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I HAVE NEW RINGTONE!!! My ringtone is now the theme song from the original X-Men cartoon! My ringtone OWNS all o' yall's ringtones, yo!!

Hee hee...a fun conversation I just had with Steve...

Crimson Obsessio: I wanna be the snake. That was the cutest damn thing ever.
knyghtstryker 0: nah
knyghtstryker 0: amy is the cutest damn thing ever
knyghtstryker 0: lol
Crimson Obsessio: XD Well if we're not talking comics, then Bridgie is. :3
knyghtstryker 0: nope
knyghtstryker 0: ill bet the midol pill that amy sent me, that amy is the cutest
knyghtstryker 0: ya know, if we're gonna argue about anything, it may as well be this, lol
Crimson Obsessio: She sent you a midol pill? XD
knyghtstryker 0: yep
knyghtstryker 0: i won a bet
knyghtstryker 0: hows that for cute
knyghtstryker 0: and she sent me cookies in the mail, hows that for love
knyghtstryker 0: mmmmm......cookies
Crimson Obsessio: Well Bridgie bought me a bat-winged goth cat doll. Now that's cute.
knyghtstryker 0: i bet
knyghtstryker 0: amy got me a zim sleep mask
knyghtstryker 0: HA!!!
knyghtstryker 0: i still have to show that to you, huh
Crimson Obsessio: Well Bridgie drew me cute, sappy, fluffy Zim and Dib luvin' pics, so there XD.
knyghtstryker 0: ummmmm
knyghtstryker 0: ummmmmmmm
knyghtstryker 0: amy loves me
knyghtstryker 0: there
Crimson Obsessio: XD Bridgie loves me too!! Even though her mom would probably denounce her for it, heh.
knyghtstryker 0: meh to her mom
knyghtstryker 0: i guess we tie then
Crimson Obsessio: I can live with that XD.

[whisper] I think I was winning :3.

[prints out lyrics to 'Yo Ho!']

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    RP LOVE MEME I absolutely failed on everything tonight, but I'm hoping I can be forgiven since I was up till 3a last night I suck

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    THE ♥ 「OTP」 ♥ MEME (redux)

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