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You are...Jessica
You are Jessica!

Pennelope Pitstop with a third eye? Maybe...who

What Dir en grey PV Are You?
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OMG!!! X-Men 3's showing up on the Internet Movie Database!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! 2006!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! The only credit so far is Bryan Singer, but still, at least it's there! No Silent Hill movie though...

OMT~!!!! A sequel to the Whole Nine Yards!!! SWEET!!! That movie was so freaking funny, can't wait!

Hmmm, and Spider-Man 2 has some info out. Steve says Sam Neill's gonna play Lizard, HOT DAMN!!!! I LOVE SAM NEILL!! And of course Doc Ock will be in attendance, how could he not.

[glances at tv, where cosmetic facial surgery is being graphically depicted]


[goes back to staring at the computer screen, trying to erase images from her head]
_____ post-nap______

You're clever, quick and a punk! You're Todd!
Todd! You're smart, smarter then you may think
and/or look. You don't like to dilly-dally with
details, or beat around the bush. You don't
hide your intentions and you're very forgiving,
when push comes to shove.

X-Men Evolution: The Brotherhood
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Wow, with the answers I gave I really expected to be Lance O_o. YAY! [snuggles Todd]

Silent Hill 3 was the scariest fooking game ever, hands down no contest WTF were they thinking when they actually allowed that to be released and who do I thank for it!!! Good ending, fetus-eating lady and all!!! And when we started it over again, we gots da' BEAM SABER!! W00T!!! Kicking arse, jedi-style! We also got all the costumes out of one of Tim's magazines (FREAKING PRINCESS TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE!!!!!) and I think there's other things that might show up later, not sure. It was worth keeping another pay-period.

[sniffle] Need Bridgie. Phone Bridgie, is good. Need RP too though. [sniffle]

No Bridgie means I have to find something to keep my mind off my loneliness. I just spent several hours making 9 icons, 7 LJ ones, and 2 DevArt ones. Hee. I'm really proud of some of them, they're purty. I think I'm gonna take Bridgie's advice and alternate out an icon a week, to show them all. Or every few days, or however often I feel like. This week's...heeeeee....Wish the picture was a tad clearer though...

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