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Vive la Resistance!

Okay, I take extreme offense at that Arm and Hammer Ultramax deodorant commercial. "the beautiful thing about women is they don't sweat like a guy." WTF? At this very moment I'm sweating like a pig (it's hot in here, sue me), and I KNOW I'm not the only girl.

Spent the weekend at my Aunt Abie's house. Her house is SO beautiful. She's amazing at decorating, especially on a budget, though her and Uncle Joe have plenty of money, as far as I know. I had tons of fun hanging out with her, my cousin Megan, and my cousin Bryant. Bryant showed off his new interest in saltwater tanks (he's really got a wonderful setup, lots of the basic sand cleaners and a nice filtration that he set up himself. He's really talented ^_^. I just wish the oldest, Matt, was there too, I haven't seen him in ages.

The one major problem about staying there all weekend? No Bridgie ;_;. Or hardly any Bridgie, anyway. There was no convenient phonejack to plug my comp in and the cell signal was non-existent. So I had to keep bugging Megan to set up one of their AOL accounts for me to use. I'd forgotten how evil AOL is. And the parental controls made it even worse. But at least I got to talk to Bridgie for a little while ^_^.

Saw PotC with Megan on Friday. F)*Y)OU7uyt97toOUG(ug EYELINER!!!! [dies]

Okay, no human being should be as fucking sexy as Jack least not while looking so dirty XD. What is it with dirty guys...First Toad, now Jack, I think this is becoming a trend for me, heh. I mean, look at the way Jack MOVES!!! [dies again] And the slash was flying thick. Jack and Will, oh yes....

Terminator 3 was actually a good movie too. Now for League...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Day 1: Page 107. Lots of stuff happened already, and I've got LOTS more to go. Including the death of +++ (FOOKING SON OF A-). I'm trying to enjoy it still, but knowing what's coming, it's hard. Really, really hard.

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