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Angel of Death, babeh!!!

WHOOOOOO!!! Bow before my mad skillz!!!!

Okay, so Bridgie walked me through the entire thing, step by step by step, and I owe her SO much kisses for this one, but at least I did as much of it as I could!!! I'm learning, slowly but...well...slowly. Hopefully I won't have forgotten all of this by tomorrow. For tomorrow, I have to fix up my friends page, calendar page, etc. O_o

Oh, and on top of that, I've got a new icon! And I only had to ask Bridgie's help on the border, yay!! Pretty soon she'll be free of my constant nagging!!! XD

I've got to go to work tomorrow, to put tapes back for who knows how long. If I'm lucky, the power won't actually be on so I won't have to stay to close and we won't actually open the store to customers. I hate customers.

I LOVE MY LAYOUT!!!!! [HUGGLES Bridgie and Raziel]

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