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I wanna take you to a gay bar, gay bar, gay bar!

OMG we've RPed over 80 hours XD. [SNUGGLES Bridgie]

Dude, Reese's Big Cups are like freakin' ambrosia, man.

Did I mention that Mr. Joe gave me his screener copy of the Stitch! DVD Game? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! I rawk, yo.

And now, the list of ALL the crap that's gonna be on the Two Towers DVD, HUZZAH!!!

In-Depth Programs:
On the Set
Return to Middle-Earth
Sean Astin's The Long and Short of It (short film)
The Making of The Long and Short of It

Forces of Darkness
Designing the Sounds of Middle-Earth
Edoras: The Rohan Capital
Creatures of Middle-Earth
Gandalf the White
Arms and Armor
Battle of Helm's Deep
Bringing Gollum to Life

10 minute preview of Return of the King
Original Theatrical and TV Spots
"Gollum's Song" music video [swoon]
Preview of Electronic Arts' Return of the King
An Inside Look at the Extended Edition

So yeah, that's a buttload of extras, considering this is just the regular one and the EXTENDED one is coming out in a couple months. DAYUMN XD.

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