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TV's first gay dating show. I LOVE BRAVO!!! Queer Eye for the Straight Guy; it's like Monster House, Food 911, and Fashion 911, only with adorable gay guys.

OotP Day 2: Didn't get much reading done today. On page 157. It's becoming increasingly harder to master the frustration of knowing what's coming and not knowing any of the details. I want to join the ranks of the mourners. Every time I see one of those memorial icons I feel like crying, but I can't yet, not until I see it happen for myself. There's fics I want to read, fics I want to WRITE, but I can't until I experience it...Good lord, think of what the movies are going to be like! We'll probably be falling in love with him all over again, only to know that he'll be taken away from us AGAIN. I'm gonna go cry now.

I need to write Pirate*Fic, but first I need to see Pirates again...

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