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Come what may... <--SCARY!!

Okay, I've done banners for ALL of my LJ claims...except for my Bridgie, heeee...that needs to change. They can all be seen on my LJ profile page ^_^.


I can die happy right now. Well maybe not, cause then I wouldn't get to see what ELSE happens in the RP. But you get the point.

In related news, the 16th was our four month anniversary and I couldn't be happier ^_^. [GLOMPSOFINFINITELOVE!!!] Bridgie, I want you to know that these, what, two years we've known each other have been some of the best times of my life, despite most of the events in them being some of the worst. You've enriched my life so much, and now you're giving me a love and inspiration I never thought I'd have. I wondered for so long if it were even possible for me to love someone like this, to love so much that I happily did everything in my power to discard all those selfish influences I never had the strength to give up for anyone. I never thought I'd NEED to be with someone, so much so that when I'm not with them I'm thinking about them. And I never thought I'd have someone who understands everything about me and can not only forgive it, but love me anyway. Much as I hate all those sappy love cliches, most of them are true ^_^. I love you babeh, and that's never gonna change. Happy four months darlin'! [Kiss Kiss]

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