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Anyone who hasn't seen Million Dollar Hotel (there's bound to be plenty of you out there) should go rent it RIGHT NOW. It's absolutely beautiful, and strange, and surreal in a wonderful way. The performances by Jeremy Davies and Milla Jovovich are especially incredible, and of Mel Gibson, doing a...unique...role XD.

"I always wanted to read a book. But how do you choose which one?" -Tom

"Life is perfect. Life is the best. It's full of magic. And beauty. And surprises. You just don't see it all that clearly when you're still there." -Tom

Tom is so fucking beautiful.

chokeing me
You would kill Avril by...
Chocking her to death with that stupid tie she
always wears around thinking it looks so cool,
when really it only confirms our suspicions
that she is really a man.

Avril Lavigne - How will you torture and kill her?
brought to you by Quizilla


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