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"Where were they going without even knowing the way?"

You are Grey. A color fadded away. You dont like to
stand out, tho you do like to be noticed once
in a while. You never let anyone bother you.
You let your emotions flow. You hate the
world, and at times you hate your self. You
have many great things in life, but you have
not found how to use them. Congradulations! if
you were a color you would be Grey.

If you were a crayola color what color would you be?
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Your a sweet heart! The guy any girl would want as
her man! You would do anything to be with her,
and any thing for her, Good job your the best
there is!!

What kind of boyfriend are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

[snicker] Accurate, darlin'? Really lame quiz questions though...

Day....4? 5? :Page 427, and I want to rip Umbridge's toenails out with rusty pliers and stick especially poisonous scorpions down her hideous dress.

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