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Wish I could grow a new head!

Weird dream time! There's a group of people in a house, arguing over what they should be doing there, while they wait. The house itself is huge, long abandoned, and it giving off some seriously fucking creepy vibes, not from appearance, just feel. Everyone senses there's some bad shite in this place. The girl they're waiting on is trying to 'read' the house's vibes, strangely enough, to see if they can plant vegetables in the area or something, because they're stranded there and need food. (Don't ask me O_o.) A pan shot of different halls in the place reveal arcane symbols she's draw on the wall at key points, all of them over places where the old wood floors have been ripped up in chunks, leaving rents through which a sickly gray dirt can be seen. The girl is now chanting, while making strange motions and symbols in the air with her hands. She finally turns to regard the others, and tells them the house is on something big, and evil. There's a type of radiation coming from the ground that only comes from the sun. The house is very, very dangerous.

Strange dream. It's at that point that the alarm woke me, heh. The events themselves weren't anything unusual, but damn, the vibes that house was giving off were really creeping me the fuck out, and I don't know why. Usually my dreams don't scare me, and I haven't even remembered more than one or two of them in the past few months. But this one...eee...somehow I think it could make a neat story though, certain elements of it at least.

Hmm...could the fact I saw Jeepers Creepers 2 tonight have anything to do with it? ....Naaaah. Speaking of JC2, it was actually a lot of fun! You're rooting for the monster the whole time, who's a lot more charismatic than the first movie. It makes a lot more sense than the first movie too (what the hell does a monster like that need a giant-ass truck for?! Especially if he can fly!) and there are more victims to play with, though not all that many of them actually died. The creeper was definitely the star of the show though. He was great, his wings were absolutely freaking gorgeous, and that scene where he was picking people out? When he licked the window I nearly died laughing XD. I had a really freaking good time! I may rent the first one again, just to refresh my memory.

With luck, I'll get to PVT most of the day tomorrow. HUZZAH!!!

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