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'Ode to Joy' has that effect...

I just watched A Clockwork Orange earlier. FOOKING YEAH!! That movie was amazing!! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!! Suitably creepy and far-too-close-to-potentially-happening-for-comfort-ness abounds. Beautiful visuals too, just stunning. It really gave me an appreciation for Kubrick. (Eyes Wide Shut was a big disappointment for me, I went into it expecting fucked up weirdo sex stuff and strangeness and got...well, less weirdness than even Brotherhood of the Wolf gave me O_o).

I was kinda tickled too, by the design of the whole thing. It reminded me almost of Soylent Green, how it's supposed to be very futuristic and still screams design from the 70s or 60s or whenever it was done. Hee hee....Soylent Green's great and amazing design featured a rich person's house with an arcade-sized game that strongly resembled Pong. Not that the Clockwork Orange design wasn't awesome, it really was. It just has that same look.

So you know, I've been thinking of moving to WallaWallaBOOMLand, a small state just east of CA. Conveniently close to Bridgie, YAY!!!

[reads new CLM challenge] OH! OH OH OH!! OOOOOOH!!! This would fit perfectly with the story idea that's been buzzing around my head!!! [rubs hands together evilly] MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! Funness ahead.
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