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I love this world...

Dude, what is it with me and guys named Johnny/Jonny? Jonny Quest, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Johnny Depp...

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I watched Bowling fo Columbine while PVTing at work today. I freaking cried in the staff room. Say what you will about Michael Moore, some of that stuff is can't watch that and not be affected. It shows actual footage from the Columbine security cameras, people getting gunned down in footage from all over. And you can't deny the one major point he tries to make. It showed at one point the statistics of murder by gun in five or so major countries; Germany, Britain, Australia, Canada, Japan, maybe a few others. The rates for all of them, for an entire year, were in the 600s or less. Australia and Japan (home of the most violent video games and anime imaginable, I might add) it was 68 or 65. Per YEAR. And what was it here?


What the FUCK is that? And it's not movies. It's not video games, it's not music. It's not the poverty or 'ethnic diversity', or the bloody history. All those things can be found in all the other countries as well. It's not even the amount of guns we have in this country; out of 30 million people, with 10 million familes, Canadians apparently own about 7 million guns. So what makes us different? What is that sends so many of us over the edge, that doesn't factor into other countries. How in the fuck does it happen that a 6 YEAR OLD BOY shoots a 6 YEAR OLD GIRL in an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? The only major difference I saw was the news media's portrayals of violence. They make it seem as if stepping outside your door is liable to get you shot or otherwise maimed, stirring fear just to drag in viewers. Okay, that's not the only reason, and perhaps not even the major reason, but it sure as hell isn't helping any.

Oh, and anyone who gets the chance to rent it should, if only for Marilyn Manson's incredible interview. He says some really brilliant things about everyone's accusation of music, movies, and video games. Oh, and Charlton Heston's audience with Moore at the end...I swear I wanted to slap the geezer. And that HILARIOUS cartoon, which sounded like it was done by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (?)...I didn't know that Stone actually grew up near Littleton CO, and that South Park was actually based on that exact kind of town/suburbs. He gives a pretty interesting short interview as well. Fuck, the whole documentary's good, everyone go watch it!!!

Did you know that the last class the Columbine boys attended, before blowing the brains out of classmates and teachers, was their bowling class? You know, there's a bowling alley right next to work....No wonder we have so much crime around our store! [PSAG!!]

Yeah, accusing movies/tv/video games of creating violence isn't much more intelligent than that.

[sighs and goes to nap off the effects of no sleep and an emotional documentary]

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