen times but you can't remember because you ask EVERYONE about Rewards....Fuck, I don't know if I can do this again. God, please give me strength, oi. I've got to perform well, my pride won't let me lose to Camp Creek this year (that and the bet we've got going with them. Losers will send a closing team over to the other store on a Saturday night so that the entire store of winners can go party at their bosses house.) BUT if the drive does start in a couple weeks, I'll be gone for a full week of it. Oh well :P. If they win, they win. I'm going to try not to kill myself this go round.

In other news, I wish mom would get the fuck off my back about learning to drive. She won't teach me, and she expects me to plunk down $200 to take a class. Yeah, you give me $200 mom and I will. Like I HAVE the fucking money to be spending on driving lessons when I could be getting her to teach me. But no, she's too intimidated by getting me behind the wheel. This is news to me. She didn't seem too freaked out the first times we drove around. When the fuck did this change?! I'm sick of her complaining about having to drive me everywhere, when SHE won't teach me and SHE keeps foisting me off on other people so she can go with Allen to the FUCKING CASINOS. Thanks a lot, mom.

[sigh] Bridgie babeh, where are you ;_;.

Additional Notes: Pirates of the Caribbean IS going to be released on Dec. 2, on VHS and a special edition 2-Disc DVD. The DVD set will contain a Making-Of documentary, Commentary with Gore Verbinski, Johnny Depp (squee!) and others, deleted scenes, a BLOOPER REEL (YAY!), an interactive history of pirates, an image gallery, and behind the scenes footage, all retailing at 29.99. HOT. DAMN.

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