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GIP!! GIP!!! <--done in the creepy voice of the DDR guy

Who knew smut could be so fun?! Oh wait, everybody. Nevermind. <---amusing. Already posted in Bridgie's journal, but good enough to post twice. XD

Hm...Gay In Hollywood...sounds like an interesting show indeed.

I own the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! But what the hell is with all the ENGLISH on it O_o. There shouldn't be any words on a Silent Hill soundtrack!! Except for maybe an occasional cut of dialogue from the game. Oh well, hopefully it's still good. I'll probably rent Silent Hill today or tomorrow. I was gonna get it last night, then I thought I might wait until Michael got it and played through it so he can show us all the extras, but hell, we can play it ourselves too!

...My knee hurts >_O.

STARE AT MY NEW ICONS!!!! Are they not beautiful? Yes, yes I knew they were.

[reads RP logs again, drools immensely, the runs to shower]

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