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"Look at that kid, running like a fucking fuck...Shit I'd like to crack his head open..."

Crimson Obsession

is a Giant Ape that lives Underwater, can Generate Electricity, Screeches when Angry, and has a Single Giant Eye and an Extra Head.

Strength: 8 Agility: 6 Intelligence: 5

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat Crimson Obsession, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Crimson Obsession using

"Remember to believe in magic or I'll kill you."

Mom, Trey, and I planned to go see Legally Blonde 2 today, but alas, it was no longer playing at the theater with the $3 Econo-Hour. Instead, we went to Johnny English. Not bad, not bad at all. I love Rowan Atkinson, I really do, and this one was cute and funny and all-around Atkinson. My favorite scenes: 'Johnny' karate-chopping a rubber ducky, everything in that bad*ass Aster Martin ['Did you see that thing turn?!' *drooooooooool*], and when Boff (?) 'rescued' Johnny from that funeral.

After I came home and played a short but rousing game of DDR Konamix (I haven't played in, like, three weeks. DDR Max 2 comes out 9/6 or something, I MUST own it.) I popped Punch-Drunk Love into the DVD player. Wow. Just WOW. Utterly beautiful, mystifying, and so wonderfully surreal. Adam Sandler is so complex and unique, the sweet chemistry between him and Emily Watson is a delight to watch, and Georgia is just freaky. has got to be the part where he finally beats the living shite out of those bastard brothers. That was just SO very satisfying. Why yes, I am a vindictive bitch, thank you for noticing! And that deleted scene with the little kid running around... As you can see from this header, I think that should've been kept in there, heh.

Silent Hill Silent Hill Silent Hill. Michael and I plan to take a night before 3 comes out, and go through the entirety of 1 and 2 again. I never got to finish them, and apparently if you have a Silent Hill 2 game saved on your memory card, you get extra stuff in Silent Hill 3.

Tomorrow night I'm gonna go with the guys from work to see Wrong Turn. Hope it's good...I've still got to see Legally Blonde before the free ticket I have expires, I want to see Tomb Raider 2, and I haven't seen X-Men since it came to the $2 theater. GARG.

Oh, and to top the day off, I gots Lenore #10!! W00T!!! This one's hilarious, just as good as the rest, of course, and I LOVE The Ghost and the Snake!!! Scans are up in the Dirge section of mah site! Enjoy!

Oh yeah, I forgot this little thing I posted to DA last night, a Raziel doodle... It sucks, but look at it anyway please XD.

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