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It took me long enough, damn it!

Bought a DVD with three episodes of the much-loved-by-me toon of Legend of Zelda today, for only $13, yay!

And now, a fic!! Written for the contrelamontre challenge this week, a story in 45 minutes featuring a couch in some way. Not sure quite how much time I used, becuase of regular interruptions, but it wasn't more than 45 minutes. Probably right about that, actually.

Fandom: X-Men Evo
Pairing: DUH.
Rating: PG at the absolute most.
Disclaimer: They ain't mine, yo.
Title: After-School Activities

The couch was the best reason to hang around the X-Geeks' mansion, definitely. Todd loved to relax there after school; he'd practically made a game out of seeing how far he could sink into the heavy cushions, he had all the munchies he could ask for, and Kurt's warm body next to his made it that much more inviting.

The TV would drone on. It didn't matter what was on, really, they would watch in companionable silence (by far the best kind of silence), broken only by the occasional taunt or snide criticism of the program. The atmosphere was always comfortable, made moreso by Kurt's soft, playful voice and softer, wandering fingers.

They enjoyed their solitude. Despite the fact that it was the mansion's major hang-out spot, no one ever bothered them. Todd was well aware of why. Not that he cared, but he was anything but stupid. Which he would have to be, to miss the glares and upturned noses directed at him daily. It was okay, though. Kurt never looked down on him.

Todd was safe there. Their Professor had long ago given the student body orders that he should be treated peaceably. The X-Geeks seemed to interpret that 'be nice to him' to mean' leave him alone', and that they did. Not that Todd would complain, though. Kurt's company was the only kind in the mansion he cared for.

There were random incidents. Kitty wandered through the room once, and pinched her nose as she passed the couch. Todd knew she didn't smell anything, really. He'd taken to regular showering since he and Kurt got together; Kurt had argued he didn't need Todd to change anything for his benefit. Todd didn't just do it for Kurt's benefit, though, so Kurt had eventually stopped complaining. Kitty pretended he stinks and, before he could respond, Kurt sent her stomping out of the room with a few well-chosen words, growled in a pitch designed specifically for the purpose.

Todd is beginning to love the small world formed by the couch, the TV, Kurt. He curls his feet up under him and leans into Kurt's side, pressing him between arm of the couch and arm of the Toad. Fur turns to silk beneath his roaming fingers, fur does its own roaming over his arms, neck, belly. They kiss, and he thinks that the couch isn't the only good reason to hang around the X-Geeks' mansion.

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