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Nobody knows it, but you've got a secret smile, and you use it, only for me...

You are Pepito. You are the antichrist, you scare
people, and you have alot of hate in you.

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My Semisonic-Feeling Strangely Fine CD is finally here. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

Crimson Obsessio: OMG, I forgot to tell you about the fuckhead customers we had in the past two nights. I HATE WORKING NIGHTS.
knyghtstryker 0: is it wrong to want a pot-belly pig named bobo?
knyghtstryker 0: speak ur mind girl
Crimson Obsessio: Okay, Fuckhead #1 was some hideously ugly older middle-aged guy that came in with his son and wife. The boy signed up for a card and I was ringing up the father's purchase. The father had a late fee, because the movies weren't brought back in time that day. So he goes into this huge fucking spiel about how our signs are misleading, saying that the movies are due back on the sixth day, and saying our receipts specifically say the movies are due back at 6pm. The whole time he's saying this I'm staring at the grotesque mole covering his entire eyelid, a giant white thing that looks like it's about to burst. So when I get the receipt he's still insisting our receipts say 6 pm. He asks for it, I hand it to him, and he just stares at it for about a minute. Then walks away, not leaving yet because his son's still checking out. THEN he comes BACK and starts trying to get me to say that the signs are misleading, counting days and stuff. It took all of my control to not take Michael's billy club from beneath the register and beat the guy with it until that fucking mole exploded along with his eyeball.
knyghtstryker 0: ooo
knyghtstryker 0: eyeball goo
knyghtstryker 0: that stuff is almost as good as modeling clay
Crimson Obsessio: Heh.
knyghtstryker 0: but but but
knyghtstryker 0: BBV signs are misleading
knyghtstryker 0: they have words
knyghtstryker 0: big words
Crimson Obsessio: Fuckhead #2. Some woman named Corlis Dodson. I SWEAR I remember her name from Thursday or Friday, probably from checking in her late-ass movie. I think her Chicago had been several hours late or something, and at first she acted pissed but like she was going to forget it. Then she asked why the late fee was so large and I explained the late fee policies. At which point she said 'Well give me the movie back, if I'm paying for it again I want to watch it'. I explained to her that this wasn't possible, that once the movie's checked in we can't let it out of the store again, to which she got ever more pissed. She started claiming that wasn't written anywhere on Blockbuster's signs, demanded we show her where it says that, and Virak calmly walked over, picked up a membership application, and handed it to the woman, who acted as if she couldn't find anything detailing our late fee policies. Virak asked me to read it over, and the passage jumped out at me within 30 seconds, upon which I began reading it out loud, as if she were a small, majorly retarded child. She mumbled something about reading things before she signs them, and I said fuck it and went to the other register. Interesting post-note: Even the signs on our doors, I noticed today, say that late fees will be taken on a period basis.
knyghtstryker 0: more bbv stuff
knyghtstryker 0: yay
knyghtstryker 0: people are dumb
knyghtstryker 0: if movies store dont teach that then nothing can
knyghtstryker 0: i had to break out a calculator one night when i was a head csr and total up this guys late fee in front of him cuz he swore that the cmops math was wrong
knyghtstryker 0: and then he still didnt beleive it
knyghtstryker 0: so i yelled "its math, deal with it" out loud in the store and walked off
knyghtstryker 0: *comps
Crimson Obsessio: Yes. Yes they are. And no better place to learn that than BBV. I just don't understand it, really. Other stores don't have to put up with this shite. People don't go into bookstores and start bitching at the employees. The only places people seem to do this are BBV and fast food joints. HA! Yeah, fucker, math, something you didn't learn in your fifteen years in elementary skool.
knyghtstryker 0: christian bale is the new batman
Crimson Obsessio: That might interest me if I knew who he was, heh.
knyghtstryker 0: ever seen american psycho?
knyghtstryker 0: or reign of fire?
Crimson Obsessio: Nope. Heh.
knyghtstryker 0: oh well
Crimson Obsessio: [posts conversation in her LJ]
knyghtstryker 0: heh
knyghtstryker 0: damn bbv people
knyghtstryker 0: and to think i may try to work there again
Crimson Obsessio: XD
knyghtstryker 0: *kills himself)
knyghtstryker 0: *tries to recall evil customer stories*
Crimson Obsessio: Maybe corporate stores will be at least a little better. Or working someplace where 75% of the population has necks redder than their pissed-off faces.
knyghtstryker 0: lol
Crimson Obsessio: I ordered the entire first season of X-Men Evo on DVD. Yay me! [waits for good bad customer stories]
knyghtstryker 0: lol
knyghtstryker 0: the SAME NIGHT as the calculator guy, these 2 60 something old men come into the store and (try to) apply for a card. but they didnt want to give there credit card number. i explained that they didnt have to and that was only if they wanted a secure acct, or wanted 6 movies or blah blah blah. well they werent to keen on listening. so i told them that they could just show me a bill with there name on it and thatwould work to. but they didnt have one. so i told them that they would have to put theer credit # on there. to which they again said that they didnt want to and that there was a law against it. to which i AGAIN told them that that was optional. i even point out the fucking word OPTIONAL discreetly positioned RIGHT NEXT TO the fucking credit card # line. so this went on for 10 minutes, all the time im having to go back to the calculator guy in between these 2 assholes brain farts. eventually they just got up and left cussing at me the whole time. i endeed up throwing my hands in the air at them and yelling "FINE LEAVE" and just turned around and stopped dealing with them

Ok....ur g/f has issues man...many many issues..but
otherwise she seems alright, just...kinda
crazy, but not a hellbitch..u just might wanna
keep her away from sharp objects..just as a

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[goes to post BIGH to toddkurtslash]

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