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I want all my....garmonbozia...


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MOO!! <---Info on X3, FOOK. YES.

I've got a VHS of the old X-Men 'toon, episode Sanctuary, on hold at work, PVTed at $9.99. A little high, considering the price of all our other kid movies, but trying to get Paul to change PVT prices is pretty much and impossibility. ALL our copies of Taboo, PVTED, are still $14.99. Fook dat shit O_o. (pisses me off cause Taboo's such a cool movie 'n all.)

So instead of actually sleeping yesterday after work, like I should've been, I got invited by Co-worker Michael to go to a movie that, turns out, isn't out yet. So we watched Desperado, went to the theater only to find out Once Upon a Time in Mexico isn't playing till Friday, went over to Former*Co-Worker Jason's house to find out Dahlia has been, and still is, stuck in a chair of theirs, the result of his mom taking her eyes of her for five minutes. NEVER take your eyes off a snake, unless they're in their cage. Just so you know. So Jason's trying to coax her out of the chair's arm with a bowl of water, hopefully it'll work before they have to tear up the chair and I have to be a nice person and pay for it. Garg. Anyway, so then we went to Michael's to pick up a movie (Michael's the guy whose movie collection contains TONS of cool, strange, often psychotic stuff. David Lynch and Cronenberg are personal faves of his, from what I've seen, and a dialogue with him usually involves nothing but dead baby jokes and cracks about killing hookers and hobos ^_^;;;. Michael's a fun guy, yeah. A fun guy who can get me knives at a good cheap price, yay. Anyway we grabbed a movie, I stared in awe at his German Shepard (which proves to me that there can be such a thing as a dog the size of a small pony), and I tried punching his...what's it called, those speed punching bags. They're so much harder than they look O_o. Fast-forward to the car, which pulls into Dixie Queen and allows us to procure munchies. Michael actually really talks to me for a bit, saying things that are truly personal and don't involve killing things and gay sex. Well, not too much anyway. It surprised me, because he seems to always be making an effort to be caustic and sarcastic enough that you don't ever know what he's truly thinking, even going so far as to make his mental and physical health issues somewhat of a joke. So him actually being serious for once was interesting. He also told me one of the guys that used to work at BBV had a huge crush on me, which freaks me out. I'm so not used to the idea of people liking me. And WHY is it almost always people I DON'T want to like me. I mean, I always seem to attract people with whom I have almost nothing in common, like poor James (the guy formerly from work. How many people have I seen hired and fired in the year I've worked there, damn O_o). Nice enough guy, but totally not my type, and we had absolutely nothing in common. Plus he's, like, huge, way taller than I am (not saying much, considering how tall I am, but still), and just...garg. [SNUGGLES Bridgie, the only one she'll ever need or want] Anyway, enough ranting about my pathetic semblance of a social life. We went home, we watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and Bob creeped me the fuck out. Yay! Now I have to rent the entire first season from work and check it out, along with all Lynch's other movies we have... Michael also let me borrow Ring 0, but I think I may've left it in his truck or something O_o.

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