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No-longer Untitled RP, Todd/Kurt, RATING: R, Scene 2 Part 1

We're tentatively naming the RP 'Because I Got High', and now that mah baby's back I'm posting the next part ^_^. Now we actually get into PLOT! [PSAG!]

Kurt waits until the wall is well out of sight, well out of ear-shot, before teleporting. Seconds later he 'bamfs' into existence in the institute's entrance hall. The building's quiet; he can hear a TV playing in the background, muffled voices, and nothing else. He's starving, heads towards the kitchen, but some of the voices get louder, laughter and talk echoing down the hall. Contact with anyone in the institute is the last thing he wants right now; sighing, he heads instead towards his room, too worn out and frustrated to 'port there.

The halls are twice as long as usual, giving him far too much time for contemplation as he walks in the dim light. Panic chases fear chases longing around in his brain. Already, the events of the past hour or so are starting to feel surreal, as if a dream (nightmare?). Things he could've said, should've said, plague him, but not as much as the last Todd had to say. His throat feels tight again. He pauses in his reverie, finds himself outside the bathroom, and notices for the first time the state he's in. His jeans are covered in grass stains, his fur is matted with sweat (and something far more noticeable), his hand is still sticky, with a few creamy patches left on the sides, and he swears there's probably twigs stuck in his hair. His nose wrinkles. All he wants to do is sleep, but at the risk of running into anyone in the morning, on the way to the shower...

With the students populating either end of the mansion, Logan occupies the den in solitude, slumped on the couch as he stares intently at the crackling fire before him, the only source of light in the room. He sits still, shadows dancing along the contours of his face, when suddenly a familiar odor mingled with something more foreign jars him from his thoughts, and he stands, claws extending instinctively.

Slowly, he makes his way to the door and pushes it open without making a single sound, a skill perfected long ago. He prowls into the hallway, eyes narrowed and focused, ready to attack if need be, when his gaze falls upon a familiar figure at the other end of the corridor. Immediately, he stands up straight, claws detracted, face etched with curiosity and a hint of suspicion. "Kurt?"

Kurt freezes at the sound, his mind paralysed with fear. 'Oh God, not him, anyone but him...' He fights the urge to teleport and turns; suspicions confirmed, he stumbles back a step, hands held placatingly out before him.

Logan doesn't advance. He crosses his arms and takes in Kurt's disordered appearance: the grass stains, the disheveled and matted fur, the leaves and lord-knows-what-else inhabiting messy blue hair--the kid looks like he's either been in one mean brawl or.. something else. It's then that the foreign odor becomes more clear, more recognizable (and dear lord, more potent); it's one of the Brotherhood kids, he knows. The small one with the hygiene problem. But why..? "What the hell happened to you?" he asks, but his question is already answered when he sees the other stains adorning Kurt's jeans. Jaw tightens, fists curl, but otherwise, his countenance doesn't change; he wants to see what the kid says.

"I...uh..." Kurt melts into the shadows, unintentionally, instinct taking over. Blood pounds in his ears, his brain seems to have frozen, and his heart's skipped more beats than is healthy. Logan knows, he can feel it deep in the ice settling in his gut. The central air suddenly comes on, and Kurt catches a whiff of the air that surrounds him. 'Mein Gott...' Swallowing hard, he tries to speak, not knowing what he intends to say but knowing silence would only implicate him further. "I, um, got into...a fight. Yeah. I ran into Todd-TOAD, at the...uh...the gas station, I felt like making a candy run before dinner and, uh..." he averts his eyes, stares instead at the toothbrushes in their cup on the sink. 'There's no way he's going to buy that!' his mind screams at him, but all he can do is choke back the whimpers that want to escape.

Logan merely quirks an eyebrow. All right, he'll play this game. "The gas station on Seventh and Grand?"

Kurt closes his eyes, breaths deep. "Yeah, that's the one. I...I had a major craving for some Almond Joy...all I could find was Goobers, though." His tongue trips over the word 'Goobers', and he nearly moans at how lame the whole thing sounds.

Logan says, "Right. And where did the grass stains come from, again..?"

'Beg for forgiveness, plead the fifth, anything, just do something!' his brain screams at him. He wonders if Xavier can hear it, thinks it would be a miracle if he couldn't, with how loud it sounded in his own head. Excuses race through his mind, not a single one he can use, and he finds himself grasping at them randomly in his panic. "They came from, uh, the park! I went to the park, you know, to eat the candy, and Todd-TOAD, er, Toad was there, he wanted to pick a fight..."

Logan closes his eyes and sighs forcefully, brow furrowed, head shaking with distaste at the blatant lies spewing from the kid's mouth. Running a palm over his face, he sighs again, disappointed gaze falling on Kurt once more before he reaches for the door to the den and holds it open, looking at the student expectantly.

Kurt's heart drops, landing somewhere in the vicinity of his shoes. 'Oh god...' Bile rises at the back of his throat, and he fights back a frustrated cry. After everything that'd happened that night, THIS just has to be heaped on top of it. Possible outcomes flash across his vision, most ending with him on the street or in a pine box; the expression on Logan's face seems to promise the latter. Steeling himself, Kurt enters the den, feeling Logan's eyes piercing his back as he walks in, and dreading the sound of the door closing behind him.

Logan follows, shutting the door harder than necessary. "Sit," he barks, gesturing to the couch.

Kurt winces at the door slamming, as if it were his death knell. Which, very likely, it is. He sits gingerly on the couch, vaguely noticing the mess his pants make on the upholstery.

Logan makes his way around the couch and stops in front of Kurt, heavy footsteps pounding in the otherwise silent room (save for random crackles from the fireplace). Heaving another sigh, he sits on the table, falling into his usual slouch. The rank odor of sex (/and pot? Would he..?/) emanating from the boy attacks his senses, and that coupled with his dirty appearance is enough to make Logan shudder involuntarily. Why would Kurt take part in such things? With an ENEMY..? And TOAD, of all mutants! He thought the boy was much brighter than that. Determined to get to the bottom of this, his eyes seek out Kurt's, his gaze hard, his voice even harder. "What. Happened." he growls. A command, not a question.

Kurt's already fried nerves finally give, just long enough for him to snap, "You seem to have a pretty good idea already, I don't know why you need me to fill in the details." The second the words leave his mouth he freezes, eyes bulging in fear. His hand flies to cover his mouth instinctively, and he steals a terrified glance at Logan.

Logan is momentarily taken aback at Kurt's tone, but quickly shakes it off and glares at the boy before him. "Because the details are the important part, kid," he spits. "The why and the how. Now," he growls, enveloping Kurt's forearms in a firm grip, making sure the boy stays focused on him. "You can either tell me what the hell is going on or I can call Charles in here to pull it out of your mind! This isn't something I can brush off as teenage antics, Kurt." His grip loosens somewhat, but his gaze remains intense. "It's your call, bub."

Blood rushes to Kurt's face. The rough hands squeezing his arms send a jolt of fear through his body, compounding the waves that were already there. He feels trapped, hunted into a corner (which makes sense considering who he's dealing with). All he wants to do is 'port to safety, but he knows there's no place he could be safe from Wolverine. He wonders over Wolverine's threat about the Professor, questions whether Xavier would violate his mind like that, and realizes he doesn't know the answer. For the first time he truly sees what his actions mean, how much of a threat can be implied by even the simplest of contact with a member of the Brotherhood. Whether Todd WOULD take advantage of...whatever might come of beyond the point. That he could, that's the issue. Kurt suddenly feels sick.

Logan looks at the boy expectantly, awaiting a response. "Well?" he asks. "What's it going to be, Kurt?"

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